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MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen

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  1. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, Unteres Gehäuse: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die folgenden P5 Pentalobe Schrauben, mit denen das untere Gehäuseteil am MacBook Pro befestigt ist:

    • Acht 3,1 mm

    • Zwei 2,3 mm

    The number of screws listed here is wrong on my model. I had four of the smaller size.

    anonymous 1286 - Antwort

    Just to add to my comment above (I can't edit it because it's anonymous), my MacBook Pro is a mid-2015 15in model 2.8GHz (A1398; EMC2881). For the bottom case it uses six 3.1mm screws, and four 2.3mm screws at the clutch/hinge side of the MacBook Pro. I tried using a 3.1mm screw at the clutch/hinge end, as described in the main article, and they don't fit. It has to be four 2.3mm screws.

    anonymous 1286 - Antwort

    agreed with above 1286...

    I have the Mid 2015/A1398/EMC 2909. the hinge end and two middle side screws used a 1.2x50mm screwdriver while the 'opening' end 4 screws used the T3 screwdriver. I guess different builds used different sized screws!!

    Tj Bennett -

    The instructions below have you basically taking ALL of the guts out of case. I’ve been doing my own apple repairs since before ifixit was a thing and this one is a handful. My battery was swelling and I wanted to remove it before it burst or bent the case so I took it out without having a replacement and it occurs to me that aside from using the solvent (liquid) to remove the adhesive, you could probably do this only taking the trackpad ribbon out. I have mine reassembled now and will research the best battery to buy but I think installation will take about 5 minutes. See if you can slip a plastic gift card under the battery and wag/saw the adhesive out without the solvent before you go through all of this. It might work. Note, don’t bend or put too much stress on the battery and certainly don’t puncture it…

    br1ansk - Antwort

    Battery Recall for 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina mid-2015. Check Apple’s site for recalls, and put in your serial number. They replaced my swelling battery for free, regardless of warranty.

    Steve -

    As we are only replacing the battery, you can safely skip steps 6-26 and 28-48, no need to disassemble the computer to pull out the battery. Use nail polisher remover I was able to pull a super bloated battery out, without disassembling my MacBook.

    John Sikking -

    I qualified for the recall. These bloated batteries are dangerous! DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PUNCTURE THE BATTERIES!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the recall.

    Datajockeys -

    For battery replacement, I also chose NOT to remove everything, and NOT to use the solvent. I used an iFixit heating tube (from the iPad kits) to soften the adhesive from the keyboard face… NOT the battery itself! Used the iFixit cards. I have four, so the real work is possible BETWEEN two other cards — reduces the chance of puncturing the battery. Worked fine, took a little while, but no problems.

    Steve -

    I’m having a problem trying to get the screws off. I have a set of pentalobe screwdriver set. I found one screwdriver that fits perfectly on one set of screws, but I am unable to unscrew it. I tried using some force pushing the screwdriver into the screw, but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    henry_k_wong - Antwort

    All the screws on mine are the same length for some reason.

    ccfman2004 - Antwort

    I would recommend the first step is: Run the battery down to ZERO before doing any next step. This reduces risk to you, people nearby, to the MBP and greatly reduces the risk of fire. Step 2 should be: Double-check that the battery is at zero.

    I like others listed below and on YouTube, disagree with these full tear down 70+ steps being the only focus. I get that I have to be careful not to get the acetone solvent near the speakers. I skipped 25+ steps by: tilting the MBP away from the speakers and using very little acetone solvent. More pressure with the plastic cards and only a few drops of solvent. While giving the full set of instructions is fine it should be very clear that you can (at the user’s own risk) do this.

    Kenneth Schleede - Antwort

    As above—I consider full disassembly to be far riskier to fragile cables and connectors than the risk for solvent spillage. I did steps 1-5 and 46-74. No issues. I HIGHLY recommend the iFixit magnetic Project Mat. It’s a white marker board surface gridded into squares and invaluable for labeling part sizes/steps in disassembly.

    philtrit - Antwort

    As above too. I benefitted from the advice. From step 51 onwards, I found a easier way using tip from China battery seller. Use a 2” width plastic scraper/plastic paint scraper to poke under the battery. Use moderate strength to poke and avoid rough handling of the battery so as not to puncture it. There is no need to pry the battery to avoid stressing it, just use a firm poking action under the battery and the double sided tape adhesive will yield. After 5 min of such poking, the entire battery pack can be removed without the hassle of pouring the adhesive remover from step 51 onwards. Get a scraper with a stronger handle so that it is more comfortable to poke.


    Emma Pn - Antwort

    Heads up as you go…we (husband/wife team) had a notebook that when screws/covers were removed, we marked the step # and actually taped the screws into the notebook noted by the step number. This was very helpful on reassembly and we knew we would be using the exact screw into the original screw hole.

    Ann Brainard - Antwort

    After replacing the batteries myself, I wouldn’t even consider doing it again. Not that it’s difficult to do—that’s not the issue. The issue is aftermarket batteries. I’ve been using notebooks for well over 30 years, and never had satisfaction with aftermarket batteries.

    Modern lithium batteries are an amazing technological feat, but a dangerous one. So even putting aside that I’ve never found any aftermarket batteries with quality anywhere near original, I learned “cheap” aftermarket lithium batteries are downright dangerous.

    After doing research into what’s involved with manufacturing lithium batteries, I know there are so many corners to cut, you’ll end up with junk regardless of what you pay.

    A week after replacing my batteries with those from iFixit, they showed clear signs of failure. Thank goodness iFixit refunded my money.

    After having Apple replace my batteries, everything is back to like-new. For my $199, I got not only excellent batteries, but a new keyboard and trackpad as well. That’s it’s done!!!

    AnnoniMoose - Antwort

    Which of the following companies make their own LiIon cells, Apple, Dell, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Tesla, Trek? Ans: NONE OF THEM. All these companies buy their LiIon cells from companies that will sell to iFixit or any other legitimate company. If you want quality, either do the research or pay through the nose for OEM. And note the Apple battery recall. Apple messes up too.

