Bist du es leid, nur einen zweimensionalen Blick auf deine Spiele werfen zu können? Tausche das obere LCD aus und gewinne die 3D-Sicht wieder zurück.

  1. Drehe die vier Kreuzschlitzschrauben #00 am oberen Rand der Rückabdeckung heraus.
    • Drehe die vier Kreuzschlitzschrauben #00 am oberen Rand der Rückabdeckung heraus.

    • Die Schrauben werden von Haltescheiben festgehalten und können nicht aus der Rückabdeckung herausfallen.

    • Bei den Kommentaren gibt es viele Unglückselige, die beschreiben, dass diese Schraubenköpfe unglaublich leicht beschädigt werden können. Drücke ziemlich fest drauf, wenn du sie aufschraubst und arbeite langsam.

    #00 screwdriver is too big... probably need a #000

    thomascroguennec - Antwort

    #00 will work - but you must press down firmly and sort of jerk the screw out a few degrees at a time. If you don't press firmly, the screws strip very easily. Using #000 will strip the screws more easily.

    Tai -

    I used a #0 without any issues and 0 stripped. I used the #0 for all screws internally and externally. The head was sharp and I applied adequate amounts of pressure when loosening the screw.

    Ben Kevan -

    The correct screwdriver should be a JIS, or you can get a screwdriver specific for the 3DS from other sites for less than $2

    Oscar - Antwort

    do you have to buy it

    deeznuts -

    Where would I buy a screwdriver specifically for the 3DS? Also would it work on the DS? I need to replace the battery for my DS.

    Caitlin L -

    I used Phillips #000 and it worked like a charm, i need to order a new SD board or do you guys think i should send it. What happened is that it got water damaged and everything works fine when i opened it everything looked fine no signs of water corrosion everything on the 3DS works exept it always give me a message saying the SD card is locked and i know for a fact it isnt locked i already tried using 3 different SD cards and none of them are lock protected and yes they are formatted as well. I need help

    Leo Torres - Antwort

    there's a switch on the SD card, switch it and it will be unlocked again. it happened to me once too.

    Bagel -

    david hodson you are incredible. literally all you need to do is heat the screen up and pry it off and you make them take apart the whole thing

    melody - Antwort

    You've done this?

    magykmaster -

    I have to ask the same question. If just the glass display is broken, and you're heating it up to remove the glass, is it really necessary to remove everything? Doesn't like like it is necessary

    Wade -

    I just did it your way and it went fine. didnt even have to remove the battery. This is incredible misstep on the authors part.

    patrick -

    only take out the screen for a motherboard removal? Are you using the wrong guide or was this guide used for two different repairs?

    Reed Deemer -

    I used a PH0x50, but it wasn't easy.

    John - Antwort

    This may be a dumb question but where do I buy the 3DS upper screen?

    John - Antwort

    eBay... Just do a search for the 3DS Upper screen. $9.49 & it comes with the tools.

    Gary Darnell -

    The LCD screen I ordered came with all the tools I needed except a pair of tweezers. All in all it was about $14.00 and a little bit of my time.

    Gary Darnell - Antwort

    Does anyone know where I can find the right bumper button for a 3ds? I can't find it on ebay must of damaged it playing smash bros.

    Steven Castro Parrilla - Antwort

    Really wish I had read the comments first... How about instead of the warning saying to press down hardly and go slow, you say to use the correct screwdriver size like others mentioned in the comments. I not only stripped multiple screws, even after putting a glove on for more pressure, I bent my screwdriver from pressing down so hard. Granted it's a cheap jeweler's kit screwdriver, but it still would've been nice to not have that problem and be informed of the right size in the first place.

    hockeymorgan35 - Antwort

    Got my tools one day after ordering, as I live a couple hours away from the supplier, Will post again when i try guide.

    nintendokakashi - Antwort

    I tried doing this with a #00 Philips but it just didn't turn

    Acrobatic Mars01 - Antwort

    Hello there, I need some assistance I have done a full housing replacement I have everything working except the 3d slider . The 3D option is always on can someone let me know which flex it is or what I am forgetting . Thanks guys !

