Wenn das DVD Laufwerk nicht mehr gut funktioniert, hilft meistens der Austausch der Linse am DVD Laufwerk.

  1. Entferne mit einem Metallspatel die weißen Schraubenabdeckungen,  die im Gehäuse unten an der Vorderseite des Wii stecken.
    • Entferne mit einem Metallspatel die weißen Schraubenabdeckungen, die im Gehäuse unten an der Vorderseite des Wii stecken.

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  2. Entferne die beiden 8,3 mm TriWing Schrauben unter den eben abgelösten Abdeckungen.
    • Entferne die beiden 8,3 mm TriWing Schrauben unter den eben abgelösten Abdeckungen.

    Before you start, get a small plastic tray with at least 15 small bins in it, and put the screws you take out in each step in the bins in order. It makes reassembly a LOT easier.

    larry - Antwort

    NOTE: You need a Y1 screwdriver. Be careful when buying the little red screwdrivers on Amazon that claim to fit the Wii - they don’t!! From personal experience.

    Robotai - Antwort

    Just to add to Robotai’s comment, if you do get the little red/orange screwdrivers on Amazon, file off the tip. It if’s mostly blunt, it fits the tri-wing screws much better.

    jeff - Antwort

    • Entferne die einzelne 5,9 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube unter der Klappe für den Eingang des Controllers gleich bei der Frontplatte.

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    • Entferne mit einem Metallspatel den Gummifuß auf der Seite der Wii in der Nähe der Öffnung des DVD Laufwerks.

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    • Entferne die einzelne 5,9 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube unter dem eben entfernten Fuß.

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    • Ziehe die Frontplatte vorsichtig von der Vorderseite der Wii weg.

    • Löse den Plastikverbinder am LED-Kabel mit der Pinzette von der Hauptplatine.

    • Entferne die Frontplatte.

    surprisingly, this was the trickiest step for me. I almost completely mangled the wires when my tweezers slipped as I was attempting to remove the connector.

    rbelknap - Antwort

    I ended up using needle nose pliars on this step.

    Awesome detailed guide made this very easy, thank you author!

    Glenn Woodard - Antwort

    Can someone direct me to what I need to do? My tweezers slipped and I cut one of the wires on the connector. Where can I find a new Y plug for the wii?

    jaredslaweski - Antwort

    I also broke my wire trying to use tweezers. I should have known better. I use (normally do) a spudger on one side and my fingernail on the other to gently pry these types of connectors out. I ended up buying a replacement faceplate on ebay.

    Tyler - Antwort

    This was the hardest part for me. I tried using my fingernails, two different tweezers, and needle nose pliers, but I ended up cutting both the wires. Anyway, I put some electric tape over the exposed wires and just reassembled the system. Funny thing is that the LED still works and I have not noticed any difference. I'm not sure what those wires did, but they seem to not be important.

    Nick - Antwort

    I also broke off the flimsy wires at the connector. To NOT break the wires, alternate pressing on the right and left sides of the connector with a small flathead screwdriver. Be patient, it will eventually work itself free. There isn't enough to grab onto with the tweezers and you'll only succeed in having them slip off, grab the wires, and yank the wires out.

    Good news is that if you do rip out the wires, no worries... I didn't reconnect them and the unit works just fine. I have no idea what those wires are even for. Power LED continues to work no problem.

    jasendorf - Antwort

    I used two small flat head screw drivers, one on each side to pry out the connector. This created less pressure from me and reduced my chance of cutting the wires.

    mulkey - Antwort

    This guide is really marvellous - works a treat. But I would definitely recommend needle nose pliers for this step rather than tweezers. It's really easy if you use pliers and potentially damaging if not, and you get it wrong. I had one sniff at it with tweezers then immediate nipped out to the garage for my pliers!

    thepitcanary - Antwort

    Definitely a tricky step with that connector. I also cut broke the wire accidentally and was going to just give up trying to fix the Wii. However, as others stated the Wii works just fine, including the lights. I do wonder what those wire are for.

    darcaesar - Antwort

    I also had a lot of trouble trying to get the connector off with tweezers. Ended up leaving it attached. It does not really get in the way of remaining steps.

