Hier wird der Austausch des Touchscreen gezeigt. Dazu musst du zuerst die Hauptplatine und anhängende Teile ausbauen.

  1. An der Abdeckung sind oben zwei 4,2 mm Schrauben. Drehe sie heraus.
    • An der Abdeckung sind oben zwei 4,2 mm Schrauben. Drehe sie heraus.

    • Die Schrauben haben feste Unterlegscheiben, so dass sie hängen bleiben. Es ist nicht nötig sie zu entfernen.

    Note: If your top or bottom screen was working before disassembly and doesn't work after reassembly, then it's likely that the connector is loose or dirty or damaged or not clipped or PLACED UPSIDE-DOWN. I had this issue with my Super3DS XL(2015) and it turns out that the reason why my top screen wasn't working after put together, was because I had the top LCD connector upside-down. After I correctly put the connector in, It worked again!

    justjustintuber - Antwort

    what type screwdriver do i use?!? its so small!!!!

    Matthew - Antwort

  2. Halte das Gerät mit der Rückabdeckung nach oben.
    • Halte das Gerät mit der Rückabdeckung nach oben.

    • Fange in der Ecke rechts oben an die Rückabdeckung mit einem Plastiköffnungswekzeug abzuhebeln.

      • Halte die Ecke offen, so dass sie nicht wieder einschnappt.

      • Schaue dir die Stelle unter dem Fach für den Stylus genau an. Heble die Abdeckung ab, falls nötig.

    • Hebe die Abdeckung ab und lege sie beiseite.

    Note that on the lower side (opposite to the hinges), there are small hooking tabs. These require you to lift the top (screw side) off towards you, then the lower area.

    Jordan Kelly - Antwort

    • Setze das Plastiköffnungswekzeug in die Öffnung rechts vom Akku ein.

    • Hebe den Akku aus dem unteren Gehäuseteil heraus.

    • Entferne ihn und lege ihn beiseite.

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    • Links und rechts vom Einschub für die Cartridges befinden sich oben zwei Gummifüße. Entferne sie mit einer Pinzette.

    I found that the rubber bumps don't move easily, you'll likely have to use a lot of upward force to move them.

    jconnell85 - Antwort

    I torn one of the bumpers because I used a needle instead.

    luxusmirajane - Antwort

    You do have a pry a bit. I tore one a little but not that big of a deal.

    Christopher - Antwort

    I think the ease of this step would be subject to the age and condition of the 3DS. Mine came out with minimal leverage using my nails.

    infmz - Antwort

    try twisting upward

    Kmi Nguyen - Antwort

    I used a super tiny metal screwdriver to push the bumper against one side and then used the screwdriver to push it up and out

    S Maduras - Antwort

    I tried tweezers but they were scraping against the plastic and I didn't want to leave any marks. Ended up using a tiny flat screwdriver to get them out like S Maduras said. Once I got them out I noticed there was a tiny bit of glue on the bottom holding them in place.

    Anth Rodi - Antwort

    • Entferne sechs 6,2 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben # 00.

    #000 ifixit philips screwdriver does not fit the 6.2mm screws. Whats the deal?

    sevenethshinobi - Antwort

    I have a 000 Phillips from tekton and it worked just fine.

    Megan -

    I stripped a good #000 screwdriver, and found that EVERY screw actually fit perfect and snug with a #00 screwdriver. Zero damage to the screws or the screwdriver with the #00.

    Vannicke Trabeitt - Antwort

    Don't buy the #000 screwdriver from this site! It's poorly made and strips the screws. I had to drill the screws out and replace them, it was very tricky and nearly broke my DS. Get a screwdriver from an electronics store.

    sharga - Antwort

    I bought and used the #00 screwdriver, and it worked perfectly for this.

    I had also bought the #000, but I never needed it during the entire operation.

    jconnell85 - Antwort

    All 6 screws are exactly the same so you don't have to worry about mixing them up.

    Christopher - Antwort

    One of the screws in my 3ds XL seems to have its '+' engraving worn off, i can't seem to unscrew it, though the other 5 unscrewed properly. What should I do?

    Potato Man - Antwort

    J000 works better here.