    Bartwick -

    I found an Apple Support link that said MBP battery replacement was $199, but the 2 Apple Stores near my house would not provide any appointments. Instead, I scheduled an appointment with and “Apple Authorized Service Provider” & that repair center quoted about $750 to replace the battery.

    I refused, went home, & opened a chat with Apple Support.

    After a lengthy & painful chat session where the Apple tech didn’t want to provide a battery replacement quote (he feared other issues with the MBPr), he finally gave me an Apple price of just under $650 to replace the battery.

    Did you go into an Apple store, or mail it in? I’m struggling to reconcile a price of $199 to get a battery + keyboard + trackpad against what I was just quoted 2 weeks ago. The new track pad & keyboard might have been due to repair tech error. i.e. they trashed those repairing your batter & had to toss them in.

    Bartt.Shelton@gmail.com - Antwort

    I took mine in after being quoted for a $199 replacement of battery and keyboard, only to have the repair refused as they found a "water sensor" triggered and now I'm left with my AUD$5,000 laptop with messed up keys. Shame on me for not getting this repaired during COVID while under warranty. This is the first time I've truly been disappointed in Apple, but suppose it was bound to happen someday. I was quoted US$ 1479 to replace the battery and keyboard and the sensor (likely the logic board is replaced as well) if I were to send it in to the US repair center. Any chance these sensors can be triggered by humidity?

    C0RT - Antwort

    I 1000% recommend watching this video and performing the battery replacement without all these steps from this guide and without using the acetone solvent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImonCWcc... (15" inch Retina MacBook Pro A1398 Mid 2015 Disassembly Battery Replacement Repair)

    The video is narrated well and the guy goes slow and zooms in where appropriate. Instead of removing all components, he simply removes the track pad cable, battery cable, and unscrews two of the speaker screws on each side. From there, you can lift up the speaker arms where the video guy uses a thin pry tool to push through the sticky tape. No solvent is needed except for residual sticky stuff leftover.

    Instead of the thin pry tool, I just used the plastic cards that came with this ifixit kit. It takes a little force and wiggle/jiggle so take your time using the corner of the card to start.

    This method makes a difficult 2-3hr job into a much easier 1hr job.

    Spencer - Antwort

    +1 for this approach! I watched the video that Spencer mentioned. It took me a little over an hour, and it was stress-free. https://youtu.be/ImonCWcc1xk

    Chris Wicklas -

    Another +1 - I followed the video pretty exactly (after having already gone through steps 1-5 here). I'm not sure it's necessary to clean off the adhesive residue as thoroughly as he demonstrates in the video, but the instructions were clear and the end results were good - trackpad still working fine and new battery already charged to 50%.

    Jeff Zinn -

    Glad I read these comments before plunging into the iFixit instructions.

    +1 for skipping the iFixit instructions and using the youtube video linked by Spencer.
    I followed the instructions and had my battery replacement done succesfully.
    Instead of the metal spatula like thing he used - I used the plastic ifixit credit card things that came with my battery kit.
    It took about 15 minutes of wiggling under the battery to free it from the adhesive but it wasn't too bad.
    I did remove the residual adhesive as he indicated with isopropyl alcohol - but after finishing my installation I realized it was completely unnecessary. You can install the new battery over the residual gunk and skip that step.

    picardo -

    Yes! This YouTube tutorial works great and it was really easy to replace the battery. I needed about 75 minutes.

    Perform steps 1-5,

    Then skip to step 41.

    In 41 + 43 do not unscrew the red marked screws.

    In 42 an 45 just lift the speakers, do not remove them.

    Skip 44

    Up from 53, I did not use the glue remover, the plastic cards were enough.

    In step 63 watch out to start from the middle. This prevents you from peeling up the lower „platform“.

    Great job :-)

    weekendiac -

    It’s now February 2024, and the batteries Apple installed have all swelled up just like the originals. Doing a bit of research on the manufacturer, Simplo, I no longer trust them either. Microsoft used Simplo in their tablets, with countless users complaining about bad batteries. A few days ago, I read a post saying Apple now charges $250 instead of the $200 I paid less than three years ago. WOW! Even if Apple would replace my batteries, there’s no way I’m going that route again. Too bad my MacBook won’t boot without batteries. I don’t need them; I don’t want them. I also don’t want a newer MacBook. What to do???

    AnnoniMoose - Antwort

  2. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 2, Bild 2 von 2
    • Von der Kante, die dem Scharnier am nächsten liegt, hebst du das untere Gehäuseteil vom MacBook Pro weg.

    If you buy the entire kit, make sure you use the opening tool! I cut both of my index fingers trying to slide it off.

    Catherine Nath - Antwort

    Additionally, this is an “opportunity” to clean the cooling fans - and any other obvious dust magnets - with a can of compressed air. On the laptop I worked on, the cooling fans had sufficient dust to not “spin” freely - showing signs of “drag”. After blasting each cooling fan with compressed air (including from the exhaust vent side, as hitting the fins alone wasn’t adequate), they both spin freely now. No obvious signs of battery swelling on mine, but lack of adequate airflow could have been a factor with original battery aging/failure.

    Zathras - Antwort

    Good opportunity to give a good clean out. Air duster and small clean paint brush on plastic surfaces to clean up essential vents and fans. You can load fan monitor and control software to see what your your system is doing and how it improves with a clean up.

    Robin Razzell - Antwort

  3. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 3 von 3
    • Das untere Gehäuse hat zwei Plastikstifte (rot), die in die Plastikklammern im oberen Gehäuse passen (orange).

    • Beim Wiedereinbau die Mitte des unteren Gehäuses vorsichtig nach unten drücken, um das Gehäuse wieder an die beiden Kunststoffklammern anzubringen.

    pretty hard to put it back, so I just remove the clips on the upper case....

    jamiegan835 - Antwort

    The trick to putting it back on is to guide your fingers to the same level as the clips, and then when you put the case down move your hand from the left side of the case to the right side of the case; applying pressure when you reach the area where the clips are.