    Ron Even - Antwort

    Needlenose pliers did the trick for us!

    Ron Cormier - Antwort

    Needlenose pliers did it for us!

    Ron Cormier - Antwort

    You can save yourself some trouble at this point and skip the rest of the disassembly: See that green tab to the left of the sd card slot? THAT’S the wifi board (and that green tab, in hindsight, seems designed to make it accessible without taking apart the whole device, don’t you think?) A little careful spudging, and you’ve got it out, ready to replace! (There’s a guy who shows the process on youtube, if you want to review first)

    Will - Antwort

    I got the connector out ok thanks to the suggestions here, but I couldn’t figure out how to reattach it. In the end, I just kind of threw it in and it worked fine.

    Christine Wittmer - Antwort

    • Öffne die Abdeckung über den Controller-Ports bis sie rechtwinklig zur schwarzen Blende ist.

    • Ziehe die Abdeckung gerade heraus und löse sie vom äusseren Gehäuse.

    • Wiederhole diesen Schritt für die Abdeckung über dem Anschluss für die Speicherkarte.

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    • Entferne die beiden 4,1 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben am oberen Rand der schwarzen Kunststoffblende der Controller-Ports.

    • Hebe die Blende der langen Kante gegenüber den Controller-Ports hoch und entferne sie von der Wii.

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    • Entferne die beiden 5 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben über den Controller-Ports.

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    • Entferne mit einem Metallspatel die drei markierten Schraubenabdeckungen auf der Seite der Wii.

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    • Entferne folgende Schrauben:

      • Zwei 5 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben

      • Eine 8,2 mm Tri-Wing Schraube

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    • Entferne mit dem Metallspatel die beiden Gummifüße in der Bodenplatte in der Nähe der hinteren Anschlüsse.

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    • Darunter befinden sich zwei 8,2 mm TriWing Schrauben. Drehe sie heraus.

    had a little trouble with theses screws. they were just barely too deep for my 54pies bit driver kit to reach. I ended up inserting a small wad of paper into the shaft of my driver so the tri-wing bit stuck out far enough to engage the screw. (I used the tweezers to remove the paper when I was done) :)

    rbelknap - Antwort

    Thank you rbelknap, this is excellent advice for those using the ifixit branded driver.

    George Squires - Antwort

    You could also use the 4mm nut driver in the iFixit kit to turn the tri-wing driver. This will give you a little more reach.

    Edward Tucker - Antwort

    This paper wad trick totally worked for me too!

    anonymous 779 - Antwort

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    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Hebe das äußere Gehäuse vom Rest der Wii weg.

    This step could use at least another picture from the backside so it's clearer what comes up and what stays down.

    Jose Vazquez - Antwort

    I used a spudger around the edges of the outer case to gently ease it upward since I could not lift it out with my fingers. Then it came right out.

    Marko - Antwort

    hey marko that really helped me thanks\. als if you need help figuring which side is up, its the one with the nintendo engraving on it

    Aryan Garg - Antwort

    • Entferne die kleine Kreuzschlitzschraube, welche den Batteriefachdeckel an der Bodenplatte festhält.

    • Diese Schraube bleibt im Deckel hängen.

    • Ziehe den Deckel von der Wii ab.

    • Wenn die CR 2032 Knopfzelle schon länger nicht gewechselt worden ist, dann wäre das jetzt eine gute Gelegenheit dazu.

    The screw on the battery door of my Wii required a Phillips #000 screwdriver, which is not listed in the required tools.

    Ben - Antwort

    The screw is a PH0000 (quadruple zero) requiring an exceptionally small Phillips screwdriver to remove. If this is your first time in here in a while, this may also be a great time to change the CR2032 battery.

    Steve Bonds - Antwort

    • Hinter dem Batteriefachdeckel findest du eine 8,2 mm TriWing Schraube. Drehe sie heraus.