    Noe Ibarra - Antwort

  2. Halte das Gerät in einer Hand und drehe es herum.
    • Halte das Gerät in einer Hand und drehe es herum.

    • Fasse den oberen Rand der Rückabdeckung mit der anderen Hand, so dass sie nicht wieder zurück fallen kann.

    • Drehe das Gerät wieder um, so dass die Rückabdeckung nach oben zeigt.

    • Ziehe die Rückabdeckung vom Gerät weg und entferne sie.

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    • Setze ein Plastiköffnungswerkzeug in die Vertiefung im unteren Gehäuse über dem Akku ein.

    • Heble den Akku mit dem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug hoch.

    • Fasse den Akku am oberen Rand an und hebe ihn aus dem unteren Gehäuse.

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    • Entferne die neun schwarzen 6,3 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben vom Gehäuseunterteil.

    • Entferne die silberfarbene 2,4 mm Schraube über dem Einschub für die Cartridge.

    Had to give up at this point. Tried using the ifixit #00 phillips screwdriver to take out two screws and ended up stripping them.

    Demios - Antwort

    Stuck at the same spot, those screws are in there really tight.

    John Pasula - Antwort

    Ruined my screws because of incorrect head, thanks!

    3dsuser - Antwort

    I had so much trouble with these screws, I gave up. Unfortunately, I can't accept failure so tried again. I figured out if you turn it right before you loosen it worked. Maybe it was just me, but I turned it right then kept pressure as I turned to loosen. I was surprised I hadn't stripped any screws out.

    Nicole Bauer - Antwort

    Does anyone have any idea of how to remove these screws. I've pretty badly stripped the screws and I've gone to 20+ pages trying to figure this. I'm considering just prying the !@#$ thing.

    Vino - Antwort

    use a dremil and make it a flat head

    Ralph Prowant -

    ruined my screws here too...what the !@#$ nintendo?

    trying to survive a nuclear meltdown inside the !@#$ thing

    Hamza Jarkas - Antwort

    More like trying to subtly enforce planned obsolescence by not allowing you to make repairs to your device.

    Ullyssys -

    I used a #00 Philips 1/8" bit with no problem; however, the narrow diameter of the counter sunk hole can inhibit making secure contact with the screw head. You can be using the right bit (#00) but if the diameter of the bit shaft is too big you won't get proper contact.

    I found this to be an excellent guide. Thanks

    Dave W - Antwort

    If anyone can point me to a link to purchase the 9 screws, let me know. Contacted Nintendo and they said I'd have to send it in. Email me at xavierfflores@gmail.com

    Xavier Flores - Antwort

    Unscrewed the nine 6.3 mm screws using the J000 bit from the iFixit 54 bit driver kit without much effort & without stripping the screw heads. Just gotta really position the bit correctly on the screw to have a proper fitting & not strip the screw heads.

    STZ9 - Antwort

    The screws didn't strip but the philips screw driver did? @__@

    These are rough either way.

    John Zhou - Antwort

    I used a "Whia 273 - PH000x40" screwdriver and held it firmly pushing the palm of my hand on the yellow end of the screwdriver and rocked the screw slightly (counter clockwise and clockwise) until it started to move. Then, without letting up on the pressure I carefully backed it out. The screwdriver is excellent because it is hardened (unlike some cheapo's out there) and the very tip is blunt not sharp. If the tip is too sharp, the point will bottom out in the screw and the sides that do all the work, won't be able to fully contact the inside of the screw. This screwdriver fits so well that the screws actually stick to it once they are removed. If the screwdriver moves AT ALL when you initially try it in the screw, STOP and find a better one. Also, start with the screws in the center, somehow they seem a little easier until you get the feel for it.

    Paul -

    Push down hard and turn counter-clockwise, or push down and rotate 3DS counter-clockwise until screw is loose.

