In this guide, I will show you how to replace a screen on your gameboy advance


  1. Turn your GBA upside down so that the battery compartment is facing up.
    • Turn your GBA upside down so that the battery compartment is facing up.

    • Remove the one Phillips screw holding the battery compartment cover in place.

    • Remove the battery compartment cover.

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  2. Pry the battery up with your fingernail or Spudger.
    • Pry the battery up with your fingernail or Spudger.

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    • Remove the 6 Tripoint screws holding the case together.

    • Pry the 2 halves apart. Do not force it though, or you may break your GBA.

    • Set the bottom half away for later.

    • Be sure not to lose the small, square nut that hold the battery compartment nut in or else you will not be able to screw the battery compartment in.

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    • Unscrew the three Phillips screws holding the motherboard to the mid case.

    • WARNING!!! Do NOT Take the motherboard off yet. It is still Secured with A Ribbon Cable.

    • Turn the GBA so that it is like the Third photo.

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    • Fold the motherboard down like in the first photo. Be sure that the case is ON TOP of the motherboard.

    • Use a screwdriver or tweezers to unplug the ZIF Connector from the motherboard.

    • Take the Screen ribbon cable out of the motherboard.

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    • Use a flat-blade screwdriver or the pointed side of a spudger to remove the 5 rubber screw covers.

    • Unscrew the 5 tri point screws under the rubber pads.

    • Close the GBA and unscrew the single Phillips screw on the bottom.

    • We are done with the screws now!

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    • Open up the GBA and everything should fall apart. Thread the ribbon cable through the opening and lift the screen out of the upper case.

    • You are done!!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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One issue - you never mentioned how to get the hinge off, so getting the ribbon in and out is.. hard.

toontown2007 - Antwort

hello can i ask something? can you take apart the lcd? because my lcd has fungus

Jorick Earl Bastian - Antwort

I am pretty sure, as the actual screen can be separated from the plastic cover (the thing that says game boy advance). I’ve never seen fungus in a screen though. That’s interesting.

Lucas Hoekstra (Lucas9810) -

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