    Dom - Antwort

    • Entferne die 2,3 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube #00 über dem Einschub für die Cartridges.

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    • Sei sicher, dass die SD Karte entfernt ist. Fange an der Unterkante an das untere Gehäuseteil mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug abzulösen und gehe rings um das Gehäuse.

    • Zwei Flachbandkabel verbinden das Gehäuse mit der Hauptplatine. Ziehe nicht zu fest am Gehäuse damit die Kabel nicht beschädigt werden.

    Make sure that you have removed your SD card, otherwise that'll keep you from completing this step.

    jconnell85 - Antwort

    • Unter den rechten und linken Tasten befinden sich zwei Flachbandkabel. Löse die Verbinder mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug.

    • Entferne das untere Gehäuseteil vom Gerät und lege es beiseite.

    The IR board is facing the wrong way.

    Jordan - Antwort

    Thank you so much for pointing that out, it was keeping my system from starting up and I thought I blew it!

    Ryan Hescock -

    Yup, that is definitely an upside-down IR board, and will result in a silent post error. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out why the system wouldn't start up.

    alexmouravskiy -

    That's it!! Thanks so much!! I've tinkered around about one month and couldn't get this thing to work...all because I've followed the guide here and looked the picture up twice so I don't put the IR-Board in the wrong way...

    chfreydank -

    Hehe. That would explain why it was not working ;-)

    boma40 - Antwort

    Thank you guys so much! I followed everything faithfully and it was DOA on startup. (Black screens, blue light). The IR board was backwards. These pictures need to be fixed. As-is, it shows a broken 3DS.

    jtmuehlbauer - Antwort

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    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    • Lege das Gerät mit dem Einschub für die Cartridges nach oben.

    • Finde das Schiebepad auf der rechten Seite.

    • Entferne die beiden 7,5 mm Schrauben oben links und unten rechts.

    This IR is bad side, diode IR must be UP

    patholog - Antwort

    • Hebe das Schiebepad mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug heraus.

      • Wende dabei nicht zu viel Kraft an. Ein Flachbandkabel verbindet noch das Schiebepad mit der Hauptplatine.

    • Zwischen dem Joystick am Schiebepad und dem Schiebepad befindet sich eine Unterlegscheibe. Achte darauf und verliere sie nicht.

    I found it easy to put my finger ontop of the board and apply a little pressure. When i popped off the board, my finger stopped it flying off.

    Chris Ramsay - Antwort

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am Verbinder des Flachbandkabels zum Schiebepad auf der Hauptplatine mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel und das Schiebepad.

    The 'flat head' holds it in place when down, and you can reattach your ribbon cable when it's up, it only needs to be partway in so when you close the flat head, if your joystick board can't move easily in place then you've done it right, it it's too loose, try again to work the ribbon cable under.

    jconnell85 - Antwort

    The ribbon goes into the left side of the "flat head" right? Not the end that clamps down on the right? I'm having a !&&* of a time sliding the end of the ribbon into the little space between the flat head when it's up and the side of the terminal.

    Sedroc Djeddi -

    For those of you like me, who got stuck after the last step.

    To understand how to actually remove the circle pad, continue with these steps at 21.

    Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Replacement

    Hope it helps those after me. I almost ripped some cabling inside thinking I had to take out the motherboard.. luckily I didn't.

    monk333y - Antwort

    Just as what monk333y said, follow the Original 3DS steps. They are identical and you don't have to remove anymore big parts. The only annoying part is taking out the circle pad.

    luxusmirajane - Antwort

    I broke the retaining clip. It is not very strong and I used a bit too much force i think in opening the clip or pushing it back down. Thinking of using hot glue or something else to keep the circle pad ribbon in place.

    Lawrence - Antwort

    Did the hot glue work? I did the exact same thing now im not sure what to do…

    Matthew Johnson -

    How do you re attach the ribbons? do the just snap right into the motherboard?

    petraogan - Antwort

    thank you monk333y, the author of this guide needs to correct a couple of things and how hard would it be for her to add steps 21 onward from the other guide?

    S Maduras - Antwort

    step 11, if you're just replacing the button, you don't need to disconnect the circle pad ribbon from the motherboard.