    Jonathan - Antwort

    Had the exact same problem, even tried the #000 screw driver too. Stripped the screws due to how tightly they are screwed in there and how easy they strip. I am now unsure what to do from here or if all I can do is give up.

    Sean Baldwin - Antwort

    I second the one who suggested the Whia 273 PH000x40 screwdriver. I had a terrible time unscrewing these screws, and almost stripped them using a cheaper #000 screwdriver. Also tried a 3/16" flathead and destroyed the screwdriver. I bought the Whia and glad I did. It fit perfectly and did not slip at all. DEFINITELY recommend purchasing this high-quality screwdriver. Cost about $10 but well worth it to avoid the hassle.

    pbrazis - Antwort

    The best way I found that works quite well, if you find a screwdriver or bit that is good enough: hold the screwdriver or bit with tons of pressure, and rotate the 3DS clockwise! It will come out in 5-6 rotations, you can do this step in about 10 minutes this way (put down a cloth first, don't scratch the front!)

    Gannon Trueman - Antwort

    I HAVE A WAY TO GET OUT THE STRIPED SCREW. Like you, I had screwed up and tried everything to get the screw out. Do NOT try the glue in that tiny hole, you will get the screw glued permanently in there. The rubber band doesn't work in that tight space either. As desperate as I was, I was trying anything from nail polish to cramming the screw driver in as hard as I possible could. Until I realized that I had a drill. Yes, with the smallest head, I drilled into the screw a little bit, messed with the part I was trying to get out, drilled a little more, messed around, and then finally on my last attempt, I had successfully drilled off the top of the screw rendering the part free. It doesn't matter which drill you use as long as you can fit the head into the hole. Then drill forward like you are trying to drill a hole through wood. Now the only problem is that the remainder of the screw will be stuck in its place. All you really have to do is get a set of pliers and twist that puppy out. And there you go!

    YuuChan - Antwort

    Most likely though, if you have all the other screws out and only have one striped screw, the part should just pop off and you wouldn't have to drill the entire head off the screw.

    YuuChan - Antwort

    Got a brand new #00 screw drive and it striped the first time used it. So now I'm using eyeglass repair kit screw driver and it lasts longer that the one I got of of eBay.

    Acrobatic Mars01 - Antwort

    And I tried all of those tactics that people have been giving and none of them are working.

    Acrobatic Mars01 - Antwort

    The wiha 273 PH #000×40 unsrews it easily! It has a magnet on it!

    Najee - Antwort

    I’m cant get these %#*@ screws out i want to die…

    FRØSTBIT3 - Antwort

    • Hebe die Unterkante des Gehäuseunterteils vom restlichen 3DS weg.

    • Die Hauptplatine ist immer noch mit zwei Flachbandkabeln mit dem Gehäuse verbunden, ziehe deswegen das untere Gehäuse nicht ganz heraus.

    • Löse die Flachbandkabel der Seitentasten mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug aus ihren Anschlüssen auf der Hauptplatine.

    • Entferne das Gehäuseunterteil vom Gerät.

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    • Entferne die beiden 7,7 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche die Rückseite des Schiebepads an der Hauptplatine befestigen.

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    • Heble die Rückseite des Schiebepads mit dem flachen Ende eines Spudgers von der Hauptplatine weg.

    • Hebe den Joystick des Schiebepads von der Hauptplatine weg und lege ihn auf seine Rückseite, so dass der Verbinder des Flachbandkabels zugänglich ist.

    When reassembling verify that the circle pad control is oriented right. I had to go back in after completion when I realized it wasn't centered.

    Daniel Johnson - Antwort

    I would not disable the back side all the way because it could really mess up your 3DS.

    masterspeggy3 - Antwort

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zum Schiebepad mit dem Fingernagel oder dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht am Anschluss selbst.

    • Hebe den Joystick des Schiebepads von der Hauptplatine weg.

    Can you replace a zif socket? The little metal pieces on mine broke off...

