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Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du das Trackpad austauschen oder zum Nachjustieren ausbauen kannst.

    • Bevor du anfängst, fahre dein MacBook herunter. Schließe das Display und lege dein MacBook mit der Unterseite nach oben auf eine weiche Unterlage.

    • Benutze einen P5 Pentalobe-Schraubendreher, um folgende zehn Schrauben zu entfernen, mit denen das untere Gehäuse befestigt ist:

    • Zwei 9 mm Schrauben

    • Acht 2,6 mm Schrauben

    Pulling the fan cable out was terrifying but you actually just pull on the cable itself. No way to get any leverage at the connector to dislodge it. Did come out easily but like I said, scared me!

    allison - Antwort

    Draai de schroefjes voorzichtig los en leg ze op een stabiele plek neer en let erop dat de schroefje een verschillende lengte hebben.

    bwgvanderveer - Antwort

    I thought I could replace my 256 Gb SSD with 512? regards

    ola m - Antwort

    Do you have good Test Point Voltages? It appears there are silver colored Test points on the I/O Board. I am working on a water spill and trying to troubleshoot if both the I/O board and the Logic need replaced.

    andrew - Antwort

    It's probably not necessary but may be a little safer to completely discharge the old battery before replacing it.

    Larry Smith - Antwort

    tell a model that was not inferior to the speed of the one in the laptop.

    Thank you

    ilyabuhov - Antwort

    Do i need to order tools separately to replace the battery i just ordered?

    anne uhlir - Antwort

    im looking for a Logic Board for a

    Apple - MacBook Air® - 13.3" Display - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Flash Storage (Latest Model) - Silver Model: MQD32LL/A

    Any help is appreciated.

    Jamie Comstock - Antwort

    P5 pentalobe screwdrivers are too big! The correct size for these screws are p4 pentalobe. P5 pentalobe was just able, with difficulty, to turn some of the screws. If the screws were at all tight, my p5 was unable to get them out, and started to strip the screws. A p4 screwdriver fit better and removed the screws with ease. (I was using high quality Wiha brand screwdrivers.)

    William Skinner - Antwort

    I had same experience (with MacBook Air 13-inch Mid-2012) … had to get P4, which worked swimmingly

    eric -

    Very simple installation. The screwdriver heads were exactly what we’re needed, one head for the outside case screws, the other for the screws holding the battery in place. The computer started right up. Now to see how the battery holds up, but I have a good feeling about this!

    Dennis Eaton - Antwort

    My P5 and the T5 worked perfectly with my early 2015 Air 13”! And it is super fast! Thank you iFixit!

    Pennny Beach - Antwort

    The supplied kit and instructions worked perfectly!

    Nikolay Andreev - Antwort

    Comments that the P5 pentalobe are too large are absolutely spot-on. There is no way the P5 pentalobe bit I have will work with the MacBook Air without destroying the screws. Hard target search for P4 pentalobe bit in progress…..

    joemoog - Antwort

    Bonjour j’aimerais changer mon SSD de 128 Go pour en mettre un de 512 Go. Je ne sais pas ce qu’il faut prendre car il faut qu’il soit compatible avec le macbook air A1466. J’aurais vu un Samsung Evo 970 500 Go mais si je ne me trompe pas, il faut un adaptateur.

    Merci pour votre aide.

    chicco33 - Antwort

    oui, vous aurez besoin d’un adaptateur, pour completez le changement.

    Dan -

    The tool kit should include tweezers for re-inserting the battery connector.

    Andre Clement - Antwort

    P5 pentalobe worked perfectly for me. Instructions were spot-on. Antenna connections were a bit fiddly to refit but got them in ok.

    michaelquinnell - Antwort

    Maybe the problem some are experiencing is that the designations are confusing (blame Apple rather than iFixit). the P2 is also known as PL1. The P5 is also known as PL4. The P6 is also known as PL5. So it is possible to mistake the P6 (PL5) for the P5 (PL4), meaning it (P6-PL5) will be too big, while the P5 (PL4) will be just right. Sort of a 3 Bears explanation, but it is very confusing.

