Es ist eine Qual, das MacBook mit der TAB Taste zu steuern. Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du ein defektes Trackpad austauschen kannst.

  1. Schalte den Computer aus. Lege ihn auf eine weiche Oberfläche mit der Vorderseite nach unten.
    • Schalte den Computer aus. Lege ihn auf eine weiche Oberfläche mit der Vorderseite nach unten.

    • Entferne folgende Schrauben:

      • Zwei 8mm 5-point Pentalobe Schrauben

      • Acht 2,5 mm 5-point Pentalobe Schrauben

    • Den speziellen Schraubendreher für die 5-point Pentalobe Schrauben findest du hier.

    When you say:

    Remove the following ten screws:

    Two 8 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

    Eight 2.5 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

    Do the 8mm & 2.5mm dimensions refer to the LENGTH of those screws, or the size of the pentalobe? That is, are there other sizes of pentalobe drivers like there are for hex, phillips and torx? When only one dimension is provided, it is usually the socket/driver size, not the screw length, maybe since the length cannot be seen when the screw is installed.

    Can I suggest that you clarify your instructions so folks are confident they are only in need of _one_ pentalobe driver?

    Nerdily yours,

    Larry (whose iPhone 4S can now get through a day without 6 recharges thanks to ifixit.com ;-)

    larryleveen - Antwort

    The 8mm and 2.5mm are the length of the screws. One pentalobe P5 screwdriver suffices for all the screws (P5 is implicitly the size of the pentalobe screw heads).

    Michael Welham -

    I sourced all the parts from ifixit, plus a magnetic project mat which I found to be very useful for organising the teardown and reassembly.

    Allen - Antwort

    The magnetic mat is


    Keep the 2.5mm tiny screws away from the MagSafe connector as they will be attracted and sucked in to the magnet.

    Frank O'Carroll - Antwort

  2. Zwänge deine Finger zwischen Display und unterem Gehäuse und ziehe nach oben damit das untere Gehäuseteil aus dem Air herauskommt.
    • Zwänge deine Finger zwischen Display und unterem Gehäuse und ziehe nach oben damit das untere Gehäuseteil aus dem Air herauskommt.

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    • Setze das flache Ende eines Spudgers unter die kurzen Seiten des Akkuanschlusses und hebele ihn aus seinem Sockel auf dem Logic Board.

    • Biege das Akkukabel etwas weg vom Logic Board, damit der Verbinder nicht versehentlich wieder Kontakt zu seinem Sockel bekommt.

    I performed this on my MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011), model A1370. Rather than using the spudger to un-attach the batter connector, I gripped either side with my fingers as the second photographs indicated, and gently pry/wiggled it up and out by initially pinching into the side gap with my finger nails. The reason I did it this way is that the spudger works by leverage and I was afraid to rest it against the components surrounding the connector. The photos and instructions are excellent and illustrate the maneuver perfectly.

    Allen - Antwort

    Hello there... In my case by battery exploded.... Can I still try to change it using these instructions?

    Fabio Matos - Antwort

    The instruction to lift the edges of battery connector before disconnecting is certainly not clear. In my case, the cconnector pins came off the board with the battery, requiring further costly repairs. I would suggest that this instruction be more specific and include a caution.

    Deirdre Rogan - Antwort

    It worked fine for me, but as others mentioned, you need to be careful to remove the battery connector from the motherboard connector and not accidentally remove the motherboard connector from the motherboard itself.

    Additionally, on reassembly, I found that quit a bit of pressure was needed to get the new battery's connector to snap in place. More than I was comfortable applying, but it was necessary and it worked without a problem.

    shamino - Antwort

  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Folgende fünf Torx Schrauben befestigen den Akku am oberen Gehäuse. Drehe sie heraus:

      • Zwei 5,2 mm T5 Torx Schrauben

      • Eine 6 mm T5 Torx Schraube

      • Zwei 2,6 mm T5 Torx Schrauben

    In my case the screw points connecting the old battery the case had fractured or broken. The broken bits needed to be cleaned out of the case before installing the replacement battery. Didn't want any loose fragments rattling about inside.

    Allen - Antwort

    • Wenn du am Akku arbeitest, musst du es vermeiden die sechs offenliegenden Lithium-Polymer Zellen zu drücken oder anzufassen.

    • Hebe den Akku an der Kante in der Nähe des Logic Boards hoch und entferne ihn aus dem Gehäuse.

    What if new battery comes with what looks like plastic around the 6 cells?

    Allison - Antwort

    I'm having trouble reconnecting the pins to the new battery cable. Any suggestions?

    Deirdre Rogan - Antwort

    The cable on my new battery needed to be massaged to reconnect with the pins. Use your old battery as an example for how the cable should sit in the empty space.

    Joe Ponce - Antwort

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Stecker des Trackpad Datenkabels mit der Spudgerspitze hoch.

    • Schiebe das Flachbandkabel vorsichtig aus dem ZIF Stecker heraus.

    • Justiere mit der Torx T5 Stellschraube für die Höheneinstellung der Empfindlichkeit des Trackpads. Entferne sie aber nicht.