    Aaron Freidus - Antwort

    Impossible to put those peds into the upper case clips! It just does not hold there, it fits but just does the ‘click’ sound and goes back. Is it possible to buy those clips as spare part? Thank you for help.

    Lopez Loku - Antwort

    Same for me. It just never clips, regardless of the precision and the amount of force I apply.

    Vadym Borodin - Antwort

    I also think I stripped the screws holding the clips in place. Does anyone know what screw characteristics should I look for as a replacement?

    Vadym Borodin - Antwort

    Bloated battery had already popped my clips.

    jecottrell65 - Antwort

  4. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, Akkustecker: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 1
    • Ziehe den Aufkleber ab, der den Akkustecker abdeckt.

    You only need to remove the tape to the edge of the flap. This is enough to be able to pry the battery connector up.

    Aaron Freidus - Antwort

    +1 to above comment

    Andrew Saunders - Antwort

    Note that the photo is taken from the hinge side - the other way to the photo in step 3

    Toby Thurston - Antwort

    I chanced it, didnt disconnect the battery and all is well even after giving the insides a good vacuuming before changing the SSD.

    Dermot O Logical - Antwort

    It is just the top layer of tape that you want to lift, you need to seperate it from the bottom layer.

    Kelv - Antwort

    You don’t actually need to remove the tape or even peel it off at all. Just pull up the battery connector up with the tape still attached.

    AJ Lorenzo - Antwort

    pay attention that the macbook in this picture is presented the “wrong side”: if you accidentally remove the tape covering the trackpad cable and thereby also take the trackpad cable out of the zif-socket, your keyboard and trackpad won’t work anymore. putting the trackpad cable back into the (tiny) socket will fix the issue though.

    sam - Antwort

  5. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 3 von 3
    • Hebe vorsichtig jede Seite des Akkusteckers an, um ihn aus seinem Anschluss auf dem Logic Board herauszuziehen.

    • Biege den Stecker in Richtung Akku zurück, und stelle sicher, dass der Akkustecker nicht versehentlich mit dem Logic Board in Berührung kommt.

    why is this necessary to remove a hard drive?

    Lawtay - Antwort

    @lawrencetaylor On any electronics repair, you need to disconnect all sources of power before you start. It’s a basic safety precaution and also removes the risk of accidentally shorting a connection somewhere (which can potentially kill your MacBook).

    Jeff Suovanen -

    I chanced it, didnt disconnect the battery and all is well even after giving the insides a good vacuuming before changing the SSD.

    Dermot O Logical - Antwort

    Picture doesn’t match the computer. Hard to tell which connector to disconnect

    James Mitchell - Antwort

    Hi James, are you sure you have the correct guide for your machine? Try using our MacBook Identification tool.

    Sam Goldheart -

    Habe den Akkustecker beim putzen abgemacht um keinen Stromschlag zu kriegen, jetzt wieder eingebaut. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem: Akku wird geladen, aber steigt niemals ueber % und manchmal geht er trotz Anschluss an das Stromnetz einfach aus. Hat da jemand eine Idee?

    paul - Antwort

    I used the identification tool and can confirm what James is seeing. The picture doesn’t match for this step. There is no piece with visible holes punched in it.

    Joshua McFarland - Antwort

    There is an extra piece of plastic on the connector, you might want to peel that off too. It’s not in the pictures.

    Ellie B -

    There is a battery cover with two T5 screws that must be removed before prying on the connector.

    Dennis Newton - Antwort

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll work on verifying this and adjust the guide as needed.

    Arthur Shi -

    My battery connector had another layer of plastic on it that I removed first

    Kelv - Antwort

    For an A1398, the screws on the adjacent cover were T6, not T5; one of the tips in the battery kit was suitable.

    Zathras - Antwort

    I need dis board hw much

    Ebuka Ofodile - Antwort

    After separating the battery connector, I took the addd precaution of placing a folded post-it between the connector bank and the socket.

    Matt Fisher - Antwort

    You can also use a plastic tool to hold back the battery connector. My connector was under the plastic tab and had no screws. You may need to check the build version as there are a number of A1398 versions.

    Robin Razzell - Antwort

    When you install the new battery, it may look like the holes in the connector need to be slid on to the connector toward the rear of the mac. I tried bending the cable to make it work. This could damage the cables. You really need only push directly downward on the connector, as you pulled up on it to remove it initially. It will pop into place with a little pressure, just make sure it's lined up properly.

    Jeffrey Andrews - Antwort

    I had to use quite a lot of pressure to make the connector on my new battery pop all the way down. I thought it was down already when it was only half way, as I was afraid to use too much force. Maybe it varies between different battery brands, but just make sure that the connector should go all the way down and not have a gap between the two parts.

    Magnus W - Antwort

    " …ensuring that the battery connector doesn't accidentally make contact with the logic board."

    You appear to assume that everyone knows which item is the logic board. I can attest that not everyone does. Clarity here would be helpful.

    Mark - Antwort

    If you don't know what the/a logic board is, you probably shouldn't be opening devices.

    Art Hackett - Antwort

    Art Hackett. Not useful. This guide is for laypeople. Nobody is supposed to know much of anything. That's the point of the guide and the existence of iFixit. You could have used that time to explain what the logic board is for people who are already here anyway.

    Anyway onward and upward. If you don't know what a logic board is and you're here. https://www.google.com/search?q=macbook+...

    There, now you're an expert like Art.

    fixedtit - Antwort

  6. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, AirPort/Kamera Kabel: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, AirPort/Kamera Kabel: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, AirPort/Kamera Kabel: Schritt 6, Bild 3 von 3
    • Nutze einen Spudger um die drei AirPort-Antennenkabelstecker nach oben aus ihren Buchsen auf dem AirPort Board zu hebeln und biege sie nach oben und aus dem Weg.

