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Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du den Kühlkörper austauschen kannst.

In der Switch sind JIS-Schrauben verbaut, zur Not passen aber auch Bits für Kreuzschlitzschrauben. Sei aber sehr vorsichtig und beschädige die Schraubenköpfe nicht. Die Bits von iFixit können auch für JIS-Schrauben verwendet werden.

Hinweis: Wenn du das Abschirmblech ausgebaut hast, musst du die Wärmeleitpaste zwischen der Oberfläche und dem Kühlkörper ersetzen. Normale Wärmeleitpaste ist nicht geeignet, größere Spalten zu überbrücken, der beste Ersatz ist K5 Pro viskose Wärmeleitpaste.

Hinweis: Diese Anleitung und das von uns verkaufte Ersatzteil ist für das originale Nintendo Switch Modell von 2017 geeignet, aber auch für das neuere Modell von 2019 (Modellnummer HAC-001 und HAC-001(-01)).

  1. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller ablösen: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller ablösen: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller ablösen: Schritt 1, Bild 3 von 3
    • Schalte das Gerät komplett aus, bevor du mit der Reparatur beginnst.

    • Drücke und halte den kleinen runden Knopf auf der Rückseite des Joy Con Controllers.

    • Halte den Knopf weiterhin gedrückt und schiebe den Controller nach oben.

  2. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller entfernen: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller entfernen: Schritt 2, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Joy Con Controller entfernen: Schritt 2, Bild 3 von 3
    • Schiebe den Joy Con nach oben ganz aus dem Gerät heraus.

    • Wiederhole das Ganze für den anderen Joy Con.

    • Entferne die vier 6,3 mm langen Tri-Point Y00 Schrauben von der Rückabdeckung.

    • Halte während der ganzen Reparatur die Schrauben gut geordnet und achte darauf, dass jede Schraube wieder an ihren alten Platz kommt.

    Had to use a Y0 from my kit - the Y00 was too small to get a grip on the screw.

    cday - Antwort

    I also had a much easier time with Y0 versus Y00. Y00 felt like it was starting to strip the first screw I tried to remove.

    Joe -

    My screws took a little coaxing before they were all ready to come out of the back plate, but I remedied this by turning the screwdriver as little as possible with each turn. Use almost no pressure, except for at the very beginning of each screw’s first turn.

    nin10doh - Antwort

    I think my screws are stripped, any way to get them out?

    Banjomanperson - Antwort

    I hear that using a rubber band can help? Not 100% sure on that though.

    Pifase -

  3. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Schrauben an der Oberkante und Unterkante entfernen: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Schrauben an der Oberkante und Unterkante entfernen: Schritt 4, Bild 2 von 2
    • Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher oder ein Ph000 Bit von iFixit und entferne folgende Schrauben, mit denen die Rückabdeckung befestigt ist:

    • Eine einzelne 2,5 mm Schraube an der Oberkante des Gerätes.

    • Zwei 2,5 mm lange Schrauben an der Unterkante des Gerätes

    • Diese Schrauben sitzen sehr fest, um zu verhindern, dass die Schraubenköpfe beschädigt werden, musst du fest nach unten drücken und langsam arbeiten. Wenn die Schrauben nicht heraus kommt, verwende einen anderen JIS 000 oder Kreuzschlitz 000 Schraubendreher.

    Hey guys, I tried removing the upper screw and it won't go out(neither will it go in) any tips how to fix this?


    Nemysis - Antwort

    The screw boss might be stripped out. Has the device been taken apart before? If you can unscrew it a little bit to get the screw to peek out, maybe try and grab it with some pliers as a last-ditch effort.

    Craig Lloyd -

    I have the same problem. The JIS 000 tool works great on the joy con rails per step 5 but refuses to turn the bottom two 2.5 mm screws as in step 4. These bottom screws are noticeably smaller than the screws as in step 5. The JIS 000 does not get down into these screws. Hopefully they haven’t been stripped by the wrong tool. So is there a JIS tool that is smaller than 000? I’m stuck at this point…

    david brown - Antwort

    We used the JIS 3.0mm screwdriver for both top and bottom screws and it worked

    Brooklyn Gardner - Antwort

    Used PH00 to get these out with no problem.

    cday - Antwort

    Fun fact: these screw into little plastic tabs that stick out of the rear panel. Apparently those tabs are fragile and easy to just break off…

    Benjamin Fritz - Antwort

    My screws came out fine. But they are easily stripped with too much pressure on reassmbly

    Jaxon Lee - Antwort

    this screws are way too fragile and way too small so be careful when taking them off dont use much force and unscrew also one of them fell somewhere and spent 30 mins searching for it

    Richard Aguirre - Antwort

    PH000 will work if you don’t have JIS000. The large IFIXIT kit has both and I lost JIS000. Just be very careful as you can strip the heads when removing or inserting easier.