    Colton Alverson - Antwort

    YOUR &&^&@@ HAHAHAAHA, no you cant you would have to purchase a new motherboard i feek you bro happened in my first time

    vrobinson -

    The retaining flap on mine broke off, is there any way to fix it?

    Madi Hansen - Antwort

    Don't do this step! it is not necessary. you can skip steps 8 through 20

    S Maduras - Antwort

    Skip steps 8 through 20. It will save a lot of time. Thanks S Maduras for the warning.

    clarissa.vetintegral - Antwort

    • Es empfiehlt sich, die beiden dünnen Scheiben unter dem Joystick des Schiebepads zu entfernen, damit sie nicht so leicht verloren gehen.

    • Hebe die beiden Scheiben mit einem Spudgers oder einem Schraubendreher hoch und entferne sie aus dem Gerät.

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    • Entferne die beiden 4,5 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche den SD Kartenleser am Motherboard befestigen.

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    • Heble den Stecker am Flachbandkabel zum SD Kartenleser mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers aus seinem Anschluss auf der Hauptplatine.

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    • Setze das flache Ende des Spudgers zwischen SD Kartenleser und Hauptplatine ein.

    • Lasse den Spudger an den Seiten des SD Kartenlesers entlang laufen, damit er sich vom Klebeband darunter löst.

    • Wenn er abgelöst ist, dann hebe den SD Kartenleser gerade von der Hauptplatine weg.

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    • Schiebe das flache Ende des Spudgers unter die Ecke der Wi-Fi Karte und hebe sie von der Hauptplatine weg.

    • Das Wi-Fi Antennenkabel ist immer noch an der Wi-Fi Karte angeschlossen, du kannst deswegen die Wi-Fi Karte noch nicht ganz entfernen.

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    • Hebe die Wi-Fi Karte von der Hauptplatine weg und drehe sie so, dass die Unterseite nach oben zeigt.

    • Heble den Stecker am Wi-Fi Antennenkabel mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers aus dem Anschluss auf der Wi-Fi Karte.

    • Entferne die Wi-Fi Karte aus dem Gerät.

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  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
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    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Fasse das Flachbandkabel zum Mikrofon mit einer Pinzette in der Nähe des Mikrofons an.

    • Ziehe das Mikrofon gerade aus dem Gehäuseoberteil heraus.

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    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss der Lautsprechereinheit mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers oder dem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur an dem scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst und nicht am Sockel selbst. Wenn du den Anschluss beschädigst, dann wird die LED Einschaltanzeige deines 3DS beim Einschalten blinken - und sonst wird nichts passieren.

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel zur Lautsprechereinheit mit einer Pinzette ab.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zur Kamera mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers oder dem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur an dem scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst und nicht am Sockel selbst.

    • Achte beim Zusammenbau darauf, dass die Goldkontakte zur Hauptplatine hin zeigen (im Gegensatz zu den Goldkontakten am Kamerakabel, die davon weg zeigen).

    Be sure to fit the motherboard inbetween the joystick and volume slider in properly (you can double check by seeing if the volume slider on the outside goes up and down smoothly). When I closed it the first time it was stuck on full volume so I needed to go back in and readjust!

    Veronika Todd - Antwort

    • Entferne sieben Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche die Hauptplatine am oberen Gehäuse befestigen:

      • Vier goldfarbene 2,5 mm Schrauben

      • Zwei schwarze 3,5 mm Schrauben

      • Eine silberfarbene 2,5 mm Schraube

    • Hebe den Rand der Hauptplatine an, der sich an der Unterkante des 3DS befindet.

    Do yourself a favor and DON'T remove the 2.5 mm silver screw (yellow circle). It just holds in a little plastic bit under the volume control. The board comes out just fine with the screw still in. If you remove it, the plastic bit will fall out at random when you turn over the case.

    First time I took mine apart, I noticed something fall out later, tracked it down and then puzzled over what it was and where it came from.