    S Maduras - Antwort

    During re-assemblhy, note that the peg between the joystick mechanism and the circle pad is rectangular, and must fit into the matching rectangular socket on the circle pad.

    Dan - Antwort

    When testing the touchscreen, make sure you install the analog. Otherwise, the screen will act erratic. Thought I broke a brand new part. Just a heads up!

    Hassan Sinanan - Antwort

    The entire top part of my circle pad had broken off, so I had no problem getting the old one out. I actually had more trouble getting the ribbon cable back into the clip, and the new circle pad attached to the stick, than any other part.

    That said, this was way, way easier than I expected it to be.

    Emtu - Antwort

    • Lege das Gerät mit dem Einschub für die Cartridges nach oben.

    • Finde die Infrarotplatine oben rechts auf der Hauptplatine.

      • Auf den Bildern ist die Infrarotplatine leider mit der Unterseite nach oben montiert. Wenn du das so tust wird den 3DS XL nicht starten. Notiere dir die richtige Orientierung bevor du es ausbaust und setze es später korrekt ein.

    • Setze ein Plastiköffnungswerkzeug unter die Infrarotplatine und hebe sie vorsichtig heraus.

    The IR board appears to be upside down in this photo.

    Eric - Antwort

    One assumes they forgot to take the photo before removal and quickly put it back on upside down (accidentally) for the purposes of taking the photo.

    Retro Gaming Repair -

    Removing the IR board is actually a completely unnecessary step. It's absolutely fine to leave the IR board attached to the motherboard, it's then one less loose piece to go missing ;)

    Retro Gaming Repair - Antwort

    The reason they remove these "easily loosable" pieces is because there's an order to put the board back together or the 3DS won't turn on. This is for replacing the motherboard, which most of the time you will buy and it won't come with the microphone, volume or IR board. Use your head kiddo. If it's so easy to loose these pieces, you should keep better track of them. We might as well just not take out any screws as well because those are very easy to loose

    Miles Holiman -

    You should add this note to the other uses of this picture; I accidentally knocked that chip off and reinstalled it upside down. I was referencing the photos for replacing the joystick.

    Infernal Dalek - Antwort

    You skipped removing the microphopne.

    Mykaila Brown - Antwort

    In my 3DXL, there was no IR board: the parts were installed directly on the motherboard.

    Dan - Antwort

    I agree my 3dxl the IR board is also part of the motherboard and doesnt come off.

    Anthony siracuse - Antwort

    • Hebe die WiFi Platine mit einem Plastiköffnungswerkzeug hoch.

    • Die WiFi Platine ist weiterhin mit einem Kabel verbunden. Es ist nicht notwendig dieses zu lösen, es genügt die Platine für diesen Schritt aus dem Weg zu legen.

    Component on bottom left was taken off, but not mentioned. Not sure what it does it does, and I'm assuming it's unimportant, but I just wanted to note.

    Jordan - Antwort

    The thing on the bottom left in the little black rubber cover is the mic!

    Maxwell Alexander -

    Why not just seperate the wifi board from the antenna now while in your hands? You're going to do it later anyway...

    Retro Gaming Repair - Antwort

    • Finde die Lautstärketaste rechts auf der Hauptplatine in der Nähe des Schiebepads.

    • Entferne die Platine mit dem Lautstärkeregeler mit einer Pinzette vom Gehäuse. Sie ist immer noch mit der Hauptplatine durch ein Kabel verbunden.

    As previously commented, in this step the microphone (lower left corner) was removed.

    This is done by opening the grey flap, removing the ribbon from the motherboard and then either remove it or just let it sit in it’s place.

    In my experience the motherboard will go around it easily.

    Stefan Nicodem - Antwort

    • Kippe den Haltebügel am Verbinder des Flachbandkabels zur Lautstärkeregelung auf der Hauptplatine mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers vorsichtig nach oben.

    • Entferne die Platine der Lautstärkeregelung und lege sie beiseite.

    This step proved to be unnecessary. It's perfectly fine to leave it attached, and again it's one less small fiddly piece to go missing.