    Shawn Spivey - Antwort

    One thing that worked pretty well for me with the screws not coming out is slightly prying on the back cover to put them under some tension

    Florian Kraupa - Antwort

    Quick note, these screws are not magnetic. A magnetic screwdriver will hold onto any of the others safely, but you need to be careful not to drop these ones in particular.

    Jason Lane - Antwort

  4. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 2
    • In der Mitte auf jeder Seite des Gerätes befindet sich eine 3,8 mm JIS 000 Schraube. Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher/Bit oder ein Original PH000 Bit von iFixit und drehe sie beide heraus.

    I tried my JIS 000 on Step 5 and was unable to get the screw to budge. It’s partner from the other side came right out with no trouble. Don’t really want to narf up the screw, so I bailed out. Anyone else have this issue?

    mrhoyt - Antwort

    Could just be torqued down a bit more! I’d recommend making sure the driver bit seats nicely into the screw, apply some downward pressure, and slowly twist to try and back it out. Good luck!

    Craig Lloyd -

    Yeah I’m having this exact issue. Screw stripped and now I’m stuck. Wish I hadn’t even started.

    Ryan Quinn -

    I did finally get it out- one thing I noticed was some of the screws have blue Loctite on the threads. I guess they figure it’ll get tossed around. This underscores the importance of having the correct tools and making double darn sure you are using the correct size, etc.

    mrhoyt - Antwort

    What worked for me here was a Phillips 000, not a JIS 000

    Federico Zivolo - Antwort

    One of mine is totally stripped. Guess I can’t do anything now.

    Nick - Antwort

  5. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 2
    • Klappe den Aufsteller auf der Rückseite des Gerätes mit den Fingern heraus.

    • Wenn im microSD-Kartenleser noch eine microSD-Karte ist, dann hole sie jetzt heraus, bevor du mit den nächsten Schritt weitermachst.

  6. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 1
    • Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher/Bit oder ein Original PH000 Bit von iFixit und entferne die 1,6 mm JIS 000 Schraube in der Vertiefung für den Aufsteller.

    • Klappe den Aufsteller zu.

  7. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 3 von 3
    • Öffne die Cartridge-Klappe.

    • Diese Klappe schließt an der anderen Hälfte des Kunststoffgehäuses an. Im geschlossenen Zustand verhindert sie, dass du die Rückabdeckung komplett abheben kannst.

    • Hebe die Rückabdeckung von der Unterseite des Gerätes her hoch und entferne sie.

    How to remove micro SD port?

    Pull straight up, press back into place when closing back up.

    Christopher Hernandez - Antwort

    This step is missing in this guide. Here are the steps from another guide:

    Step 9) Nintendo Switch rechte Joy-Con Sensorschiene austauschen

    Step 10) Nintendo Switch rechte Joy-Con Sensorschiene austauschen

    David - Antwort

  8. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, microSD-Kartenleser entfernen: Schritt 9, Bild 1 von 1
    • Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher/Bit oder ein Original PH000 Bit von iFixit und entferne die einzelne 3,1 mm JIS000-Schraube, mit der der microSD-Kartenleser befestigt ist.

  9. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 10, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 10, Bild 2 von 2
    • Hebe den microSD-Kartenleser mit den Fingern oder einer Pinzette nach oben vom Gerät weg, löse ihn ab und entferne ihn.

    • Achte beim Zusammenbau darauf, dass der Druckstecker unter dem Schaumstoff fest mit der Hauptplatine verbunden ist. Es kann hilfreich sein, den Schaumstoff zu entfernen, bevor der Kartenleser wieder eingebaut wird.

    Yes. The reverse is not so simple- you can’t see what you’re doing when you attempt to reconnect and it only takes one small error to completely bend the contacts on the connector. Very delicate.

    if you very gently remove the foam pad sticker, you can at least see better how it lines up and can feel your way to a degree… then you can stick the pad back in. The pad seems pretty critical in keeping things in place once reassembled.

    holmzee - Antwort

    Definitely agree about not sticking the foam pad back on until the new SD card slot is connected. Saved a lot of headache. Great walkthrough and easy repair!

