Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie man den Akku tauscht.

  1. In den folgenden Schritten wirst du die Klammern (in rot hervorgehoben) lösen, die sich um den Rand der Rückabdeckung des Nexus 7 befinden.
    • In den folgenden Schritten wirst du die Klammern (in rot hervorgehoben) lösen, die sich um den Rand der Rückabdeckung des Nexus 7 befinden.

    • Wende keinesfalls übermäßige Gewalt an, leider brechen die Klammern leicht.

    Mine doesn't look like this. There is no metal band around it. The only opening looks like its between the front glass and back which is on the front. I'm afraid to try it for fear of breaking it. Any suggestions?

    Kim McCauley - Antwort

  2. Führe vorsichtig ein Plastic Opening Tool am oberen Ende des Nexus 7 zwischen Vorder- und Rückseite ein.
    • Führe vorsichtig ein Plastic Opening Tool am oberen Ende des Nexus 7 zwischen Vorder- und Rückseite ein.

    • Führe das Opening Tool am oberen Ende entlang, um die beiden Hälften des Nexus 7 zu trennen.

    My Nexus 7 looks nothing like this. These instructions are horrible as they do not work.

    Andy Garcia - Antwort

    • Führe an der Seite in der Nähe des Power Buttons vorsichtig ein Plastic Opening Tool zwischen Vorder- und Rückseite ein. Löse so einige Klammern entlang der rechten Seite.

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  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
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    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    • Führe vorsichtig ein Plastic Opening Tool an der linken Seite des Nexus 7 zwischen Vorder- und Rückseite entlang, so wie in früheren Schritten beschrieben.

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    • Nun kannst du – vorsichtig – Vorder- und Rückseite trennen.

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    • Benutze die Spitze eines Spudgers. Wackle abwechselnd erst an einer, dann an der anderen Seite des Akkukabels, um es senkrecht aus seinem Sockel zu ziehen.

    I have the newer version of Nexus and the battery connection inside is different from pictured here. I can't seem to get any part of the connector backed out. Any further details about how to accomplish this step?

    indianowen31 - Antwort

    After my post I tried it again, and realized the connector comes straight UP, not OUT. Once I went this direction, the process was simple.

    indianowen31 - Antwort

    I followed this, everything worked fine. Even though the battery is now charging, the OS doesn't recognise when the USB cable is connected to a wall socket or a PC. The battery icon when the tablet is shut down shows charging so it works, but the OS in itself doesn't seem to know about it...any ideas?


    Daniel Zakrisson - Antwort

    Thanks for your guide. It makes the process very straightforward. Easier than I was expecting.

    Les Gordon - Antwort

    Superb easy to follow guide. Thanks greatly, the nexus 7 lives on ! Just need to patiently wait for it charging now !

    stuart - Antwort

    Yes, this is a really helpful guide. I wouldn't have had a clue without it, but it all turned out to be very simple. Thanks a lot!

    Ian Gibson - Antwort

    I managed to break one of the two small golden pins to the right of the battery cable (obscured by the tool in the picture above).

    Is this terminal (sorry for the pun)?

    I tried re-assembling (without screwing the assembly back to the bezel) and the display doesn't work.

    gravelld - Antwort

    Step 6 could be much clearer. I thought it meant to pry the connector upward, away from the surface. When I did this, all the pins broke off. The correct procedure would appear to be to slide the connector along the surface toward the wire side and battery, leaving the pins at parallel to the surface.

    Unfortunately I don't think my Nexus 7 is salveagable now.

    Warren Harris - Antwort

    Watching a YouTube video helped. Dislodge the battery first, then pull the battery away from the connector and the connector will become dislodged quite easily.

    d_ratner_1999 - Antwort

    • Heble mit einem Spudger zwischen Akku und der Front Panel Einheit.

    • Führe das flache Ende eines Spudgers an der Oberkante des Akkus entlang, um den Kleber zu lösen, der ihn am Front Panel Einheit befestigt.

    • Verbiege keinesfalls den Akku zu stark. Sei besonders vorsichtig am oberen linken Ende des Akkus.

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    • Heble mit dem flachen Ende eines Spudgers zwischen dem unteren rechten Ende des Akkus und der Vordereinheit.

    • Führe das flache Ende eines Spudgers vorsichtig an der Unterkante des Akkus entlang, um den Kleber zu lösen, der ihn an der Front Panel Einheit befestigt. Dabei kannst du den Akku langsam lösen.