    • Die Steckverbinder sind sehr fragil. Achte darauf, den Hebel nur am Stecker und nicht am Kabel oder an der Buchse anzusetzen.

    • Um die Stecker wieder zu verbinden, positioniere sie vorsichtig genau über der Buchse und drücke sie sanft mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers wieder fest.

    I seriously hate this step - it is pretty much the only difficult part of the job. Reconnecting these microscopic stinkin connectors is a monumental PITA…

    T Rowe - Antwort

    Guys, be very carefull with these 3 cables.. If you are not going to replace the whole display, just be careful as much as possible.

    Adi - Antwort

    When reconnecting these tiny wires, use one hand to guide and align the connector by holding the wire and the other hand to press them down with a flat end of a spudger. Spent 10 minutes figuring it out and connecting the first one, then only a few seconds on both of the remaining connectors :)

    If you try to do this with one hand, it’s extremely easy to move them out of the alignment while pressing them down.

    Aivar Kavshevich - Antwort

    I think there is a better way - where you disconnect the wifi card using the black screw in middle of wire 2 and 3 first and then untie these connectors. I pryed away the connectors but the sockets on the card were all damaged during the process. Ended up having to get a replacement card before reassembly could be completed. So again there are 2 components - connectors which are being pryed away and really fine and delicate socket. Very easy to damage them. Better to take the card off and delicately peel these connectors off. I would not recommend using these pry sticks mentioned here for that.

    Abhishek Kathuria - Antwort

    ATTENTION ! Cette étape est grandement sous-estimée, aucune mention de la délicatesse de l’opération contrairement à d’autres étapes bien plus facile… De plus, il semble possible de sauter cette étape en déconnectant seulement la carte comme expliquer sur la version anglophone du guide !!! J’ai endommagé le connecteur le plus proche du ventilateur, pour rien… Heureusement, tout semble fonctionner correctement…

    Antochny - Antwort

    AirPort/Camera Cables? not AirPort/Bluetooth Cables?

    Marco Cappelli - Antwort

    Je confirme qu’il est plus simple de déconnecter la carte (enlever la vis, et tirer délicatement sur la carte) que d’enlever les trois cables / I confirm that it’s a lot easier to disconnect the Airport card (just remove the screw and pull gently) than removing those 3 wires.

    Maen J - Antwort

    Agreed with Abhishek - removing the wifi card first makes this much easier.

    Tammer Saleh - Antwort

    How do you know which is which when reassembling?

    Bryan Province - Antwort

    I highly suggest against disconnecting these wires. It's very likely that you will damage either sockets or wires. Do as others recommend, just remove the network card. Prying tool is not good for this step. I broke 1 out of 3 sockets. I wish I read all the comments before operating. Now I gotta get another card :(

    Adomas Aleknavičius - Antwort

    what size driver does this require? My pentalobe doesnt seem to be the right size.

    jack32878 -

    As many have mentioned, don’t disconnect the wires is reallly a pain in the a… to connect them, it wont be easy and will take a lot of patience….. Better disconnect the card and carefully leave the wires connected.

    ilukewitschalejandro - Antwort

    Just finished replacing both speakers using this guide. VERY good. I did not remove the individual wires - just removed the card with wires attached. Seemed to be the safer, easier way to go.

    Dwight Vaughn - Antwort

    How? can you explain the procedure?

    Cosimo Soderi -

    I’m attempting taking the card out but leaving the wires attached as mentioned. A Torx T5 worked for me on that screw. I then very slightly lifted up the end of the card where the wires are attached and pulled it straight out of the slot on the opposite side.

    Sean Gabel -

    Just finished replacing my display LVDS Cable with this guide and another one; awesome. I as well just removed the card and left the wires attached. Much easier.

    Alex DeLeon - Antwort

    This is one of those skills that you get experience right after you need it.

    I learned these connectors doing RF work. They require a deft touch. Put slight downward pressure while you work to align the pair. Once you get the hang of it, you will know when they are aligned, and they will go back together with a light push and make a slight snap.

    If they don’t immediately pop together with a light push, they’re not aligned quite right. Don’t force them, they have a very limited number of make/break cycles.

    The cables should retain their bent shape well enough to show where each goes. One it too short to go too far off, and one is too long to fit to the nearest connection.

    prreitz - Antwort

    I did not bother with the danger of removing cables or cards or logic board. I spent 30 mins removing my battery carefully, using string and CT1 multisolve which isn’t dangerous to plastic.

    i slid my string under the battery and see-saw underneath and sprayed Ct1 Multisolve underneath. I’ve now done both my macbooks. Didn’t destroy any cables or risk it. I put a few paper sheets over my logic board to cover any spray back. Simple see-saw and a palstic card, the blue spludger and the black long spluger.

    T Master. - Antwort

    Yes, I did the full board disassembly on my 2012 macbook last year and once I finished I kind of wondered why I didn’t just work on removing the battery. Is there any real obstacle to doing so here? Can I just spend an hour or so carefully removing the battery? What’s the risk of doing that? again, is there any actual obstacle to removing the battery without pulling out the whole board assembly?

    Brian Lamb -

    You can go straight for the battery if you’re confident enough to improvise a little. Removing the board makes sense if you’re trying to protect the speakers from getting chewed up by the solvent. Otherwise, it’s faster and easier to leave the board in place.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Agreed. Just replaced the battery on my 15” MacBook Pro 2015 and I skipped all instruction between step 6 and 46. I just unplugged the battery and removed the trackpad connection. Used some dental floss to cut through the adhesives and a card to help with carefully prying the batteries up. After the battery was removed I used some isopropanol to clean up from the old glue. Installed new battery, attached the trackpad connection ribbon and connected battery. All in all it took me less than one hour. I would not recommend removing the whole logic board just to replace the battery.