    Thomas Lewis - Antwort

    To add to this. In searching for the P5 screwdriver to buy in UK, as far as I can tell, it is also known as

    Pentalobe 1.2(mm)


    P4 = 0.8

    P6 = 1.5

    Just unscrewed the back case of MacBook Air 13” mid 2011, with no problems using Pentalobe 1.2

    nijafe -

    I have not replaced a display on the A1369 but have done many A1466 which is a newer 13” model. They seem really similar and its not clear why one needs to remove the logic board to remove the display. The antenna cables on the A1466 dont have to rest under the logic board but can be tucked in the hinge crevice. Cant this same thing be done with the A1369?

    Sean Love - Antwort

    Did mine today - but new battery wasnt charging. Went back in and noticed the battery connector cable was not quite 100% “seated. It was sticking out by less than a millimetre! - you need to give it quite a firm push in to get it seated properly. Otherwise - all ok .

    John Brennand - Antwort

    Just installed on a MacBookAir6,2 (13-inch, Early 2014).

    Was very easy.

    New iFixit battery looks great so far:

    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4922 -> 7333

    Jonathan Cross - Antwort

    can you tell me which size of screwdrivers you’ve used to crack it up, please? I have the same model and size,

    hawk_lpc -

    Screw P5 Pentalobe 1.2

    Mario Verlent - Antwort

    Install went flawlessly. Only challange was reattaching blue tooth antennas. Those sockets are so tiny.

    Joel Sebastian - Antwort

    Installation was a little challenging at first because the instructions on this site did not perfectly match my model (late 2013 to early 2015).

    Found this video on YouTube which described the procedure perfectly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lue6lVWh...

    Also the Ifixit kit I received was well put together with everything I needed and more. The calibration went perfectly and I am very pleased. Will buy again!!

    Donald Niamath - Antwort

    Gently pulled out connector of old battery, then pressed and held the power switch for 1 minute. Unscrewed and removed the old battery. Pressed and held power switch for 1 minute again. I know from previous work that this helps drain charge from spontaneous recharging as the dielectric recovers. Gently “fine tuned” leads from new battery to connector till connector stuck out at right angle to the edge of battery. Held the battery by the edges and let the connector slide into the socket. Set the battery down and put the screws in all the way. Then checked that the connector was completely seated before tightening the screws. The laptop come on immediately and showed 98% charge and registered normal (checked in “About this Mac”. Very happy to this point. Now for calibration.

    Amir Zaidi - Antwort

    Thank you very much for the guilde. My MBA2011 had reborn !

    Billy Wong - Antwort

    Allow for electrostatics, otherwise you may cook components on the logicboard /motherboard (like I did with one of these!)

    See great advice: Electrostatic Discharge

    Fletcher Cole - Antwort

    … und wenn du eines von diesen wirklich kleinen Schräubchen vermisst: bevor du den Boden aufkehrst oder mit einem starken Magneten absuchst, schau mal am seitlichen (magnetischen) Ladekabelanschluss nach … ?

    ... and if you miss one of these really small screws: before you sweep the floor or search it with a strong magnet, take a look at the (magnetic) charging cable connection on the side … ?

    Blatt - Antwort

  1. Löse das hintere Gehäuse vom Air, indem du mit den Fingerspitzen zwischen Display und Gehäuse gehst und es nach oben ziehst.
    • Löse das hintere Gehäuse vom Air, indem du mit den Fingerspitzen zwischen Display und Gehäuse gehst und es nach oben ziehst.

    • Entferne das hintere Gehäuse und lege es beiseite.

    There is a nub on the inside of the case which is attached to the battery. When you try to pull it open, it appears to be attached to the plastic casing of the battery, which sometimes splits. I gently unhooked the nub from the battery before removing the case fully. This seems to happen if the battery has suffered some drop damage (plastic parts broken around screws and parts of plastic frame split). Just an FYI in case your lower case doesn't pull away easily.

    Jeannie Crowley - Antwort

    To add - the slim 1cm tab “nub” is on the centre of the back cover & fits into a hole in the battery frame. I ran my fingers around the whole of the cover to eventually here it click out.

    nijafe -

    When closing this back up make sure that the antenna cable is tucked away neatly

    Gabriel - Antwort

    So this is a legit back cover for MacBook Air?

    ASHANTI SMITH - Antwort

    What about disconnecting the battery?

