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  1. Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch, Bodendeckel: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • Lege die Uhr mit dem Boden nach oben auf eine flache Oberfläche.

    • Lege einen erwärmten iOpener auf den Bodendeckel um so den Kleber darunter aufzuweichen.

    Note other methods available that doesn't require the purchase of additional tools beyond what typical battery replacement kits offer. i.e. a hair dryer.

    Scott Fernandez - Antwort

    This step isn't necessary for battery replacement! Remove the wrist strap, then pull out the 4 catches and jump to step 4. See: https://youtu.be/Jw3n5qbGv-I

    Chris K. - Antwort

    Thanks Chris K. for pointing that out. Yes, I was able to pull the tabs without having to deal with adhesive back.

    Brian Li -

    I have used a hair drier: 10cm far for about 10 minutes; reheat it for couple minutes during the process, the glue must be soft to avoid breaking the rear cover.

    Tarik - Antwort

    NO, NO, NO, YOU DON”T NEED TO REMOVE CERAMIC BACK. just remove the 4 securing pins and the watch body can be easily removed without breaking the back

    Bernard McGrath - Antwort

    Skip 1-4 and just remove the 4 clips. Much quicker and less likely to damage your watch.

    lee - Antwort

    Remove the four back retaining clips. I used a strip cut from the bag the battery was sealed in. It's thin enough to slide in and stiff enough to force the clips out.

    Richard Burgin - Antwort


    Pour démonter la moto 360, pas besoin de tout cela !!!

    1° Vous retirez le bracelet de la montre;

    2° Récupérez une protection de vitre souple (mais pas trop) de smartphone dont vous n’avez plus besoin que vous découpez en petits rectangles (4*2cm).

    3° Vous devrez insérer ces petits rectangles à l’arrière de la montre entre la partie vitrée et le corps de la montre à quatre endroits différents pour chasser 4 petites goupilles en platiques qui vérouillent le démontage (voir ci-dessous).

    4° Montre retournée (imaginer une horloge): premier petit rectangle introduit à 1h30, dès que le rectangle est entré de +/- 1/2cm, chassez celui-ci vers midi, une petite goupille noire en plasitque devrait sortir au niveau l’ouverture laissée par le bracelet.

    Faites la même chose à 10h30 vers midi, à 4h30 vers 6h et 7h30 vers 6.

    5° Quand les 4 goupilles sont enlevées, le corps de la montre se sépare (pratiquement seul) en deux parties.

    6° Vous pouvez passer à l’étape 6 du tuto!!! :-)

    belveder04 - Antwort

    • Folge dieser Anleitung um den Rückdeckel ohne Kraft abzunehmen. Du musst dazu Nadeln an den richtigen Stellen einsetzen.

    • Motorola Moto 360 Gehäuseverschlüsse Austausch

    • Fahre dann mit Schritt 5 fort. Oder benutze nicht die Nadeln und fahre gleich mit den nächsten Schritten fort.

    Slide a strip of plastic cut from the edge of bag the battery came in into and along the edge where the back meets the case.

    Richard Burgin - Antwort

    This step should be moved to the front and the heating steps should be deleted. There is no reason to apply heat for the battery replacement so why risk it and offer it as a solution?

    SEAN Tanton - Antwort

  2. Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • Schiebe das Plektrum (im Bild ein blaues) zwischen den Bodendeckel und dem Gehäuse.

    • Der Bodendeckel ist sehr empfindlich. Sei dabei sehr vorsichtig.

    • Arbeite dich rings um den Deckel herum.

    • Du musst möglicherweise mehrmals den Klebstoff wieder erwärmen um den Deckel zu lösen.

    Extremely fragile is an understatement. It pulled it with my fingernail and it cracked

    sercasti - Antwort

    Seems this video has all steps better covered. https://youtu.be/nXwq4zeehe8

    Some more tools are needed if you don't want to ruin the device you are fixing.