    Note - this screw is a machine screw (e.g. not self-tapping). It screws into a hex nut, and that nut is captive in a slot in the case. When reassembling, ensure that this hex nut is still captive, and has not migrated out to other areas within the Wii.

    dyanetti - Antwort

    • Entferne die beiden 8,2 mm TriWing Schrauben, die die Abdeckung des DVD Laufwerks in der Nähe der Controller-Ports befestigen.

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    • Hebe die Abdeckung des DVD Laufwerks hoch und entferne sie von der Wii.

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    • Entferne die vier 9 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche das DVD Laufwerk an der Bodenplatte festhalten.

    The two left hand screws were very difficult to relocate during reassembly. I was coaching my 8 year old through this, and this was probably the only step that he couldn't do. We dropped these screws several times, and used magnets to retrieve. Miniature needle-nose pliers gripping the 'washer' surface of the screw were too wide. We managed to purchase the 'button head' of these screws with the needle-nose and drop the screws into their hole, and push with the phillips until secure. I would like to hear how others install these screws, please.

    dyanetti - Antwort

    I had the same problem as you and eventually found an easy way round it. I wrote this to be added to the instructions but it was rejected: "Once the DVD drive has been removed, remove the 4 rubber washers from the screws removed earlier and insert them into your new DVD drive. Because two of the screws are difficult to reach, it is best to insert these two screws into the washers and then slide them into place ready for securing to the base plate".

    The rubber washer holds the two screws roughly in position, you can then reach them with your screwdriver through the two holes (about an inch away) and finish tightening them up.

    Gary -

    For the two screws at the front of the chassis, use a three-pronged parts retriever to lift them out after you unscrew them.

    Walter - Antwort

    Helpful tip: Use a magnetized screwdriver for the 2 screws nearest the DVD face because they are set in deep sockets

    Blake Minghelli - Antwort

    During reassembly, it can be tricky to position the recessed screws. To temporarily magnetize your screwdriver, rub the tip against a magnet for 5-10 seconds. (A refrigerator magnet will do.) You should then be able to put the screw on the tip and gently lower it into position.

    Matt D - Antwort

    Another method for getting the front screws back in is to insert a small pair of tweezers through the DVD slot to guide the screw in. I just dropped the screw in between the tweezers which held the screw just above the hole. Then I was able to use the phillips screwdriver to guide the screw into the hole and screw it in. Done in just a few seconds.

    Another option would be to stick a dab of hot glue on the screw to your screwdriver and then when the screw has been driven home either the glue stays on the driver and is easily removed or it stays on the screw and you just pull it off with tweezers or needle nose pliers.

    accts4mjs - Antwort

    The screwdriver provided in the kit by ifixit is a magnetized screwdriver and works perfectly!

    mulkey - Antwort

    If you are disassembling your Wii because, say, a two-year-old has shovelled pennies into it (yes, that was me) you will also need to partially disassemble the drive itself, which is not covered in this guide. Luckily it's really easy. Unscrew the 4-5 larger Philips/cross head screws on the top of the frame (NOT any of the smaller darker ones) around the edges, and the frame on top of the drive will lift right off. Be careful as there is cabling running to it, so don't yank it or pull it too far off. You will now be able to get any coins or other foreign objects out.

    thepitcanary - Antwort

    I didn't have a magnetic screwdriver, so I applied a tiny amount of fabric glue to the head of each screw, waited a minute for it to start to harden, inserted my non-mag screwdriver into the screw head, and the screw stuck to the screwdriver long enough to insert it into the hole.

    Lee Crooks - Antwort

    • Hebe die Seite des DVD Laufwerks gegenüber den Controller-Ports soweit hoch, dass du an die Kabel auf der Unterseite gelangst.

    • Ziehe vorsichtig das Versorgungskabel des DVD Laufwerks unter der Kunstoffabdeckung in der Nähe des Kühlkörpers hervor.

    When reversing these steps to reassemble the Wii, at this point it is possible to do a quick test before screwing the drive to the case. This will save you a lot of time if something is wrong.