    Luke Grimes - Antwort

    I bought the part and tools from iFixit and followed the directions. The mechanical part went smoothly - maybe 10 minutes to disassemble/replace/reassemble.

    Getting Catalina (the current MacOS) to install was not working until I used Cmd-Opt-R (as noted in the OWC paper sheet that came in the box) which brought up the proper installer - I believe from a pre-prepared bootable SD card but it’s hard to say. From there the install succeeded taking ~1.5 hours.

    Beware that (a) the install requires a working internet connection for verification and updates, and (b) the system must have been running at least macOs 10.13 (High Sierra) before the install in order to have an EFI BIOS that recognizes the SSD.

    Lance Berc - Antwort

    As noted by others, be a bit careful removing the lower case. There is an oblong black plastic locator very near the center of the lower case. Unless you gently pry the bottom cover pretty much straight up, you will break the ends off of the locater.

    BobY - Antwort

  2. Entferne die folgenden 5 Schrauben, mit denen die Batterie am oberen Gehäuse befestigt ist:
    • Entferne die folgenden 5 Schrauben, mit denen die Batterie am oberen Gehäuse befestigt ist:

    • Drei 6,9 mm T5 Torx Schrauben

    • Zwei 3,0 mm T5 Torx Schrauben

    what is that little hole or clip in the middle o battery?

    Edy Surpat - Antwort

    There’s both a hole for a screw and a clip to hold the bottom case

    maccentric -


    the battery is now delivered with a transparent plastic taped allover the new battery.

    is it needed or shall it be removed

    kind regards

    Maes Michel - Antwort


    If the plastic is easily removable from the battery, it should be removed. However, if the plastic is glued onto the battery, do not remove the plastic.

    Arthur Shi -

  3. Vermeide es, den Akku  zu quetschen oder die vier freiliegenden Lithium Polymer Zellen  zu berühren.
    • Vermeide es, den Akku zu quetschen oder die vier freiliegenden Lithium Polymer Zellen zu berühren.

    • Hebe den Akku von der Seite des Logic Boards aus an und entferne ihn vorsichtig aus dem Gehäuse.

    • Es kann sein, dass an der Oberseite deines Ersatzakkus eine Plastikfolie leicht angeklebt ist. Entferne beim Einbau des Akkus diese Folie. Wenn diese Folie allerdings stark verklebt ist und sich deswegen nicht leicht entfernen lässt, dann muss sie nicht unbedingt abgezogen werden.

    • Wenn du einen neuen Akku einbaust, solltest du ihn nach dem Einbau kalibrieren :

    • Lade den Akku vollständig und lasse das MacBook danach für mindestens zwei Stunden weiter eingesteckt. Verwende jetzt das MacBook, bis es wegen geringem Akkustand von selbst in den Standby-Modus geht. Warte jetzt noch mindestens fünf Stunden, bevor du das MacBook wieder auf 100% auflädst.

    • Wenn nach dem Einbau des neuen Akkus Probleme auftreten, kann es helfen, den SMC zurückzusetzen.

    Personally I would like a short description on why we have to calibrate a brand new battery for what reason?

    Albert - Antwort

    @albertnumber1 You can find a detailed explanation of calibration here. The short(ish) answer is that the battery charge % reading on your device is really just a guess, one that is generated by a mathematical model of what’s going on inside the chemical battery. That model needs data points (like full charge and discharge flags) in order to work correctly. Without calibration, nothing bad will happen, but you may get some unreliable battery % readings.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    1. Glad someone was able to clear up the reason we need to calibrate

    2. During the process, if for some reason, say my cat waltzing all over my desk, disconnects the magsafe for a moment while in the final full charge cycle, what impact would this have?

    joshuafiddler - Antwort

    The replacement battery’s connector didn’t align with the port as easily as the original’s. Instead of pointing straight back from the battery, the cable pointed at a significant angle. In order to connect the new battery, I had to hold it a slight diagonal angle while connecting it, before placing the new battery into the chassis and securing it.

    After replacing the battery, the laptop (MBA early 2015) shut off immediately whenever it was unplugged from the MagSafe connector, despite reporting a full charge. To resolve this, I performed an SMC reset: I re-opened the case, unplugged the battery, held down the power button for 5 seconds with the battery unplugged, then re-connected the battery, re-attached the lid, and pressed the power button again. It immediately booted up as expected on battery power.