    Retro Gaming Repair - Antwort

    What if I pushed flap too hard and detached and cant find. Now I unable to secure in. Is there a part for this?

    Crystal Ramirez - Antwort

    Its is the small grey flap that holds in the ribbon.

    Crystal Ramirez - Antwort

    • Entferne die Plastikstücke in den Ecken unten rechts und links mit dem Finger oder einer Pinzette.

    • Du kannst sie auch entfernen indem du das Gerät herum drehst, dann fallen sie heraus. Verliere sie nicht.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Hebe die Sicherungen an den beiden kleinen Flachbandkabeln an der Hauptplatine hoch.

    • Du findest sie oben rechts und unten rechts auf der Hauptplatine.

    • Löse die beiden Kabel.

    For the first picture on step 17, (the one at the top of the board) what does that cable connect to? My clip broke.

    Bradly - Antwort

    MMM as far as I can tell it looks like it's for the touch screen as it plugs into p13 and is the same plug type as p10, p12 and p17 and a couple others. Could be wrong though :)

    Connor -

    • Klappe die Sicherungsbügel an den etwas breiteren Flachbandkabeln mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • Achte darauf die Klappen von der weißen Seite her zu öffnen.

    • Löse die Kabel.

    Note: the top right wider ribbon is for the camera, the thinner ribbon in the top right is for the speakers and the bottom ribbon is to the upper lcd. You will want to ensure you stack the ribbons appropriately when putting the system back together.

    Elaine - Antwort

    Had some trouble with this: Not exactly sure why, but when after successfully replacing the screen and beginning to resemble, while reinserting the wide ribbon for the lower LCD (p8) it seems that the white locking clip unhinged itself from the connector, and bent some of the pins. The ribbon now won't fully insert.. Can't figure out if I've somehow completely ruined my 3ds. Mostly concerned about my save data that's not on my sdcard.

    kbbauer - Antwort

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am Flachbandkabel mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • An dieser Klappe musst du von der schwarzen Seite her arbeiten.

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel.

      • Zusammenbau: dieses breitere Flachbandkabel hat einen schwarzen Streifen und verläuft auf der oberen (sichtbaren) Seite der Hauptplatine.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Entferne zehn 5,5 mm Schrauben rings um die Hauptplatine.

    It’s not a *!&*^#% 5.5mm, it’s 0.05mm probably. I ended up using wrong screws and punctured the housing. So wrong!

    장한솔 - Antwort

    I think those 5,5 mm mean the length (!) of the screws. The heads are normal little Philipps, perhaps #00 or #000.

    VauWeh - Antwort

    • Die Hauptplatine ist immer noch oben rechts befestigt. Entferne sie also noch nicht ganz.

    • Hebe die Platine sorgfältig gerade soweit hoch, dass die beiden Plastikbefestigungen an den beiden oberen Ecken des Einschubs für die Cartridges frei werden.

    • Kippe die Platine vorsichtig über die Oberkante.

    Laying it down like this puts too much stress on the ribbon cable. I find it better to release the connector while the board is tilted at a 90 degree angle to the body of the 3DS. Less chance of damage to the top screen cable that way.

    Retro Gaming Repair - Antwort

    • Hebe vorsichtig die Sicherung am Verbinder des breiteren Flachbandkabels in der oberen rechten Seite der Hauptplatine mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers hoch.

    • Hebe von der weißen Seite her hoch.

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel.

    • Lege die Hauptplatine zur Seite.

    So I tore this wire is this the visual or something?? Please help

    linkon king - Antwort

    I tore this wire too. Am I able to buy it individually?

    dobe mon - Antwort

    How do you get this cable back in? It is way too short...

    Luke Miller - Antwort

    Tweezers, steady hand, and a little luck.

    Marcus DeCamp - Antwort

    So, before step 23 do you put the bottom half of the 3ds xl back together?

    Poké Pi. - Antwort

    When fixing, I can't put the 2 wires in the connector. HELP!

    Owen Burch - Antwort

    • Klappe das Gerät am Scharnier auf.

    • Drücke vorsichtig am Touchscreen nach oben und löse ihn aus dem Gehäuse.