    Don't touch anything you don't have to while the case is off.

    Carefully plug the power cable into the back of the Wii, then use a screwdriver to gently press the white button next to the glowing yellow LED on the front. You should hear the DVD drive power up and whir. Then press the white button again, wait for the yellow light to come back, and unplug the Wii.

    If you didn't hear the drive start up, most likely one of the two ribbons isn't connected to the drive correctly. Doublecheck the previous 3 steps.

    Matt D - Antwort

    • Ziehe den Stecker der DVD Stromversorgung vom Sockel am Laufwerk ab.

    When reversing this step, be careful re-inserting the connector. The pins are very delicate and if you aren't at the proper angle, you can bend them and ruin the drive.

    jisakoff42 - Antwort

    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am Verbinder des Flachbandkabels zum DVD Laufwerk mit dem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf nur den Sicherungsbügel zu bewegen, nicht den Sockel.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel aus dem Sockel.

    • Entferne das DVD Laufwerk aus der Wii.

    When reversing this step, make sure the ribbon is all the way in. For some reason I found positioning it with my replacement drive was much harder than with my old drive. The gentlest tug after lowering the brown clip would show that the ribbon was not actually being held tightly. I thought for a while that the clip itself was broken, but eventually I got it to hold the ribbon correctly.

    Matt D - Antwort

    Be careful with this step. I too had difficulty re-inserting the ribbon. I even popped off the brown clip and thought I broke it. Thankfully it snapped back into place.

    Dana Kennard - Antwort

    It is difficult to tell, but be aware that the brown piece is the retaining flap, not the light piece , which is the actual socket.

    Dan Neunaber - Antwort

    • Ziehe mit einer Pinzette das Flachbandkabel für die DVD Erkennung gerade aus dem Verbinder.

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    • Drücke mit der Spudgerspitze auf beiden Seiten des ZIF Verbinders die Feststellklemme am Flachbandkabel zum Spindelmotor heraus.

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel zum Spindelmotor, indem du es mit der Pinzette gerade aus dem Verbinder herausziehst.

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    • Entferne das Stück schwarzes Stoffklebeband, das auf einen Teil des Flachbandkabels zur Linse geklebt ist.

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    • Löse das Flachbandkabel zur Linse. Dazu musst du zuerst die beiden Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Verbinder mit der Spudgerspitze in Richtung Flachbandkabel drücken.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel der Linse mit einer Pinzette gerade aus seinem Sockel heraus.

    Re-assembly comment: After re-connecting the lens ribbon cable is a great time to remove the solder blob from the replacement lens.

    Tom - Antwort

    • Entferne die beiden 5,0 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, welche die Platine des DVD Laufwerks am Gehäuse des Laufwerks befestigen.

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    • Hebe die Platine des DVD Laufwerks weg vom Gehäuse. Hebe zuerst auf der Seite mit dem Verbinder am Flachbandkabel zur Linse.

    • Ziehe die gegenüber liegende Seite der Platine gerade heraus, während du gleichzeitig die ganze Platine hochhebst und sie dabei aus den kleinen schwarzen Plastiklaschen, die sie festhalten, löst.

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    • Fädle mit der Spudgerspitze die Kabel, welche an der Platine des DVD Laufwerks festgelötet sind unter den schwarzen Plastiklaschen heraus.

    I found it was easiest to unwind red and brown first and then white, blue, gray, yellow.

    Carol - Antwort

    I found this was easiest one wire at a time

    Tom - Antwort

    • Lege die Platine des DVD Laufwerks so neben das DVD Laufwerk, dass die Kabel, die an ihr festgelötet sind, aus dem Weg sind. (so wie im Bild gezeigt)

    • Entferne die einzelne 5,0 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube an der Abschirmung der DVD Linse.

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    • Auf der Seite der Abschirmung mit dem Schlitz für das Flachbandkabel zur Linse gibt es zwei Metalllaschen, die sich in zwei schwarze Rasten am Laufwerksgehäuse einklinken.