    Garrett Guillotte - Antwort

    I found these two little broken tabs under the battery. Not sure where they came from, but Ididn’t put them back in anywhere.


    Norm Hils - Antwort

    These are from the old battery. Not totally necessary.

    Scott Baker -

    Good opportunity to blow or brush away some accumulated dust from a unit like mine (5 -6 years service) when the battery is out. Also at this time, used the thin probe tool to ream out some debris from the rim of the base.

    The replacement battery cable seemed too long to fit well but when I examined the original, I noted a distinct v kink downwards in that one. A gentle push down in the middle formed a V and permitted the new cable to fit Presumably without harm..

    howardmat3 - Antwort

    The instructions on this step say to remove the plastic film on the replacement battery, but the introduction says to leave it on. Which step is correct?

    William Davis - Antwort

    Hi William!

    Good question! If the film is lightly adhered, you can peel and remove the film.

    Arthur Shi -

    Hi how can I discharge the battery (MacBook air 2017) quickly as the battery has swollen and I need to get it out, at the moment I am running lots of apps but it still shows 6%?

    John MacMahon - Antwort

    max screen brightness and run some cpu benchmark

    Daniele Carminati -

    Shorting the battery is very dangerous. Leave the computer on until it shuts down on its own.

    Manuel Jesús Flores Jiménez - Antwort

    The fix kit for this battery comes with a spudger. What is it for?

    mobya45 - Antwort

  4. Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zum Trackpad mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch. Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst,  nicht  am Anschluss selbst. Ziehe das Flachbandkabel zum Trackpad gerade aus seinem Anschluss in Richtung der hinteren Kante des Air.
    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zum Trackpad mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht am Anschluss selbst.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel zum Trackpad gerade aus seinem Anschluss in Richtung der hinteren Kante des Air.

  5. Hebe das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur mit einer Hand an und klappe gleichzeitig den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Tastaturkabels mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch. Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht  am Anschluss selbst.
    • Hebe das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur mit einer Hand an und klappe gleichzeitig den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Tastaturkabels mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht am Anschluss selbst.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur gerade aus seinem Anschluss heraus in Richtung der Vorderkante des Air.

    the trickiest step on re-assembly is reinserting this back-folded cable into the socket and then making sure the retaining flap (now hidden) is firmly down again. You can tell if it is still up (and so the cable loose) if the cable does not feel flat when you run your finger lightly over it.

    Jon May - Antwort

    A magnifying glass and bright light can help immensely in this step. The retaining flap is tiny and difficult to see while the cable is still connected.

    Dick Young - Antwort

    Dick, do you have a suggestion for a magnifying glass/light set up? I used a magnifying glass and a small flashlight. But found that the job required two hands so it was hard to see while I was trying to do it. I thought about ordering the magnifying glasses sold here but don’t know how well they work.

    Joanna Bridges -

    A head lamp has become an indispensable tool in my laptop repair business.

    lamajr -

    This is where I had a problem. Part of the plastic retaining flap broke off. Now my trackpad, which had a problem, is working but about half the keys on my keyboard, which was working before, aren’t. I don’t know whether its because I damaged this cable connections in the attempts to seat it earlier or whether not having the pressure on one half of it is causing the connection to not be made with a number of the keys. Since my keyboard had worked with my old trackpad and the socket clamp isn’t broken on that, I was thinking of attaching it to see if clamping the cable down properly will solve the problem. But of course then my trackpad wouldn’t work anymore. But it might tell me that I have to replace the trackpad again with one with a working clamp (retaining flap?) to make the keyboard work. And then I am back with dealing with troublesome trackpad screws. I can use an external keyboard but since I wanted to be able to use this laptop for traveling, that’s not my preference. Any thoughts???

    Joanna Bridges - Antwort

    Use a small strip of electricians tape on one end fold it over to make a pull tab, then place on the ribbon cable so you can pull the ribbon into the slot.

    Most of the time the latch clip can be refitted in if you haven’t broken it in half. The system won’t work correctly without it!

