1. Lift the black cover off.
    • Lift the black cover off.

    • Remove all 4 Phillips #2 screws.

  2. Remove the two 24mm Phillips #2 screws.
    • Remove the two 24mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Remove the three 8mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Lift the back and pry the back off.

    • The panel is held in with clips on the side. It needs a lot of force the take it off.

    • Remove the four 5mm nut screws.

    • Remove the seven Phillips #1 screws.

    • Remove all the cables.

    • Remove the four screws.

    • Pull the motherboard up and off.

    • Now you can replace it with a new one.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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