1. Remove the back battery cover.
    • Remove the back battery cover.

  2. Remove the battery
    • Remove the battery

    • Remove the 11 T4 Torx Screws

      • Next, remove the information sticker.

    • Using a plastic removal tool, work around the edges of the back housing.

      • Lift off the back housing.

    • Remove the two silver T4 screws securing the SIM tray.

      • Carefully lift the SIM tray to disconnect it from the board.

      • Carefully remove the plastic spacer beneath by lifting gently in the center with a plastic removal tool.

      • Then, using a plastic removal tool, disconnect the speaker & front facing camera assembly from the board. The speaker is attached with adhesive, so be careful not to rip the flex cable.

    • Disconnect the 2 digitizer connectors using a plastic removal tool.

    • Then disconnect the LCD connector

    • The board is now free from all connections. Carefully lift from the top and remove the board.

    • Carefully peel the two flex cables from the back housing of the LCD. Be exceptionally careful during this process, as those flex cables can be easily ripped.

    • With the flex cables out of the way, you can now use a plastic opening tool to carefully pry the old LCD loose and out of the display.

    • If you're installing a new LCD, simply add it now and follow these instructions in reverse to complete the installation.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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