    Mackie72 -

    I’m one of those unfortunate ones that simply followed the iFixit instructions before reading the comments. On successfully reconnecting 2 of the cables and (miserably) failing with the 3rd, I realized the relevance of the comments. I decided to take a gamble and leave the 3rd connector unconnected and fired up my MacBook … strangely enough, everything works fine i.e from the comments, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera (et al) should be affected but they are all still fully operational (maybe they’ll die with time - I hope not). I don’t like the thought of an unattached cable lying around in my Mac hence I agree with those advocating for alternatives to this step (unhinging the WiFi card as opposed to prying these cables).

    Otim Samuel - Antwort

    Diese drei winzigen Stecker wieder aufzusetzen war tatsächlich die größte Herausforderung der ganzen Reparatur! Wichtig ist dabei darauf zu achten, diese waagerecht und passgenau aufzusetzen. Ich habe dazu die Lupe meiner Lötvorrichtung genutzt und zum aufdrücken die flache Seite des Spudgers.

    Werner Hampl - Antwort

    These antenna connectors are the worst to reconnect. Depending on the model and what repair you are doing, you may not be able to avoid disconnecting them.

    ccfman2004 - Antwort

    We took the advice of leaving the wires attached to the card, and unhinging the wifi the card cable. Worked great for us.

    Ann Brainard - Antwort

    Ditto on just removing the card and leaving the antenna connected. Worked fabulously.

    Matt Fisher - Antwort

    If you do need to get the cables back on the the card, I have found good results using the tip of a T5 driver to gently push them down (of course while aligning carefully with other finger). It gives a firm, flat & precise surface to press with + we know you have a T5 around!

    Tech Medic - Antwort

    Why do these wires/sockets need to be removed at all? They seem like they are pretty faraway from the battery.

    John Sikking - Antwort

    As we are only replacing the battery, you can safely skip steps 6-26 and 28-48, no need to disassemble the computer to pull out the battery. Use nail polisher remover I was able to pull a super bloated battery out, without disassembling my MacBook.

    John Sikking - Antwort

    Can I replace it with early 2015 monitor? Couldn’t find a cheap mid 2015 one but I found a reasonably priced early 2015 one and I would like to have it ?

    Mohammed - Antwort

    If you’re just replacing the battery, after step 5 you can skip everything else except 26-27, 34, and 50, and then continue from step 56 onwards. Instead of needing an adhesive removal, I just used a credit card to separate the battery cells from the casing they’re glued to.

    Petr Bela - Antwort

    After step 5, I would skip 26-27, 34 and just to 46-50. You need to remove the cable from the battery, so even if you do 26-27 and 34, you'll need to do 46-50.

    I use the solvent to remove the left over glue after the battery has been removed, but have been able to separate the battery by just sliding a card between the battery and case.

    maccentric -

    I'm here to tell you that it is possible to remove and reassemble these wires, despite all the above comments making it seem almost impossible. I was planning to remove the entire card instead, but accidentally popped one of the wires when trying to get the card out. So then I just figured I might as well follow the instructions. Popping them was easy, getting them back on was a bit more tricky. Use a fine tip plier to hold the wire and place the plug in place, then press down (quite firmly!) with a spudge or something flat (I would advise against using a metal tool such as the torx driver, in case you slip and hit something). As long as the plug is directly above the connector and aligned properly, you won't break it. Use a good light source and a magnifying glass if needed. I brought my adjustable desk up to eye level so I could come really close and see what I was doing.

    Magnus W - Antwort

    Before removing the wires, I recommend marking each with for example some tape so that you know in which socket to place them when reconnecting them later.

    Lennart Philipp - Antwort

    I got to this step and read a few more and was like oh shoot. I cannot be without my laptop if i mess something up and break a cable. The advice was right. I skipped all the extra removal pieces and just removed the battery. I did step 1-5. Then did step 26 and 27. Then steps 33 and 34. The finished with steps 46-51. I didn't have the blocks so i bypassed putting the laptop on a slant. so after step 51 i skipped to 56 and just started prying off the battery with a credit card and other ifix it tools. I do think the adhesive remover would be very helpful. I also wore goggles cause i caused a spark when i accident poked one of the batteries. Laptop is fine but it is very time consuming and difficult. I recommend getting the kit with the battery. Its only 10 bucks more and i think it would have saved me heaps of time!!!

    kyle hansen - Antwort

    Just don't do it! Like is says at the beginning, if you use a mild solvent like isopropyl alcohol, you can skip steps 6 - 45. My battery was pretty swollen and had already partially detached itself, so a little alcohol and some working with the plastic cards was all it took to get the battery freed up. Saved a lot of risky work!

    Sandy Trevor - Antwort

    This video shows how to remove the battery without all the steps explained here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ_jB9fR...

    Sam Decrock - Antwort

    If you are careful, you can completely skip steps 6-25 and 28-45 and remove the battery pretty easily; I have done this battery replacement several times and did not have to disassemble the entire MacBook to do so.

    Gregg Stanley - Antwort

    Holy cow I removed the battery using the linked video’s technique and some patience. The batter is stuck to the chassis with double-sided tape. With care the battery can be removed without dissolving the adhesive or removing all of the parts. It seems to me that the risks of carefully removing the battery from the tape are lower than removing all of the components as presented in these instructions.

    BingoOnTheBall - Antwort

    Take the Wifi-card out instead! It's just one screw.

    Johannes Prem - Antwort

  7. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 2 von 2
    • Ziehe die rechte Gummiabdeckung vom Lüfter ab und klappe sie aus dem Weg.

  8. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 2 von 2
    • Verwende die Spitze eines Spudgers, um den Stecker des Kamerakabels aus seinem Anschluss auf dem Logic Board zu schieben.

    • Achte darauf, dass du den Stecker parallel zum Logic Board schiebst. Am besten schiebst du ihn zuerst auf der einen Seite und dann auf der anderen Seite aus dem Anschluss heraus.