    Hi everybody,

    Just to comment that they have some adhesive double tape between the LCD/touchscreen and the case. So be careful too.

    Chi Thuan Phan - Antwort

    I found that using a spudger to wedge it worked for me.

    Chris Ramsay - Antwort


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what if you need to replace the screen on the top housing? what is it called.

kerriereed - Antwort

Is the bottom LCD screen of the Nintendo 3ds xl, the same as the one in the NEW Nintendo 3ds xl?

Looking for what part to buy.

markknobel - Antwort

Bit old, but did you figure out the answer which to buy?

White -

Very detailed and easy to use step by step thanks. However, after reassembly after I switch the power button on it starts and then a flash and it trips out? Obviously a fault somewhere but not sure where to start.? Any thoughts appreciated.

Pete Mason - Antwort

That's to do with a part this tutorial skips: you need to put some insulation between the new screen and the motherboard. That's what that orange film is on the back of the screen in the photos. When replacing, you can easily (carefully) remove that film and stick it onto the back of the new screen, no problem. Or you can put some other sort of adhesive to create some insulation between the screen and motherboard. Hope this helps.

Albert Wiltfong -

where can i get replacement adhesive tape? my touchscreen is fine, but the system was previously owned by a child so the adhesive lining is filled with food bits and whatnot, tried google but can't find anything so far.

Elizabeth Morse - Antwort

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was able to fix my DS thanks to this after I dropped it and the touchscreen became weird. The problem I was having was a black touch screen with a glitched line across it that still responded to touch. I could tap on things on the touchscreen and the top screen would respond, but there were no images on the touchscreen. This was exactly what I needed and I recommend it to anyone with similar problems.

Riley McIntosh - Antwort

So I was trying to fix my 3ds xl (2015) the other day and the problem was when I would flip my 3ds open it would make a pop sound and shut off. I went in following instructions on how to assemble it and all that. Afterward I didn't fix it so I just decided I'll save for a new one. In doing all this I created another problem. My bottom LCD displays but it will not respond to touch. Does this mean I need a new bottom LCD? I have a lot of games and data I don't want to lose just because my bottom screen won't respond. In order to keep it all I need to do a system transfer which I can only do in system settings which requires touch to navigate. Can anyone help?

Spencer - Antwort

It's the older 3ds xl model not the New Nintendo 3ds

Spencer -

The re-attachment of that first cable was a challenge, trying to wrestle the chassis, motherboard, and ribbon cable. I've written a short guide that makes it much easier, accessible here:

Re-installing the motherboard of the 3DS XL

Dan - Antwort

I broke the plastic touchscreen on the bottom screen. (Not the LCD) So basically the plastic part has a dent in it, and it’s always tapping in one place. Now I would’ve gotten it fixed by now, but the problem is I have the new 2015 3ds xl, so I’m not 100% sure if this guide will work. If someone could confirm for me, that would be very appreciated! :)

Zachary Watson - Antwort

how do take the hinge off

Hammer Gaming - Antwort

This is not helpful I need one that is kid friendly usually I can fix anything as a 12yr old girl but this was confusing.

Katherine Jhonson - Antwort

I did a full housing swap and only the touch screen doesn’t respond. The bottom screen still shows an image though. Should I just replace the digitizer?

mrjennyl - Antwort

Thanks a lot. This was a really detailed guide which got my 3ds working in no time at all. Reassembling the ribbon cables is probably the hardest thing to do on this small project.

Tommie Aldridge - Antwort

I’m following the instructions, but I broke the ribbon cable for the volume board. I guess I won’t be using this 3DS anymore.

Doggo Boi - Antwort

Thank you very much, my daughters 3DS XL is working again!

During the reassembly the white locker of the ribbon cable from step 18/pic. 2 jumped out. This was nearly the death of the Nintendo… To get it back on the two rows of the maybe 100 pins I needed 3 trys of around 15 min. each before stopping the repair for this day and beeing very frustrated. This thing was way too small for human Hands ;-)

The 4th try was successfull, but the locker lost the two guiding side-pieces. After closing it, I taped it down and it’s working!

So be carefull with this while reassembling :-)

saal - Antwort

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