    Dan -

    Hi Dan, I did, unfortunately, break the latch clip. Only about a third of it is left- the other 2./3rds broke off completely. From what you said that is the most likely explanation why certain keys ( 3,e,d,c,6,y,h,n,space bar and /) don’t work. I had wondered if I might have damaged the cable connections when I was trying to get them into the slot earlier (not realizing there was a retaining clip down.) If it is the clip, then the answer seems to be to replace the trackpad again. Which would be no problem if the screws weren’t so bad. But am worried that I will never be able to get all the screws out and new ones screwed in properly. But maybe worth a try. Any suggestions?

    Joanna Bridges - Antwort

    Have no magic here…

    Somehow you need to replace the latch. Getting a replacement part is one way, the other is looking for a broken system to steal the latch off of carefully removing it without breaking it, then popping it on your systems connector.

    Dan -

    Dan, that’s a great idea. I have my old Apple trackpad and the piece is still intact on that. It hadn't occurred to me that I might be able to take it off and put it on the cable on the new trackpad. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Joanna Bridges - Antwort

    I do not think there is a latch to be opened.

    Jean Peuplu - Antwort

    Both the logic board and the trackpad connectors use a compression bar (latch). When you have it in the open state its ZIF but to secure the cable you need to close the latch to hold the cable and make the needed electrical connection Trackpad Flex Connector

    Dan -

    Yes there is a latch towards the back of the connector, opposite of where the cable enters the connector. It is very thin. Opens from back to front.

    Jean Peuplu - Antwort

    There are two versions of the connector depending on the trackpad and logic board. Yours should be like the one I posted.

    The other one is more like this one Keyboard Connector

    Dan -

  6. Entferne folgende zwölf Kreuzschlitzschrauben:
    • Entferne folgende zwölf Kreuzschlitzschrauben:

    • Sechs 1,6 mm Schrauben, welche das Trackpad am oberen Gehäuse befestigen.

    • Sechs 1,6 mm Schrauben, welche die Halterungen des Trackpads am Trackpad befestigen.

    I have a Macbook Air early 2013 A1466 Model. These are not PH00 screws in my case— like not even close. i am going by a jewelry store. Maybe, it is the case for the US version. Not working for this German model. Just FYI. Or perhaps you know as you are leaving the ph00 out of the description here and are just referencing the 1,6 mm.

    Ronny NoneOfYourBusinessGoogle - Antwort

    Actually I went and got a phillips ph00 1,6 now specifically: screws up the screws. Doesnt work as many are saying on youtube. But whats the right screwdriver then??

    Ronny NoneOfYourBusinessGoogle - Antwort

    So how did you do it after all?

    Vrag Naroda -

    Same problem, can't find a tiny enough screwdriver

    Vrag Naroda - Antwort

    A Phillips triple zero PH000 is the bit that worked for me for my Early 2014 MacBook Air trackpad brackets

    bob - Antwort

    I also had problems with the screws. Started out using the PH00 screwdriver and the screwheads were being stripped. Switched to the PH 000 as suggested by the commenter above and it still stripped screws (ones that hadn’t been touched before). Finally gave up, put the screws I had managed to get out back in (surprisingly they screwed back in without much difficulty), and put everything back together without being able to replace the trackpad. Luckily the computer worked but still having to use an external mouse to click. It seems that the screws for the trackpad are very soft and the heads strip easily. Not sure what to do at this point.

    Joanna Bridges - Antwort

    Apple uses a thread sealer which makes it hard! I first try a little bit of some acetone around the base of the screw dripping a little down letting spork and adding a bit more as it evaporates. When that fails I reach for my small nozzle heat gun as I want to focus the heat just to the head of the screw using foil to protect the rest of the area.

    Dan -

    I had an easy time with the JIS000 screwdriver bit I have so if you have one, give it a try.

    Lareina The Math Mama - Antwort

    What is a JIS000 screwdriver and where do I find one?

    Joanna Bridges -

    JIS is japan Industrial Standard which sets a standard for both screws and the tools needed for them.

    Here’s one set iFixit - JIS Driver Set

    Dan -

    screw JM-CRV J000

    Mario Verlent - Antwort

    The brackets on mind had stripped screws a d are now broken. Anyone know where I can buy those brackets?