    This connector is very fragile, the left edge of mine cracked off and ended up in the socket. And during figuring that out the cable or the socket appears to have got damaged because “no camera detected”.

    malhal - Antwort

    Yeah, same here.. Not sure what to do now

    Roman Kroupoderov -

    Have you found a solution to this problem ? I have the same issue

    Tim Rault -

    All connectors are incredibly fragile. I damaged the fan connector locking latch just by trying to lock it back in place. Fortunately the cable, by the way it inserts, it’s being pushed in rather than pulled on, however, I do have concerns with it not making a proper connection. Malcolm, I am wondering how you fixed your damaged connector?

    Robert Habib - Antwort

    The connector slides into the socket so using the flat end of the Splunger under the cable and gently lifting draws the connector apart.

    Dennis Newton - Antwort

    Don’t use the flat edge of the spudger. Instead, use the pointed end to gently slide off by the dog ears of the plug. If you look closely you’ll see a notch on each side.

    John Xeno -

    supplied tool does not have a fine enough point here - won’t move at all

    Paul Forgey - Antwort

    I used the fine point and also used the tweezers under the plug to relieve some pressure. I was very, very careful and made small moves. I seemed to get it out with no damage.

    Al Moulder - Antwort

    I personally used my tweezers and this came out with ease and without issue.

    Metz Jnr - Antwort

    Thanks for your comments guys! The ones about the twiners were a BINGO! :-)

    Einstein (not Albert) - Antwort

  9. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 9, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 9, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 9, Bild 3 von 3
    • Ziehe die AirPort-/Kamera-Kabel mit den Fingern nach oben vom Lüfter ab.

    • Die Kabel sind mit dem Lüfter verklebt, ziehe also vorsichtig, um Beschädigungen zu vermeiden.

    • Fädle die Kabel vorsichtig aus ihrer Kunststoffführung.

    • Bei der Wiedermontage sollte noch genügend Kleber auf diesen Kabeln vorhanden sein, um sie wieder an den Lüfter kleben zu können.

    Leave them attached. Remove the single screw holding the board in place and gently wiggle the airport card out (see Airport card removal instructions). Fold the card up and towards the rear of the computer. Now follow the instructions for the camera cable removal. Lift the airport card with the three leads attached and the camera cable up and fold the, to the outside of the case.

    George R. O'Connor - Antwort

    This video shows how to do it safely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AabLlHT5...

    Undo the 3 cables gently. remove the airport card. gently pry away the cables fro the fan plastic. then the camera cable will slide out easily.

    T Master. - Antwort

    I was afraid to just pull on any cables adhered, so I used a spudger edge to very gently “scrape” them up instead.

    Matt Fisher - Antwort

    It was much easier following the instructions on the YouTube video, thanks! Looks like the process starts around 4:11.

    Darnell Remy - Antwort

    why are we completely tearing the computer, just to replace the battery?

    surely tearing it down could do more damage than being careful removing the bloated battery

    Russell G Stewart - Antwort

  10. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 10, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 10, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 10, Bild 3 von 3
    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am Displaydatenkabel mit der Spudgerspitze nach oben und drehe ihn in Richtung der Seite mit dem MagSafe 2 Netzanschluss.

    • Ziehe das Displaydatenkabel gerade aus seinem Sockel auf dem Logic Board.

    • Ziehe das Displaydatenkabel nicht nach oben, sein Sockel ist sehr empfindlich. Ziehe das Kabel parallel zur Oberfläche des Logic Board.

    • Fasse keine Kontakte am Stecker oder dem Sockel mit den Fingern oder einem Werkzeug an. Es könnte Fett darauf kommen, oder die Kontaktstifte könnten beschädigt werden.

    Man! Your jumping out of order and you didn’t address the all the hinge screws removal.

    Ted Horodynsky - Antwort

  11. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 11, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 11, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne die beiden Gummiabdeckungen auf den Scharnieren.

  12. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne die beiden 3,2 mm Torx T5 Schrauben, welche die Scharnierabdeckungen aus Aluminium am oberen Gehäuse befestigen.

    Step 12 involves tiny T5 screws, often held in place by surprisingly strong thread lock compound. Very easy to strip the screw heads. Be absolutely sure you have the right driver for the screw, press firmly, and turn SLOWLY. The amount of force required to break the thread lock is nearly the same force that will strip the screw head. If you run into trouble, and you just happen to have a flat-blade screwdriver that fits exactly, that may work better than a T5 Torx driver. I stripped the screw head on my MBP and a flat-blade screwdriver saved the day.

    David Cavanaugh - Antwort

  13. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 3 von 3
    • Entferne die beiden Scharnierabdeckungen aus Aluminium vom MacBook Pro.

  14. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 14, Bild 1 von 2 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 14, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne vier von den sechs 5,3 mm Torx T8 Schrauben, welche das Display am oberen Gehäuse befestigen.

    • Lasse die beiden inneren Schrauben (eine an jedem Scharnier) noch fest.

    • Achte beim Zusammenbau darauf, dass die beiden Schrauben am linken Scharnier wieder durch die Halterung des Webcam/AirPort Kabels gehen.

    T9 Torx (not T8)

    Mandie - Antwort

  15. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 15, Bild 1 von 1
    • Öffne das MacBook Pro, so wie im Bild zu sehen, ungefähr um 110° und stelle es seitlich auf den Tisch.

  16. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 16, Bild 1 von 1
    • Halte das Display und das obere Gehäuse mit der linken Hand zusammen. Entferne nun die letzte Torx T8 Schraube von der unteren (also der näher am Tisch liegenden) Displayhalterung.

  17. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 17, Bild 1 von 1
    • Halte das Display und das obere Gehäuse weiterhin mit der linken Hand zusammen. Wenn du dabei einen Fehler machst, kann das frei bewegliche Display/obere Gehäuse hinfallen und möglicherweise jedes Bauteil beschädigt werden.

    • Halte das Display und das obere Gehäuse fest. Entferne nun die letzte verbliebene T8 Torx Schraube von der oberen Displayhalterung.