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    • Fasse den Akku fest unten rechts an und drehe ihn aufwärts, um ihn zu lösen.

    • Wenn du noch Widerstand vom Kleber spürst benutze den Spudger, um ihn zu lösen.

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Will you guys be making the Nexus 7 battery available through your site?

gabances - Antwort

My battery says me3 puj1. Will this kit work to replace that battery?

Crys -

Thank you so much for this! I had dropped my nexus from about 2 feet onto a carpet and knocked the battery cable loose ( a know problem) but your set by step directions encouraged me to fix it myself instead of sending the whole thing back to Google.

Donald McAtee - Antwort

is it possible to add qi charging by replacing the stock battery with a different one? if so, which battery?

Mabel Xu - Antwort

On the scale of iFixits I've done, this ranks as nearly trivial.

I had success by pushing against the adhesive from the right edges of the battery rather than trying to run the spudger around all the edges.

Total fix-it time: 5 mins.

armadilo - Antwort

I can't get anything between the rear and front panels... plastic nor metal. What's the secret to getting it started?

paddymariposa - Antwort

never mind, finally got in by taking out the sim card slot filler (I don't have a sim card, but got the option just in case)

paddymariposa - Antwort

After battery is taken out of Nexus 7 is how can it be checked using a stand alone battery tester? Specifically, which pins on cable should be pinged? Coming out of battery there are 2 black leads, 2 red leads, one white and one yellow lead? Also, please make an article to check confirm Nexus 7 charging system is working or not. Thank you.

Anthony Alvarez - Antwort

I have a Nexus 7, My daughter forced the charger plug and now not recognized. The card is integrated on the motherboard? You can not change?

Hugo Geo - Antwort

Hugo, just replace the small board. The charger plug and audio socket are on a sub-board. Very easy to do once you have the Nexus open and the battery disconnected. You can buy the board from Amazon for about £15.

Robert Leonard -

I've done some iPad repairs, but this was so easy in comparison. It took less than 15 minutes to complete.

romard - Antwort

Great guide i just changed the battery on my nexus & and this couldn't have been easier, you saved me a lot of money. Bought the battery from the link you provided (Asus EU supply i think) and the guide was so simple to follow. My nexus works just fine now. Thank You.

Rayn - Antwort

took 5 mins 1 min to walk to garage to get IFIXIT toolkit 4 min follow instructions and replace battery.

Toolkit keeps paying for itself


snugglypie - Antwort

Worked for me. Much thanks. Had to wait for replacement battery from China. so far so good.

steve b - Antwort

This is a very easy fix it you have both the recommended tools, follow the instructions and be gentle with stuff. Thanks guys.

Robert Leonard - Antwort

Will this work for the google nexus 7, 32 gig?

thomasina1987 - Antwort

Does anyone know if the new generation battery will work in the old nexus7?

CreeegO - Antwort

Finding this online site is a welcome reprieve from guessing how to repair things. Thank you for providing a way to present difficult issues in easy to read/understand format.

f dryer - Antwort

Not only was this tutorial extremely helpful, a youtube video showing how to open a tablet with fingernails shows the design philosophy of impenetrable Apple products to Google's easy access. I was amazed how easy it was to pry open a corner and work a plastic pen clip along the cover to unsnap it. Two years of steady use appears to wear out the battery so a replacement is already on order.

f dryer - Antwort

thanks again the kit has well and truly paid for itself and it gives a million dollars satisfaction to fix the (deliberatly made ) unfixable

snugglypie - Antwort

Do you have any advice, thoughts, or suggestions if we were successfully able to replace the battery but the device will no longer charge after replacing the battery? The tablet worked fine with the new battery but would not charge and now that the battery has died the device is appears to be bricked.

Peter - Antwort

My original ASUS battery was junk less than a year after I bought the Nexus 7. Does anyone know about any of the following...

1. I'm told that ASUS brand batteries for the Nexus 7 have not been made for quite a while, so any bought now would be old stock. Is this correct?

2. A lot of the new unbranded (or non-ASUS brand) batteries I see listed for sale are 4270mAh, whereas the original was 4325mAh. Are they okay to use, or is it better to find an ASUS brand 4325mAh battery?


Geoff - Antwort

Instructions were dead on correct. No issues, went like a charm. Many thanks!

ka1axy73 - Antwort

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