    Trenten Stanley - Antwort

    I went ahead and ordered the iFixit - JIS Driver Set on Lareina’s recommend here, and only 6 of the 12 screws came up with it. It started to strip the upper six. They are all, after all, 1.6 mm, and the smallest driver on the JIS driver set (not recommended BTW) is 2.0mm) so that was useless advice. so back to square one, weeks waiting to get this thing installed!

    kate Taverna - Antwort

  7. Entferne die rechte und die linke Halterung des Trackpads vom oberen Gehäuse.
    • Entferne die rechte und die linke Halterung des Trackpads vom oberen Gehäuse.

    on re-assembly, having the front open slightly so that I could put some pressure on the other side of the trackpad behind the holes for the screws made it easier to reseat them

    Jon May - Antwort

    During reassembly keep in mind the bottom half of the trackpad is the half with motion. This top edge is to be secured tightly to the top brackets. Previous tip was helpful regarding rear pressure during reassembly.

    airshack - Antwort

  8. Überprüfe während des Zusammenbaus die Klickfunktion des Trackpads.
    • Überprüfe während des Zusammenbaus die Klickfunktion des Trackpads.

    • Die 1,4 mm Torx T5 Stellschraube nahe der Vorderkante des Gehäuses muss korrekt justiert werden.

    • Ziehe beim Zusammenbau diese Schraube nicht zu stark an, sonst hört die Taste ab einem bestimmten Punkt auf zu klicken. Justiere die Schraube so, bis die bewegliche Seite des Trackpads minimales Spiel hat.

    • Es ist nicht notwendig, diese Schraube zu entfernen, um das Trackpad zu entfernen.

    Help I stripped it can't get the screw out

    Daniel West - Antwort

    And it didn't go in easy either

    Daniel West - Antwort

  9. Hebe die Kante des Trackpads nahe der Tastatur vorsichtig mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers aus ihrer Vertiefung im oberen Gehäuse, indem du sie aus den Halterungen, die am oberen Gehäuse angebracht sind, weghebst. Entferne das Trackpad vom oberen Gehäuse.
    • Hebe die Kante des Trackpads nahe der Tastatur vorsichtig mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers aus ihrer Vertiefung im oberen Gehäuse, indem du sie aus den Halterungen, die am oberen Gehäuse angebracht sind, weghebst.

    • Entferne das Trackpad vom oberen Gehäuse.

    if you open the front case slightly at this point a little pressure on the trackpad helps to lift it - but just a millimetre or two.

    Jon May - Antwort

    I suggest leaving the brackets attached to the trackpad until after removing the trackpad from its recess, and then attaching the brackets to the new trackpad before replacing it in the recess. Otherwise, the loose trackpad will drop onto the screen.

    Dick Young - Antwort

    As usual, the instruction video was absolutely great. No trouble at all (well, except I lost one of the pentapoint screws, but not your fault). Could not have been better!

    jerrymack - Antwort


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I have replaced the keyboard of my MacBook Air, now touchpad and keyboard stop work after login.

It does not works even in single mode nor with install drive.

Can anyone tell me why this happened?

PS. I also changed all the upper case with touch and keyboard and same issue.

It does work with external devices.

Claus - Antwort

First step is to double check the keyboard and trackpad cables! See step 6 and step 7 in this guide!

Sam Goldheart -

I am in a similar situation, I recently replaced the trackpad on my MacBook Air and I am having the same problem with the trackpad and keyboard working fine during login, but it stops working after boot.

Did you find a solution? Is there a way to fix this?

Joe Walker -


I replaced my touchpad of my macbook air 2013. Now The touchpad functions partly in the beginning. It moves nothing to bad in the beginning, but after 5 minutes it works well. I checked the cables, but they seem to be plugged in fine, especially if they seem to work after 5 minutes. What could this be?

P.S. I used the old brackets of the trackpad for the new one. I was wondering what the function was of the connection between the bracket and the small circuit board and if that could be the problem.

martijn breuls - Antwort

Hello! I was able to remove the six screws securing the trackpad brackets to the trackpad. But the six screws securing the trackpad to the upper case are just stuck! No matter how much pressure I apply, they won’t give. Can someone help?

Chi A - Antwort

Are you able to sneak the trackpad out at all? I’ve been able to push the trackpad out along the upper edge and then swing the bottom edge out in some. Otherwise you’ll need a heat gun to heat the area and use the proper screwdriver which you have chilled with freeze spray so it can cause the screw to contract.

Dan -

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