    • Biege die beiden Laschen mit der Spudgerspitze soweit hoch, dass sie frei von den Rasten sind.

    • Die Abschirmung besteht aus weichem formbaren Metallblech. Es lässt sich leicht biegen und wieder zurückbiegen, wenn dies jedoch zu oft geschieht, können die Laschen abbrechen.

    • Achte beim Zusammenbau darauf, dass die beiden Laschen richtig einrasten.

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    • Zwei kleine Laschen am Abschirmblech greifen in entsprechende Löcher an der Außenkante des Gehäuses des DVD Laufwerks.

    • Setze die Spudgerspitze in das Loch ein, welches sich in der Nähe der rosa und roten Kabel befindet, das zur Platine des DVD Laufwerks läuft.

    • Verdrehe den Spudger und hebele so die erste Lasche aus dem DVD Gehäuse.

    Regarding Step 32 and 33 - I did this a little differently, and didn't need to bend (plastic deformation) the tin. Complete Step 31, but instead of 'bending' the clips, you release them and pop the tin up over the plastic 'barb' to release the EMI shield. Then, then repeat Step 31 (popping the tin clips off of the barb) for the two tabs on the opposite side (screw side) of the EMI shield. The EMI shield can then be withdrawn, e.g. released to the bottom of the picture in steps 32 and 33, without bending the tin as advised in step 32 and 33. The only mildly tricky part was releasing the clip from the barb near the (blue/yellow/grey/white) wires connecting the laser stepping motor - I used a fine flat screwdriver.

    dyanetti - Antwort

    Agree with dyanetti; the two end tabs in step 32-33 are not intended to be bent. Should release all four of the clips on the sides of the plate first, then it will rotate up and the end pins will just slide out (and in when reversing the process for reassembly).

    If you take the top off the dvd drive, these tabs are easy to unlatch from the other side.

    ChrisV - Antwort

    • Wiederhole dieses Verfahren und löse auch die zweite Lasche am EMI Abschirmblech aus ihrem Loch auf dem Gehäuse des DVD Laufwerks.

    • Halte die gegenüber liegende Kante des Abschirmbleches fest, damit sie nicht wieder einrasten kann.

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    • Fasse das Abschirmblech an den beiden freien Kanten an. Verdrehe das ganze Teil leicht in Richtung der Kante, die noch fest sitzt. So lösen sich auch noch die beiden letzten Laschen.

    • Hebe das Abschirmblech weg vom DVD Laufwerk.

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    • Entferne die 5,0 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube in der Nähe der gelben, blauen, weißen und grauen Kabel.

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    • Halte das DVD Laufwerk mit einer Hand fest und greife den Haltestift der Linse (in der Nähe der eben entfernten Schraube) mit einer Spitzzange.

    • Schiebe den Haltestift heraus in Richtung Außenkante des DVD Gehäuses.

    • Das Herausschieben geht zunächst schwer, wird dann aber ganz leicht.

    • Sobald er sich leicht schieben lässt, kannst du den Stift mit den Fingern ganz aus dem Gehäuse des DVD Laufwerks herausziehen.

    There is a small piece of black plastic next to the last screw which was removed. Lifting this up a millimeter or two will release the retaining pin so that it can be moved out easily.

    FRAC - Antwort

    What to do when these Clips Break?

    Marco Bienert (RodneyMcKay) -

    It's important not to scratch this rod with the pliers. I would use fingertips or plastic tweezers for this step, or wrap the needlenose pliers with tape first.

    ChrisV - Antwort

    • Fasse die DVD Linseneinheit von der Seite an, wo du eben den Stift entfernt hast.

    • Entferne die Linseneinheit aus dem DVD Laufwerk.

    Kommentar hinzufügen

    • Entferne die 4,2 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube, welche die weiße Kunststoffhalterung an der Linseneinheit befestigt.

    • Hebe die Halterung weg von der Linseneinheit.