    Erik Ušaj - Antwort

    Why on earth would you guys show a watch with a cracked back cover?? Does not instill much confidence when looking over these instructions.... I mean, was this the only watch you guys had and you broke the cover when making the instructions or what? Or are you guys just trying to make it totally realistic? Just completely baffled by this....

    splangele - Antwort

    Most watches are ALREADY cracked! Mine has a hairline crack starting on the exact same place as the one on the pic (but it only goes from the indent for the the strap to the middle, not all the way thru, yet).

    You can only see it in the right light and angle. My guess is that the glue hold everything neatly and the cracks are not too visible. But they are probably there. Also the pic has Three to FOUR very visible cracks, not one :)

    gcb - Antwort

    I have the essential toolkit: in addition to the description above, I have used on extra opening pick (total 2) and the suction cup. The glue into the watch is !&&* and I am sure many breaks the rear cover because not ungluing enough of it before pulling the cover off. I found out that the rear cover offers a very small flexibility, but at least some flexibility (it is not absolutely hard as a glass piece as others say).

    Action: I have applied the suction cup on the rear cover and used the opening pick on one of the sides *while* applying some preassure to open with the suction cup (after heating it up to soften the glue) - that allowed inserting the opening pick without brutality; then leave the opening pick inside, and do the same procedure on the other side with another opening pick… and keep “digging” in until the rear cover releases. I have re-heated the rear cover twice during the whole process. Rear cover removed without any damage caused by the process.

    I wish I could add pictures.

    Tarik - Antwort

  3. Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 1
    • Wenn der Klebstoff ganz gelöst ist kannst du den Deckel vorsichtig abziehen.

    How to stick it back? Which glue you suggest for the same?

    Anand - Antwort

    Do you have a replacement back case ?

    Mohd Arash -

    Where do I find the back case replacement

    Mohd Arash - Antwort

    I need a new back cover for mine too. Can't find the replacement parts online anywhere?? Can anyone help source the part?

    worboyz10 - Antwort

    I managed to find some for sale here, but they are out of stock everytime I try to order them.


    worboyz10 - Antwort

    I don't think its possible to buy a replacement back but you can buy a skin protector for the back here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K2C...

    CAT-TV - Antwort

    Mera gori Ka display tor geya me Keya korunga

    Kuddus Hossain - Antwort

  4. Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch, Dichtring: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 2 Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch, Dichtring: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 2
    • Um an den Dichtring zu kommen musst du mit einem Jimmy das hintere Gehäuseteil vorsichtig ablösen.

    There are small pins that you can push out from the 4 notches around the edge. After removing these, the whole assembly will almost fall out. Almost no prying needed.

    Dillin Smith - Antwort

    this is good point and not mentioned on this procedure

    Tarik -

    You don’t need to remove the ceramic back, just remove the securing pins and the whole assembly can be removed without damaging the back

    Bernard McGrath - Antwort

    Agree, much safer.

    Richard Burgin -

  5. Motorola Moto 360 Dichtring Austausch: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 1
    • Fasse den grünen Dichtring fest an und schiebe ihn aus der Uhr.

    • Der Ring ist empfindlich und kann leicht beschädigt werden. Benutze keine scharfen Objekte beim Umgang damit.

    Its not necessary to remove the O-ring, I didn't when I dismantled mine.

    Christopher Tsamados - Antwort

    Agree. I did my repair without removing the o ring or screen ribbons.

    Richard Burgin -

    If you see the “connector'-like” like the one visible in frontground, you have destroyed LCD connection to the LCD glass (like me).

    You have 2 connectors to remove from the LCD : one for the LCD matrix and the other for the LCD backlight.

    If you have the same case as me, can you give me any advice to reconnect le flex to the LCD driver? (it seems impossible to me).

    Philippe Gressé-Lugué - Antwort

    I do not see any need to remove the o-ring.

    Tarik - Antwort

    Is there a way to get a replacement o ring? I broke mine during reassembly.

    Adam Turney - Antwort

    Don’t remove the o-ring. Just leave it alone and you won’t break it.

    lee - Antwort


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Where can you get your hands on a replacement o'ring?!

James S - Antwort

I broke my o-ring. Any ideas where I could get a raplacement?

Simon Hölz - Antwort

i think you should not take the o ring. i was replaceing the battery without take the O ring

cahyanto emanuel nur - Antwort

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