    Chupi - Antwort

    There is some adhesive where the AC adapter plugs in so I recommend watching out for that

    Devin Stephenson - Antwort

    • Hebe die Hauptplatineneinheit weiter an, und drehe sie, bis sie neben dem Gerät liegt.

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zum LCD mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers oder dem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur an dem scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst und nicht am Sockel selbst.

    Reinserting this ribbon cable is quite difficult. I found opening the case so that it sits upright at a 90 degree angle helps. The first two times I tried reassembling the top display did not work. Turned out that I was not inserting the ribbon cable in enough. I used tweezers to push this in by gently grabbing the ribbon cable. I was continually inspecting the cable for damage but apparently did not damage it. If anyone has a better idea on how to reinsert this cable I think others would greatly appreciate it.

    pbrazis - Antwort

    Putting the cable back in is the hardest part out of all of this (if you can get past the screws near the beginning). If you have a friend that you trust very much and is very gentle, another pair of hands here really will help. If you're without a friend, make sure to use some flat, angled precision tweezers to push the ribbon in with one hand (pointed tweezers will do in a pinch but you'll have to be careful - I put a small dent in the ribbon and thought I'd broke it), and then use a spudge or something in the other to push the flap down.

    Also worth noting is that the ribbon for the top screen also handles the 3D - if you complete the guide and find you are unable to turn the 3D effect off, you didn't insert the ribbon enough, as I had the problem and re-inserting the ribbon fully fixed it.

    malcolmdemaggio - Antwort

    Careful when reassembling -- watch the position of the black wifi antenna wire! I got mine most of the way back together and noticed it wouldn't close all the way. This wire had come out of the little posts holding it in place and was wedged between the screen and motherboard. Now I have to take it all apart again to fix this.

    Also if you're taking the board out of a working unit to get at the CLK signal to backup the NAND chip ("hardmod"), you don't need to remove the difficult ribbon cable in this step, or the other two wide ones at the top right from earlier. Leave them attached and swing the board out. It won't rotate a full 180 degrees to sit flat outside the unit, but you can open the screen 90 degrees to prop the rest up while having the board out on your table.

    Chupi - Antwort

    I recommend not taking it off in the first place, as reattaching it is awfully difficult. You can easily clean out your abxy buttons with it still attached

    Martin - Antwort

    I am having problems re-inserting the three ribbon cables (3DS XL). Do you need to flip up the retaining flaps first? (I just pulled them out of the slots when removing them.

    darren.brundell - Antwort

    • Entferne die Hauptplatineneinheit vom restlichen Gerät.

    Make sure when putting the motherboard back onto the bottom part of the casing that the antenna wire is where it should be - the first time I put this back together the wire got loose and was smooshed in between the casing and the Y and Power buttons, causing them to be stiff/not work. Using the spudge should help in pushing the wire back into the slots along the inside of the case.

    malcolmdemaggio - Antwort

    • Bevor du mit dem Zerlegen fortfährst, entferne die durchsichtige Streuscheibe aus Kunststoff für die kabellose Status-LED. Dieses kleine Teil fällt leicht von selbst heraus und ist schwer zu finden, wenn es auf den Boden fällt.

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    • Fädle das Wi-Fi Antennenkabel aus dem Boden des oberen Gehäuses heraus.

    • Dieser Schritt ist nicht nötig, wenn du nur die Frontscheibe austauschen willst, wohl aber beim Austausch des oberen Bildschirms, der Lautsprecher, der Kameras und der Wi-Fi Antenne.

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    • Erwärme die Kanten der Frontscheibe des oberen Displays mit einem Haartrockner oder einem Heißluftgebläse, damit der Klebstoff, mit dem sie an der Displayblende befestigt ist, aufweicht.

    • Beginne damit, die Kanten der Frontscheibe mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug abzuhebeln.

    • Falls das Hebeln zu schwierig wird, erhitze erneut den Bereich, an dem du arbeitest mit einem Heißluftgebläse und heble dann weiter. Wenn du zu viel Kraft anwendest, kann die Frontscheibe brechen.