    • Wenn du eine neue Linse einbauen willst, musst du die weiße Halterung und die Schraube auf die neue Linse übertragen.

    May need an additional step when replacing with a new laser sled assembly: The new one will have a solder blob across two signals for esd protection; this must be removed after the new laser is installed, otherwise it will be completely unable to read the disk.

    ChrisV - Antwort

    agree with Chris V you have to de-solder the solder dot on ribbon just make a straight vertical line compare it to the replacement laser this should be step 39 because if you don't do this the laser lens will not be able to read properly

    keytechllc - Antwort

    Had the same issue. I wasted a couple hours troubleshooting the new laser before figuring out that I needed to de-solder the solder blob shorting the 2 signal lines.

    Christopher Daun - Antwort

    Any tips on removing the screw from the white plastic bracket that needs to connect to the new part? It is not loosening on the old one at all. New mini-philips on order to see if they will fit better and hold but I don't think this is going to come free. Does anyone know where a new white plastic bracket can be ordered?

    eljuline - Antwort

    Correctly sized philips was all it took. Came off right away. So all set to put it back together tonight.

    eljuline -


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David Hodson

Mitglied seit 13.04.2010

132.456 Reputation

127 Anleitungen geschrieben

Many thanks for the excellent guide - my wii is working again!

Niel Viljoen - Antwort

WOW! I have seen a lot of repair manuals and guides, and this has to be one of the best!

Appreciate the care and craftsmanship it took to put this together.

One suggestion: Please add pics of the screws with specs to compare the sizes.

Terry - Antwort

very informative...if the laser is dirty or the lens is broken....will the tray from the drive come out and go inside...as normal ....please assist...

Techy - Antwort

All went well. The main problem I had was tweezers of low quality. Also, during assembly, some screws was to tricky, so I needed to magnetize screwdriver and for that purpose I used - a speaker :)

Great tutorial, in deed. David just saved Christmas for me and my family.

Dragan - Antwort

This is one of the best set of instructions I have ever used. Easy to follow steps with accurate illustrations. Very well done, I don't know how you could make it any better! A++,

camoore4800 - Antwort

Me too. After solder blob removed, my Wii was able to read GameCube disks and most of my Wii disks.

debrota - Antwort

Me too. After solder blob removed, my Wii was able to read my GameCube disks and most of my Wii disks.

debrota - Antwort

Me too. After solder blob removed, my Wii was able to read my GameCube and most of my Wii disks.

debrota - Antwort

Very useful and detailed.

John Rosenberger - Antwort

Dare I try this on my own?

Simon Clark - Antwort

Hola el lente de mi wii no intenta leer, al introducir un dvd el lente da un golpe y luego tres golpes mas, no suena como si intentara leer el disco, de echo tampoco se oye girar al disco, Quisiera saber si este problema es por el laser dañado o si se daño el motor que hace girar el dvd. Mi correo es david19_4@hotmail.com si pudiera ayudarme le agradeceria, puede responderme en ingles yo puedo traducirlo. Gracias

david19_4 - Antwort

i tried this ix but as i was doing it i flipped the drive over and a small metal clip fell out and cant find where it has to go back in???

can anyone help please?

thanks in advance

dany - Antwort

★☆★ Top Marks ★☆★ for a well thought out and fantastically illustrated procedure.

My 7 year old son and I worked as a team and it worked like a dream.

The only thing is, that we didn’t originally desolder the bridge on the new lens cable, so we had to work back through to step 22. However, this only took us 20 minutes extra :)

Many, many thanks to Mark and your 7 contributors. ★☆★ Nice Work ★☆★

Ted George - Antwort

This is one of the most detail oriented tutorial I’ve ever seen. On Step 11, the screws were also color coded to avoid confusion. Great work!

I was able to follow this tutorial and replace the lens module with ease. The Wii system is now able to read the DVDs. Now, however, I have an issue. The Wii console is making a huge din after the replacement. Does anyone this issue? What do I need to do to fix the issue?

Thanks again for a great tutorial!

affansayed - Antwort

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