Need to replace a cracked screen, or just clean underneath the screen protector? This guide shows how to access the LCD monitor.


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  1. The battery door has been removed in these photos, but this step is not necessary.
    • The battery door has been removed in these photos, but this step is not necessary.

    • Flip out the screen. There are four Philips #00 screws securing the black plastic case.

    • The screws are located symmetrically: one on the left side, one on the right side, and two on the bottom (on either side of the hinge).

      • Detail of a 2x2.5mm side screw.

      • Detail of the two 3x4mm bottom screws.

  2. The back of the case is held on by four snaps.
    • The back of the case is held on by four snaps.

    • Using plastic opening tools, pop the back cover off. Start from the bottom of the case, by the hinge.

    • The locking tab and its spring (at the top of the screen; marked in red) are loose and may fall out. Keep the screen horizontal when removing the cover.

    • Replace the tab and spring during reassembly, if removed.

    • Pull straight up to remove the front panel.

      • This gives access to both the screen and the underside of the screen protector, allowing either or both to be cleaned.

    • Slide the screen assembly forward and off of the hinge mount.

    • With a spudger, opening tool, or fingernail, pop up the clip on the wide ribbon cable.

    • Using tweezers, slide the dark brown portion of the connector down. This will release the lower ribbon cable.

    • Slide both cables out of their connectors.

    • Pry the circuit board off of the adhesive on the back of the screen. Use a spudger or opening tool.

      • The metal frame is loose at this point. You may want to flip it up and out of the way for this step.

    • The circuit board is flexible, but be careful not to permanently bend or break it!

    • Remove the LCD screen.

      • If the adhesive makes it too difficult to remove the circuit board, try heating the screen slightly. Be careful not to let the circuit board or screen overheat.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide. Very thorough and the images were most helpful. Worked for me! THANKS.

Ronald Schnaar - Antwort

When I open my D5000 i found out that the Blue and Orange wire on the board was disconnected and had no Idea where it goes (until i saw in the picture then I figured it out). But Overall I managed to assesmble the LCD and was feeling great. Although everytime I change the LCD view upsidedown, it doesnt respond to it unlike putting the view left or right (that works..i wonder why?). Thanks for the guide



luqmanhakim62 - Antwort

Hi, I also have the blue wire disconnected. Despite this, my screen appears fully functional. Anyone knows what this wire is supposed to do..?

Thanks, the guide is perfect!

Daniele Trimarchi -

Menu buttons are not working or all buttons. I can take pictures,LV button is not working. How can I repair? Thank you very much!!!

Duang Bouphasavanh - Antwort

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