    Maybe a dumb question, but how would I go about reattaching the top screen if it's attached to the 3ds by an adhesive? If I have to use more adhesive to put it back on, what would be the recommended kind to do so?

    jgonsoski - Antwort

    I have the same question/concern that "jgonsoski" has. Is the adhesive on the front panel still usable after it's pried off the display bezel? Or does it have to be removed? If so, what adhesive can be used or is suitable to adhere back the front panel to the display bezel?

    STZ9 - Antwort

    adhesive is definitely reusable. I just completed this step. Please make sure the new display is ready to take the tape as soon as you remove it from the old display.

    Xpider - Antwort

    Disclaimer: I replaced my front panel entirely, and threw away the old one.


    If you do not have a replacement front panel, gently removing it (without getting the adhesive oily from your fingers/dusty) and replacing it is an option. The adhesive is incredibly tacky, and while removing the front panel will weaken the adhesive - it will likely be sticky enough to do its job. If not, double-sided tape or small amounts of water based craft glue may help (disclaimer again: I haven't tried these)- do NOT use superglues/liquid cements/epoxies.

    Tai -

    • Fahre mit dem Ablösen der Frontscheibe fort, indem du das Plastiköffnungswerkzeug unter den restlichen Kanten der Frontscheibe entlangschiebst.

    • Zu wenig Wärme führt zu einem zu starken Biegen/Brechen der Frontscheibe, zu viel Wärme lässt das LCD schmelzen und kaputtgehen. Lass dir Zeit!

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Wenn alle Ränder gelöst sind, kannst du die Frontscheibe von der Displayblende abheben.

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    • Entferne die sechs 3,6 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche die rückseitige Displayblende an der vorderen Displayblende befestigen.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Drehe das Gerät so um, dass die rückseitige Displayblende oben und das Scharnier an der gegenüberliegenden Seite von dir ist.

    • Hebe die Kante der rückseitigen Displayblende an, die dir am nächsten ist und drehe sie in Richtung des Scharniers.

    • Löse die rückseitige Displayblende weiter vom restlichen Gerät ab, bis sie frei ist.

    • Unten an der rückseitigen Displayblende gibt es Rasten, welche die Blende festhalten. Wende genügend Kraft auf, um die Rasten zu lösen, aber brich sie nicht ab.

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    • Entferne den 3D Regler von der Frontdisplayblende.

    • Dieser Schritt ist für das Zerlegen nicht unbedingt nötig, aber der Regler fällt wahrscheinlich von selbst heraus. Wenn du ihn vorher entfernt, geht er nicht so leicht verloren.

    What if I need a new one

    cbryans - Antwort

    • Setze eine Metallsonde in den freien Raum über den ABXY Tasten so ein, dass die Spitze das metallene Scharnier berührt.

    • Drücke das metallene Scharnier zur Mitte des oberen Gehäuses hin. Dafür brauchst du recht viel Kraft.

    • Die Bilder zeigen den Zustand des Scharniers vor und nach dem Verschieben, gesehen von der Rückseite des oberen Displays.

    When reassembling you may find it difficult to get the bar back into the hole in the hinge. A couple of tips:

    * Reassemble it with the clamshell pieces in a ‘closed’ position (same position that you took it apart).

    * The pin/bar may have rotated slightly during disassembly (mine did). It only goes into the hole one way - the hole is actually a slot. If the alignment is off even a couple of degrees it won’t pop back in. If this happens simply lift the edge with the bar up out of the hinge and push the bar so it pops back out (like it was going into the hinge). The take a pair of pliers and gently rotate the bar to fix the alignment, pop the bar back to the ‘unhinged/open’ position, then reassemble.

    Bob Pony - Antwort

    • Merke dir gut die Orientierung der drei Flachbandkabel, bevor du weitermachst (wohin die Goldkontakte zeigen), und in welcher Reihenfolge sie übereinander geschichtet sind. Die Kabel sind zu kurz, um Kontakt herzustellen, wenn sie in anderer Weise geführt werden.