    Jonathan Stachewicz -

    Tried several times to replace this SD reader module. As mentioned above, the issue is aligning the connectors together. It appears the foam tape is being used to hold the connection in place. (assuming you can make a viable connection) I am rather surprised at this design. In my experience, mylar ribbon cables like this usually slide into a small PC mounted socket. It appears Nintendo went the cheap route here. This design is prone to failure since it does not enable a positive connection - at least from what I can see.

    Bill Little - Antwort

    Alors je suis en détresse total . Jai cassé les bouches en or sur le connecteur qui est soudé sur la carte mère.. comment changer cette toute petite pièces, oû la trouver . Cela fais 1 mois que je cherche partout. Sans remplacer la carte mère. Merci pour vos réponses

    Mike Snow - Antwort

    I found it easier to connect it without the black foam pad so I could see and than add the foam pad over it. It was super easy and I an I 33 Mom doing this for my son. Was well worth the money for the kit saved us almost 100 bucks

    Katherine Harrison - Antwort

    Had my son follow this guide to fix his own switch where the ad card reader didn't work. And he did. Great instructions!!!! Thanks a million!

    William Scott - Antwort

    The only difficult part of following this guide is connecting the new sd card reader into the poorly designed motherboard connector. Its quite possible the sd card reader that came in the console wasnt broken at all.

    The repair kit works just as advertised and even comes with stickers.

    Matthias_ Links - Antwort

    I’m still getting error 2002-2054 even after replacing memory card reader module. Thanks, Nintendo!

    Wes Stephenson - Antwort

    My switch won’t read my microSD card after I reassembled it (error 2016-0641) please help!

    Nate Topical - Antwort

    Tip: Keep the old SD reader piece loosely attached while you line up and gently press the new SD component into the connector on the motherboard. Once the new piece is snug, then carefully remove the old piece keeping the sticky foam in place.

    I am a middle-aged mom with absolutely no special tech skills and I easily followed the directions and successfully fixed the broken SD drive. ifixit is the best!

    Wende David - Antwort

    Ah good! i have more confidence now in doing it once you said you're a middle age mom with no experience

    Mohammad Hosein Yavari -

    I missed this bit about reconnecting the SD card reader under the foam pad and didn’t realise until my son pointed out a data storage problem?. All fixed in about 5 minutes taking advice from the replacing the SD card reader fix, especially removing the foam pad from the connector to better see and feel what you’re doing. All sorted!

    Stuart Farquharson-Roberts - Antwort

    Awesome guide! Very easy to do with the supplied kit

    cravenkeo khamone - Antwort

    Tank you very much, and by tank I mean M1 Abrams, jokes apart easy and simple to follow

    Elia Veschi - Antwort

    Thanks for the guide, I was struggling to find a solution, replaced more sd cards, before I stumbled upon this post. The Switch of my children works flawless again!

    Robert Morvai - Antwort

    Doesn’t work! I have spent 4 hours and $26 on a tiny screwdriver and some stickers.. I just gave up and replaced the Switch instead.

    I even contacted a local shop to have them fix it and they told me it really isn’t possible. Thanks for taking my money Ifixit!

    J.R. Wood - Antwort

    This helped me to reseat my SD card reader ribbon cable. I was getting the 2016-0641 error and no card work. A drop had dislodged the cable partially. And yes remove the foam pad gently to properly connect the cable. You can reuse the foam pad.

    Kris Morey - Antwort

    For anyone who ends up bending the pins like I did while trying to reseat the microSD card reader…

    I suggest gently placing very thin tweezers (like the curved ones in the Pro Tool Kit) in the gap and very, very gently pressing them back into alignment. Took a little effort but I was able to realign them enough to sit it in place and have it later working after reassembling the console.

    Yakarot Sennin - Antwort

    Anyone have a suggestion where I can purchase replacement foam for this sticker?

    Rob M - Antwort

    When reassembling, note the alignment pins in the left and bottom notches before tightening the screw

    Jason Lane - Antwort

  10. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Abschirmblech ausbauen: Schritt 11, Bild 1 von 1
    • Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher/Bit oder ein Original PH000 Bit von iFixit und entferne die sechs 3 mm JIS 000 Schrauben, mit denen das Abschirmblech am Gerät befestigt ist.

    Some models have a small board in the lower left beneath the kickstand which accepts SD cards. This will have to be carefully removed with its connections popped out, then replaced after.

    Draque Thompson - Antwort

    Yeah, that “small board” is the microSD Card reader chip, which was covered literally one step ago. All models have a microSD Card reader, that’s how game data is stored…

    nin10doh -

  11. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 2 von 2
    • Ziehe das Stück Schaumstoff an der Oberkante des Gerätes nahe bei der Lüfteröffnung mit den Fingern oder einer Pinzette zurück.