  18. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 18, Bild 1 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 18, Bild 2 von 3 MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen: Schritt 18, Bild 3 von 3
    • Fasse beide Gehäusehälften an, eine mit jeder Hand.

    • Drücke das untere Gehäuseteil nach vorne und löse es so von der Displayeinheit.

    • Lege jedes der Gehäuseteile sorgfältig zur Seite. Achte darauf, dass das untere Gehäuseteil mit der Tastatur nach unten liegt. So vermeidest du es, dass innere Bauteile beschädigt werden.

    • Bei Ersatzdisplays stehen die Scharniere möglicherweise nicht im richtigen Winkel. Richte sie vorsichtig mit einer Spitzzange aus, damit sie genauso, wie die ausgebauten Scharniere passen.

    If you can't get your needle nose pliers under the hinges of the new display, use the blunt end of a 1/8" drill bit through one of the screw holes to leverage the hinge to the correct angle.

    Chris Shenk - Antwort

    Another solution is to use a hex key. I also forgot to get needle nose pliers and found a multi-hex key to do the trick of bending the new screen’s hinges into place.

    Aaron Freidus - Antwort

    Is this the entire top half of the computer or just the lcd assembly? It looks like your changing the whole thing?

    LyveMarketing - Antwort

    So my new screen isnt connecting ugh unsure as to whether I accidentally damaged something, or it just doesn’t work with my Macbook

    epicdino123 - Antwort

    Ok, help please, what did everyone’s screen look like BEFORE you did this repair? Mine had no display but you could see a slight blue lighted screen or backlight. No functionality though. I called Apple And they told me that it rarely happens, mine is only five years old and it would be probably between 600 and $800 to fix, and I could do something to hook it up to my TV the cable or just something else to hook it up to my iPad Pro. Put my son in Hawaii was to his trying to take over my screen couldn’t do that because I couldn’t except and he said he didn’t think I could take over my iPad because I would have to download an app and I had no wait to do that with a blank screen. ANY HELP?

    Marcy Wood - Antwort

    HDMI cable from the Mac to TV screen should allow you to see the screen

    Albert einstein -

    I have a MacBook pro-2015 15 inch A1398 with a cracked screen. Do the 15 inches A1398 2012 or 2013 screen suit that? Too expensive to buy the same year screen.

    Paul - Antwort

    Great question Paul.

    I’m swapping my 2015 display with my 2013 and unless I damaged the display cable at the motherboard, it may not be compatible. I would understand that putting a newer display on an older laptop may not be compatible but I’ll look at it again and test with an hdmi cable.

    Tj Bennett -


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Can the clutch be replaced in the 2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro?

Thomas Taggart - Antwort

Successfully replaced screen and everything is working great. One mechanical exception - the black clutch cover is loose on one side (the left side looking at the keyboard). i can "lift it" towards myself. it wasn't obvious while i was in there that there was a step to "hook it" into anything. what has it let go from and how do i go about ensuring that it's secure when it's flipped? Anyone know?


J Allard - Antwort

It was a perfect job! Thanks!

Mike Mell - Antwort

Thank you! These instructions couldn't be better.

Devin Fredericks - Antwort

Do you have any intention of releasing a guide for the new A1707 2016 pro retina model with touch bar? Thanks for your help.

Michael Moore - Antwort

The Touch Bar models are definitely on our road map—it may be a while before we get to it, but we have every intention of writing and publishing those guides as soon as we can.

Jeff Suovanen -

Just bought my new 15 inch retina display replacement and after opening the cover I've noticed that the rubber on the bottom of the screen is off of the screen just like it isn't even attached on the screen and one of the hindges is loose.Is that normal or its faulty new display replacement screen?This is my first time dealing with this kind of replacement.Please help!

s.viktorijoski - Antwort

Any word on the A1707 2016 pro retina model with touch bar? Will the 2015 replacement display work with that? If not, will you be selling it?

Dennis Britton - Antwort

Any recommendations sources for a new screen? I'm in the UK and Apple won't sell them without fitting them. Any idea on what they cost? Thanks.

David - Antwort

Hey did anyone have problems with the screen is blank when the started the computer back up after the screen replacement?


Gregory Lyall - Antwort

Yes, I’ve having this problem. There’s no backlight, and I’m afraid to try my password again since I seem to have done something to it while working blind. To see if the computer is on, you can shine a flashlight to the plastic apple part on the back of the screen and see some of what’s on the screen.

But I don’t know how to fix this. I have noticed several comments about this in another iFixit instruction — mid-2014 — so it’s not an uncommon problem.

Lou Schiano -

Fantastic, just fantastic! Thank you yet again iFixit.

James - Antwort

Worked like a charm. Thank you Bert much for this manual!

Diederick Magré - Antwort

I saved myself ~$900 doing this myself instead of taking to Apple. Great tutorial! Worked perfectly!

Mel Dell - Antwort

Given that the most useful thing you’re likely to do once the screen is removed is to remove the clutch cover to tighten the hinge screws, it would be great to show that too. Thanks for the guide that got me as far as getting the screen off.

Steve Evans - Antwort

I followed the guide, and did not have any problems replacing the display! I bought the new display on ebay for around 250 EUR and the tools from ifixit for around 40 EUR(with shipping costs), so I kinda saved myself 600+ EUR at least. Thanks Ifixit :D

Adi - Antwort

Worked, took me about an hour! Be careful of step 15, the hinges are not interchangeable.

Having troubles at startup, though — the new display works, but shows me an empty battery with a lightning bolt underneath. I plugged it in to charge overnight, and it still shows the same thing. Did I mess up a battery step?

Rachel - Antwort

Followed the guide, took about an hour! The new display works, but one problem: it only shows an empty battery icon with a lightning bolt underneath. Is this a problem with reconnecting the battery?

Rachel - Antwort

Excellent directions, thanks! I replaced my display with a minimum of drama, works great.