    The Trackpad Sensitivity Screw in this model is a T6 Torx screw

    andresaldana - Antwort

    Need a description of why and how much to adjust the sensitivity screw. Do you need to put the screw back to its original position?

    blairweaver - Antwort

    • Schiebe mit einer Hand das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur etwas hinein, um an den ZIF Stecker darunter zu gelangen.

    • Klappe mit einem Spudger den Sicherungsbügel hoch.

    • Lasse das Kabel vorsichtig aus dem Stecker gleiten.

    Be careful with the retaining piece on the ZIF connector, it released with a bit of a fight but then broke when I tried to close it after reinserting the cable. :(

    thea - Antwort

    Mine popped off too but I managed to get it back on. The clip has two very small bumps on the side that goes down the way so look for them when trying to re-attach it.

    David McKeitch -

    Mine broke too when re-inserting the cable, had to order a new trackpad because of this. Couldn't get it back in and broke off a small piece of plastic trying to fix the latch. I ordered a new trackpad. I really don't hope this happens with the new trackpad.

    Markus -

    Note on the two ZIF connections. The smaller connection has it's ZIF lock toward the front of the laptop while the wider ZIF connection faces the KB. I busted the keyboard connections thinking the ZIF was in the opposite direction. Had to replace it with a new trackpad.

    I have found that I was able to wiggle the cables out of the ZIFs carefully. idk if this works for all ZIF connections and I'd love to hear anyone who has an opinion on removing ZIF cables. But this makes it much easier to remove and not break the ZIF connections.

    Tim - Antwort

    I work with a Magnifier with a light. Blowing up the subject so you have it really magnified to a high degree helps enormously. I have removed and reattached many zif cables successfully without a hitch. Act like a surgeon.

    Paolo Alberto - Antwort

    Worked fine. Even the keyboard ZIF Cable. Reinserting it was bit tricky.

    hschreiber - Antwort

    I had a bit of trouble getting the keyboard cable back in before noticing that it needs to be off the surface of the trackpad to slide in. The whole arrangement is awkward; just be patient and take it slowly.

    mrsharumpe - Antwort

    • Entferne die sechs 1,5 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben #00, welche das Trackpad festhalten.

    Phillips #00 screwdriver should be added to the tool list

    brian - Antwort

    The trackpad sold to me by ifixit did not come with the little hinge plates. I had to remove the six other screws and transfer these to the new trackpad. If this is based on using the part as sold here then the photo needs to be corrected to show the six red circles on the phillips screws that are on the trackpad and not on the Mac itself. These are installed quite tightly and I nearly destroyed two of them (on the body side as indicated in the photo) using the correct tool. The six that screw into the trackpad are much more gently installed. I don't think you are generally supposed to remove the six to the chassis of the MBA. Please update this to correct this - UNLESS THE PART FROM APPLE INCLUDES THESE TWO HINGE PLATES AND SCREWS. In that case, please INDICATE THIS difference in the text of the article. It added work and a bit of stress when the two screws were nearly trashed and I realized the new part did not come with replacements. Not good. However, this was otherwise a very easy project. THANKS!

    Wade Rackley - Antwort

    +1 On this comment. The trackpad replacement kit from iFixit does NOT include the hinge plates. The hinge plates must be removed from the removed from the old trackpad (and the additional six screws holding in place). There is the need to replace 12 screws total in this step AND the removal of the old hinge plates to re-use, and re-install on the new, replacement trackpad assembly. This is a critical miss in this step's directions.

    coryss -

    If someone could please respond ASAP, i was removing one of these screws from the above picture and it was completely destroyed despite my best efforts. The other 5 came out no problem but i have one screw that is stripped beyond use and i have no clue what do to with it at this point

    jed falone - Antwort

    • Öffne das Gerät etwa um 10°.

    • Halte die Unterseite des Trackpads fest und drücke gleichzeitig auf die Seite des Trackpads nahe am Logic Board, um es so vom oberen Gehäuse zu befreien.

    • Entferne das Trackpad vom Gerät.

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Bought a T5 screwdriver. Screws on my Macbook Air late 2011 won't turn. I thought one was unscrewing but as it turned out, I was just destroying the screw so it is now stuck forever and I'll never be able to open this thing. Great, I really do have an aluminium pile of trash now.

Andy Barratt - Antwort

In the tools list is missing the screwdriver Philips #00

John - Antwort

Thanks! Updated.

Andrew Optimus Goldberg -

Please remove this guide. It has errors that cause me to strip one of my track pad screws. (Good otherwise and thanks for writing it.)

There is an almost identical guide MacBook Air 13" Mitte 2011 Trackpad austauschen

that list the correct screw size #000 for the track pad and also shows the correct battery connector for my 2011 13" MacBook Air.

julie - Antwort

The case screws are P5 pentalobe and not torx T5. The battery screws are torx T5.

julie - Antwort

After replacing the trackpad on my Mid 2011 MacBook Air 11 inch, the function keys no longer work as designed. They seem shifted one position...

Anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it?

Ferdinand Vroom - Antwort

i did all this and now the computer won’t turn on. What could’ve gone wrong?

Carol Wolfe - Antwort

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