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  1. Remove back plate starting with this tab
    • Remove back plate starting with this tab

  2. remove battery
    • remove battery

    • remove SD card and sim card

    • remove 16 phillips 00 screws

    • don't forget this one hiding underneath this sticker

    • no screw here

    • remove the inner back plate

    • disconnect antenna cable from motherboard with a spudger.

    • disconnect screen and digitiser cables with a spudger.

    • remove rear facing camera with a spudger

    • remove phillips 00 screw

    • Remove motherboard. this cable is still connected, you must disconnect it as you remove the motherboard.

    • There is a cable attached to the bottom of the motherboard, be careful when removing it

    • disconnect antenna and data cable

    • remove philips 00 screws

    • Remove usb board and vibrator together.

    • vibrator is attached to usb board from the bottom, be careful and remove them together to prevent damage.

    • Peel off black sticker under battery compartment.

    • peel off data cable

    • remove antenna wire

    • remove speaker


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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what if the new screen does not turn on or light up when you turn the phone on??? what part is causing that issue??

lilmizzipf - Antwort

I’ve just wrapped up an abortive attempt to replace the screen on a friend’s G4 Play. It was aborted because the screen I bought off of ebay has only one digitizer connection on the upper left of the screen but my friend’s model has the two connections pictured in step 4 of this procedure. I can’t find an XT1601 screen on ebay or aliexpress or anywhere else that sports the twin connectors. What model of phone was this? Any clues on how to track this down?

jrhooker - Antwort

@jrhooker that’s the button cable

benjamin linne - Antwort

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