    • Ziehe langsam die obere Displayeinheit vom oberen Gehäuse weg.

    • Achte darauf, dass die verschiedenen Flachbandkabel durch den Schlitz im oberen Gehäuse geführt werden.

    • Trenne die obere Displayeinheit vom oberen Gehäuse.

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    • Führe vorsichtig das Flachbandkabel der Lautsprechereinheit durch die Öffnung in der oberen Displayblende.

    • Du musst du Kabel leicht zusammenrollen, (ähnlich wie eine Eiswaffel) damit sie durchpassen, denn die Kabel sind breiter als die Öffnung.

    You may want to use small pieces of scotch tape to reinforce each individual ribbon cable before proceeding, being careful not to cover the gold contacts. The cables can be very brittle and when rolled up tightly they can crack and break like a dry leaf. The tape can be left on the cables after removal and installation.

    Benjificus - Antwort

    • Entferne die 2,5 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube, welche die rechte Lautsprecherplatine an der oberen Displayblende befestigt.

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    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Verbinder des Flachbandkabels zur Parallaxenbarriere mit dem Fingernagel oder dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht am Sockel selbst.

    • Löse die beiden Flachbandkabel mit einer Metallpinzette ab.

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    • Heble den rechten und den linken Lautsprecher mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers von ihren Plätzen an der oberen Displayblende ab.

    • Heble die Status-LED der Kamera mit der Spudgerspitze von der oberen Displayblende ab.

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    • Entferne die Lautsprechereinheit von der restlichen Displayeinheit.

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    • Rolle vorsichtig die Flachbandkabel vom oberen LCD und der Kameras zusammen und setze sie in die Öffnung des Scharniers ein.

    Whoever designed this is a major ****. I eventually found a tear on the new LCD's ribbon upon installing, and I recall having a really hard time twisting the 3 ribbons together and into that tiny hole.

    amat2424 - Antwort

    This is the crazy hard part of the process. Be patient and it should eventually work. I found that reassembling but leaving all of the pieces out of the case (screen, camera harness, speaker harness) helped. It’s nearly impossible to do this if the screen is sitting in it’s normal position - the corner of the screen blocks a part of the hole. Assemble it all outside of the case, curl up the harnesses, and then work them through the hole. Once you have that done, then snake the wifi antenna through the hole. And finally place the screen into place (and the speakers/cameras/led). This probably took me an hour to figure out.

    Oh, and once all of that was done *then* I worried about curling things up again and getting that black bushing over the cables. I doubt I could have done it with the bushing in place in the hole.

    Bob Pony - Antwort

    • Entferne mit einer metallenen Pinzette den schwarzen Metallring am Scharnier der oberen Displayblende.

    • Führe vorsichtig die Kabel der Kameras und des oberen LCD durch ihre Öffnungen in der oberen Displayblende.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel zur Kamera von der Rückseite des oberen LCD ab.

    • Das Flachbandkabel ist mit Kleber an der Rückseite der Befestigung des LCD verklebt, ziehe also vorsichtig daran, um Schäden zu vermeiden.

    • Entferne die Kamerakabeleinheit.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Drücke das obere LCD mit dem Daumen von der Vorderseite her aus der oberen Displayblende.

    • Entferne das obere LCD.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Das obere LCD ist mit einem Stück schwarzen Klebeband an der Displayblende befestigt. Entferne das Klebeband mit der Spudgersitze von der Einfassung des LCD.

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David Hodson

Mitglied seit 13.04.2010

132.448 Reputation

127 Anleitungen geschrieben

Thanks very much for this. After two different electronic repair shops had refused to replace the broken top screen in the 3DS which our daughter had borrowed from a friend, I reluctantly decided try it myself, having studied this guide a couple of times.