John Bumgardner - Antwort

Great Instructions!!! Completed in 1.5 hours. We really appreciated the detailed photos. Saved us hundreds of $$$. Thank you.

jsmith_csi - Antwort

Great Instructions. Took me about 1.5 hours and worked great! Saved us hundreds $$$ of dollars in repair costs. Thank you!

jsmith_csi - Antwort

Also having the no backlight problem, and nothing shows up on the screen with flashlight in the Apple (white when on, black when off). Faulty display?

Samuel Keechler - Antwort

I also have the same problem. Just black display.

silver story -

This worked like a charm. Had an old MacBook pro 2011 15’ that the motherboard cracked but the screen was fine. Friend dropped her 15’ MacBook pro and broke her screen so I used these instructions to swap the screen out - I felt like a total hero. Great job guys and thanks.

Dom - Antwort

the macbook screen keeps going dark now any time that i leave it idle for more than 5 seconds. and it hasn’t went to sleep because the keyboard lights and the apple logo on the back are still lit up, even when i close the macbook lid shut. what could have possibly went wrong? how do i fix this ?

mr.solodolo175 - Antwort

I just completed a display replacement for a friends MacBook Pro. He got a flawless cheap display assembly from eBay, and the whole process took only 25 minutes. Here is a time-lapse video for those who are interested in it: https://youtu.be/ac4ALQC8C9Y

Jan - Antwort

Have to admit that I hesitated to spend $500 for the display because I doubted my ability to repair my MacBook Pro myself, but I took the plunge and purchased the display; followed the instructions to the letter along with the additional comments; and it worked like a charm.  Saved $1,000 in a repair bill at an Apple Service store.  Extend my appreciation to Andrew Optimus Goldberg for authoring this guide and the contributors for their additional follow-through comments.

Terri Mead - Antwort

Not a difficult repair at all. I didn’t even have any trouble with the dreaded antenna connectors. The screen I found was $400, so definitely worth doing, as opposed to buying a whole new machine!

jiclark - Antwort

Able to replace my broken display on MBP 15”. At first I thought something is wrong when I’ve attached the new display I’ve bought via Amazon. The problem is the model number. :)

After buying the correct model number for the display, it is not that super complicated. The guide really helped a lot.

silver story - Antwort

Very informative!

Before I go ahead and try this I wanted to confirm something. I have a bright spot in the middle left of the screen, particularly visible on white background, also the top left and right corners have a slightly blueish glow with a dark background

i can provide pics, before I go shock and awe, is there anything I can do about those?

AlexMorse - Antwort

Super Anleitung. Danke!

Thomas Karzelek - Antwort


unfortunately, I bought a “new” display in ebay but it had problems with one of its antennas.

after having serious wireless connectivity problems (when bluetooth is on there is almost no wifi connectivity) and trying everything on the software side, i realised one of the antenna connectors was clumsily repaired. the company assumed one of the cables “must be broken”.

I am unable to return the item so i have to find a way to solve it.

would the problem be most likely in that reparation? or somewhere else?


tips about how to go through this mess?

especulario - Antwort

It would be helpful to add the hinge adjustment as a step with a photo showing where the bend needs to be, how its done (where to grip it with pliers), and how to determine what the correct angle actually is.

I’m trying to repair one of these that was dropped from a distance on a carpet, face down while it was open. I was able to reattach the screen where it separated along the top with a heat gun, but the lid doesn’t close completely.

Richard Getter - Antwort

Thank you, purchased your Pro tools at Micro Center, this video also helped.

Lou - Antwort

I was trying to change the display cable

done thank you!


jacquessimard - Antwort

opération terminé tout fonctionne merci beaucoup

patrick schmidt - Antwort

One of the more straight forward display swaps. Compared to the Touch Bar displays these are cake. Takes 30-60 mins.

Ted Teske - Antwort

Does anyone know if a screen from a 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15” can be used in a 2015 Retina MacBook Pro 15”? There are distinct guides, but the connectors all look the same.

Sean Suchter - Antwort

Where to find genuine screen (2015 mid 15” mac book pro)

Vijay Ila - Antwort

Great stuff! The warnings were worth their weight in gold too, 15 minutes well spent :)

AlexMorse - Antwort

Now the hard part is finding the actual display in stock at reasonable prices! :(

Juan Guzman - Antwort

can you use regular LCD replacement on mid 2015 Retina Display?

Maxwell Merzin - Antwort

Hi! Question: On this model, can the antenna be replaced here by disconnecting the display?

Raymahl Sutton - Antwort

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone have already ask this question; Is it possible to replace the front rubber bezel for this model? If so, what’s the level of difficulty.

Thank you!

Jason Quitazol - Antwort

I was wondering about this question too: which guide explains how to replace the rubber bezel for this model? Perhaps someone could direct us to the appropriate guide…

Jared Herman -

I followed all the steps to a t but the newly attached screen isn’t recognized and wont turn on. Laptop still turns on and runs fine with external screen. checked that everything was plugged back in properly and sill nothing. Any advice?

Emma Sadinsky - Antwort

Does anyone know where to get a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) display. I am not able to find the parts anywhere.

José Ricardo Sousa - Antwort

I got mine off eBay just searched the model and serial number.

M G -

this was a bop, everything worked perfectly, if any one is having trouble with this maybe you can send it my way and i can fix it for you since i still have the tools with nothing else to use it on.

M G - Antwort

I did the swap, but I get a blank screen. Laptop still functions the same with external monitor.

The donor laptop would freeze, but I could at least tell that the screen did work. Does the graphics card matter? The original was dual, and the donor is single. I also noticed that the camera plugs are different sizes, so I had to leave that unplugged. Does that make a difference? Both laptops are mid year 2015 EMC2910.

Michael Chiu - Antwort

Great guide! Thanks. Thought my hinge was broken, but it turns out some screws had just backed themselves out. All back in business thanks to you!

DB-EOC - Antwort

Does the same display work with both the IG AND DG models? Integrated and Discrete Graphics.

Brett M - Antwort

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