    • Wenn sich der Schaumstoff nicht leicht ablösen lässt, dann ziehe ihn nicht mit Gewalt ab, er könnte zerreißen. Löse ihn behutsam an verschiedenen Stellen ab, bis du ihn ganz entfernen kannst.

    My Switch (bought about two weeks after launch) seems to be missing this foam piece… Was it added later, similar to the foam piece in the left joy-con (to improve connectivity)?

    firetech - Antwort

    It’s possible it was added to newer units! Nintendo slightly updated the internals of the Switch not too long ago.

    Craig Lloyd -

    My launch Switch also does not have this piece of foam, so it was most likely added later.

    Christoph -

  12. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 3 von 3
    • Setze einen Spudger am Rand des Gerätes unter das Abschirmblech ein.

    • Heble nach oben, hebe das Abschirmblech hoch und entferne es.

    • Es geht vielleicht ein bisschen schwer, weil das Abschirmblech wegen der Wärmeleitpaste am Kühlkörper haftet.

    • Entferne das Abschirmblech.

    • Der Spalt zwischen Abschirmblech und dem darunterliegenden kupfernen Kühlkörper wird durch eine dicke rosafarbene Wärmeleitpaste überbrückt. Verwende, nachdem das Abschirmblech entfernt worden ist, unsere Anleitung für Wärmeleitpaste, entferne beim Zusammenbau die alte Paste und ersetze sie durch eine geeignete Paste, wie z.B. K5 Pro.

    How do you know if the thermal paste needs to be replaced?

    Youji Hong - Antwort

    Once you remove a heatsink you must always replace thermal paste even if you had just applied it ( or add a little more) . The reason is that once heat sink is fitted, paste splits around because of pressure and only needed amount will remain. If you remove the heatsink then some paste will move so when installed again there will be spots without paste. Hope this is clear enough. In any case cost of paste is very small compared to work time and value of your equipment…..

    MacTek -

    When your switch starts to lag and drop FPS, if you play breath of the wild and it starts to slow down in heavy areas like the forest where you get the master sword, can i use artic mx 4 insted of the pink compound?

    Diego Soto - Antwort

    I’d like to know as well if a cpu thermal compound like arctic mx-4 can be used to replace the pink compound

    Adam Stillman - Antwort

    No you shouldn't . It will spill around because it is not viscous enough and then there will be no heat transfer. As suggested by author K5 PRO is the most appropriate compound for such cases.

    MacTek -

    Arctic is generally only supposed to be used on bigger heat sinks like a personal computer. Its not nearly as thick or gummy compared to K5 PRO, and you should always use something that’s thicker for smaller project like a Switch/phone/tablet.

    Shawn Christensen -

    Why was this not included in the tools/equipment list? Getting to this step and now I will have to reverse and wait for yet another order to arrive. ? Very frustrated

    Amanda Nally - Antwort

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for bringing this up. Sorry! We inadvertently left that part out during the guide refresh. I’ll add the necessary info into the step.

    Arthur Shi -

    To apply new thermal paste, the directions state to use the application method recommended for your specific processor type—vertical line, horizontal line, middle dot, or surface spread.

    Which method should be used for the Nintendo Switch processor?

    Philip W - Antwort

    As stated in the comment above, is there a particular method to apply thermal paste to the Switch’s processor? Or as long as you distribute it evenly is enough?

    lievjorg - Antwort

  13. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Akku abtrennen: Schritt 14, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Akku abtrennen: Schritt 14, Bild 2 von 2
    • Heble den Akkustecker mit der Spudgerspitze gerade nach oben und löse ihn aus seinem Anschluss auf der Hauptplatine heraus.

    be careful not to pry it off the board entirely

    Nathan McKenna - Antwort

  14. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen, Kühlkörper entfernen: Schritt 15, Bild 1 von 1
    • Nimm einen JIS 000 Schraubendreher/Bit oder ein Original PH000 Bit von iFixit und entferne die drei 3 mm JIS 000 Schrauben, mit denen der Kühlkörper an der Hauptplatine befestigt ist.

    • Über den Lüfter und den Kühlkörper sind zwei Schaumstoffstücke verklebt. Ziehe sie vom Lüfter weg.

    • Der Schaumstoff muss nur soweit abgezogen werden, bis der Lüfter frei zugänglich ist.