It took me over 4 hours, almost an hour of which was just getting the 3 ribbon cables out through the hinge and back in again. It was incredibly satisfying to power it up again and have everything work. Without this detailed guide and photographs, I would certainly have given up.

Use good quality screwdrivers!

Mark Pierce - Antwort

All the commentors talking about how they stripped the screws are obviously not using the correct screwdriver - they're phillips #00 screws and they come out easily. You don't need to buy an expensive speciality screwdriver, just do it properly. Make sure the driver grips the screw properly, apply a moderate amount of pressure, and turn it slowly. It isn't hard at all. The only thing I can think is that everyone stripping the screws is using one of those screwdrivers with the head shaped like an 8 pointed star. Those will strip screws easily and are easy to mistake for the usual + shaped screwdriver. The one I used comes from a Black & Decker precision screwdriver set. I think it was £7 from Homebase.

omegakross - Antwort

how did you remove the glue ? and do you use new glue to put it back together? if yes, which one ?

thanks for the tutorial !

Erik - Antwort

Dear colleagues of gaming

My son dropped the 3DS, and this is the result:


can you tell me your opinion, is the substitution of the lcd necessary and/or sufficient? The glass (external) is not broken.

Thank you

Daniele Passerone - Antwort

If its the LOWER LCD its probably fixable pretty easily but if its the UPPER LCD, buy a new DS! Or dish out the $100 for Nintendo to repair it, as its incredibly difficult to repair yourself!! As the ribbon cables are not just hard to get them rehooked up, its that there VERY DELICATE too and its very easy to tear one or more also then you going to need to buy new parts... Like I say having a authorized Nintendo repair service place is the way to go for a damaged UPPER LCD!

Matthew196 -

where is the best place to purchase the replacement screen?

texcellentrebel - Antwort

Changing the upper LCD on the standard 3DS is like 4-5 hours, god! I would never do this on my life if this happens, instead on the 3DS XL, its 45 min. - 2 hours

Santi12008 - Antwort

THANK YOU! I got a 3DS with a broken top screen. I followed your guide and I could change it without problems.

gyulatorok01 - Antwort

If you have to replace a upper LCD its probably worth it to dish out the $100 for Nintendo repair service as the ribbon cables are a pain in the (BEEP) to get them right and if anything is just a tad off it wont work!! The difficulty to do this correctly is BEYOND EXTREMELY HARD, its like almost UNIMAGINABLE to get everything back correctly especially the routing and connecting the ribbon cables!! Just ... If you have to use Nintendo repair make sure you haven't done to much tampering with your system for the repair service to detect it as if they do they'll return it to you indicating it was tampered with. As most companies wont repair (even if its outta warranty) a device that has been tampered with! Or if you don't care about loosing your games that you downloaded onto your DS, Id suggest just purchasing a new DS system all together as the repair of a upper LCD is like I say a TRUE NIGHTMARE!

Matthew196 - Antwort

Absolutely brilliant instruction, however I just had EB Games (Australia) quote me $74 for a full refurb and check including replacing the smashed top screen.... I think that will do :)

tnoorda - Antwort

I ve done my best to follow all the direction, and after completing all the steps to top screen (replacement) remains black. Systems powers up, everything seems to work - what could I have missed??

Anthony - Antwort

How do I put it all back?

Nikita Stepanov - Antwort

My husband accidentally broke the ribbon cable to the new lcd while trying to reassemble. Is there any way to fix it? Or is it possible to swap the cable from the other lcd we were replacing? Don't want to buy another screen…

Juanita Taylor - Antwort

Did this today, it took about four and a half hours. By far the most difficult thing is curling those cables through the hinge hole. That took a good hour to figure out. Read the comments that are with that step, it’ll help. There is no way I would have figured this all out without this guide - thank you! The 3DS powered up and worked great! (Well, after I took it back apart to slot the volume slider to hit the switch correctly. And then took it apart one more time to fix the buttons that had become displaced while I was fixing the volume switch). :)

Bob Pony - Antwort

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