Step-by-step guide to replacing your phone's keypad buttons.


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Flip phone to see back cover.
  • Flip phone to see back cover.

  • Using either finger or spugder tool press button located near the top of phone by the antenna.

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Pry up back plate from phone to reveal battery.
  • Pry up back plate from phone to reveal battery.

  • Push button near bottom of battery using either your finger of the spudger. This will release the battery.

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  • Using a T6 Torx Screwdriver remove the four torxs on the back of the phone.

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  • Simultaneously press indicated buttons on both sides of phone.

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  • Separate back plate from the rest of phone.

  • Make sure to not pull, there is a wire (circled on image) connecting the two plates.

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  • Gently lift logic board from back plate.

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  • Place logic board on front cover.

  • Unsnap orange wire that connects the logic board to keypad sensor to allow the logic board to move freely.

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  • Once logic board is removed lift the green keypad sensor for the front plate.

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  • To replace keypad buttons, lift off white tray containing buttons.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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