    • Der Schaumstoff ist wirklich empfindlich und reißt leicht. Löse ihn auf folgende Weise ab:

    • Setze den Spudger mit der Spitze unter den Teil des Schaumstoffs, der nirgendwo festgeklebt ist.

    • Drücke den Schaumstoff oben mit dem Finger fest.

    • Rolle die Spudgerspitze ganz unter dem Schaumstoff bis zum anderen Ende entlang, bis er abgelöst ist.

    spudger technique is perfect.

    Jaxon Lee - Antwort

    For anyone who doesn’t have a pen-style spudger, the tip of your JIS 000 screwdriver can be a great alternative tool. The same steps above can be used, just be extra careful not to tear that foam. Roll the tip of the screwdriver the same way you would roll the spudger tip.

    nin10doh - Antwort

    Maybe it’s because I’m working on a day one switch and the adhesive is just old and stubborn, but this didn’t work well for me. Am I just completely out of luck, or can I order a replacement for the foam?

    Trae Block - Antwort

  15. Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 17, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 17, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Switch Kühlkörper austauschen: Schritt 17, Bild 3 von 3
    • Hebe den Kühlkörper mit dem Spudger oder den Fingern nach oben von der Hauptplatine hoch und entferne ihn.

    • Möglicherweise spürst du ein wenig Widerstand. Das ist normal, weil der Kühlkörper wegen der Wärmeleitpaste an der CPU festhängt.

    • Reinige die CPU und den Kühlkörper von der Wärmeleitpaste. Benutze dazu hochkonzentrierten Isopropylalkohol (mindestens 90%ig) und ein fusselfreies Tuch. Trage vor dem Zusammenbau neue Wärmeleitpaste auf die CPU auf.

    • Trage an allen Stellen, die vorher mit Wärmeleitpaste bestrichen waren, wieder neue Paste auf, und zwar auch zwischen dem Kühlrohr und der Aluminiumabschirmung, die Switch benutzt diese nämlich auch zur Wärmeableitung.

    What's on the heatsink?

    Raven.K - Antwort

    Directions for this step say you can use Artic Silver ArctiClean but when adding to iFixit cart it says “This won’t work with your device (Nintendo Switch).

    Dan S. - Antwort

    where do i get more of that black fabric like tape that is on the heat sink?

    Regal Pikachu - Antwort

    They may sell it in the ifixit store.

    Joshua Graham -

    (1) Exactly how much thermal paste should be applied to the CPU?

    (2) Which application method should be used? The linked instructions list four methods (vertical line, horizontal line, middle dot, or surface spread) but it’s not clear to me which one is appropriate for the Switch. Thanks!

    Travis - Antwort

    UPDATE: So, for anyone who also wanted to know the answers to these questions:

    1. I ended up eyeballing the amount. Imagine an amount the size of a pea, then split that amount in half. That’s how much I used, and it worked fine.

    2. The paste (I used K5-Pro as recommended) is quite thick and sticky and difficult to get to behave the way you want, so I ended up just doing the “middle dot” method and spreading it a bit with a popsicle stick before smushing it the rest of the way down with the heat sink. Seems to have done the trick.

    Good luck!

    Travis -

    you can also spread it with the spudger or any non-metalic tool if you are not sure how much you put

    just clean it afterwards

    Richard Aguirre -

    K5 (or thermal pads) is ONLY needed between the copper pipe and metal shield plate. It is a pad replacement compound and is not meant for high heat applications like CPUs as it boils and creates air gaps. Air=bad for heat transfer.

    Regular thermal compound/paste should be used on the CPU. You’ll have a sticky mess to clean but if you want proper cooling it needs to be done. The instructions clearly state that regular compound is used on the CPU.

    Cerus98 -

    i used artic silver 5 and worked just fine

    Richard Aguirre - Antwort


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Craig Lloyd

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I couldn’t even get past the first step because my screws were in so tight I made them threadbare trying to get them out. I did use the iFixit toolkit so I was using the right head but taking the screws out is not as easy as demonstrated lol

Nate Topical - Antwort

same mines are stripped

Luigi Igii -

Same happened to me :( I was able to file down the screwdriver I was given and it worked on three of the screws before they’d stripped too much. The fourth screw I couldn’t remove so I was able to slightly bend and turn the backing enough to access the fan. I also wasn’t able to peel the tape back without it completely disintegrating. Haha guess I don’t have the magic touch.

Angela Evans -

Do you need the K5 thermal peas or is the Arctic silver 5 thermal paste enough?

Carlos O - Antwort

You just need a good thermal paste

Daniele Carminati -

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