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Use this guide to install a new DVD Drive for a Nintendo Wii U.

  1. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement, Console Outer Case: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • With the bottom of the console facing up, remove the following 6 screws hidden underneath the white square stickers:

    • Three 5.1mm Phillips #000 screws

    • Two 6.1mm Tri-wing Y0 screws

    • One 13.2mm Tri-wing Y1 screw

  2. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Rotate the console 180 degrees so that the exhaust vents are facing you.

    • Remove the two 7.1mm Phillips #00 screws.

    Both screws are not “7.1mm” in length, only the one to the right is (center of the console’s side). The left one (towards the front of the console) is 5.1mm.

    LogicalMadman - Antwort

    There’s a third screw to remove bottom-left corner of this picture. On step 9 it’s already been removed, and you need it to be removed in order to remove the metal casing in step 13.

    Pascal Dagenais - Antwort

  3. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • On the side opposite of the exhaust vents, slide the cover faceplate towards the back of the console and pull upwards to release it.

  4. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 1
    • On the bottom of the console beneath the previously removed faceplate, remove the three 13.2mm Tri-wing Y1 screws.

  5. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 3 Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 3 Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 5, Bild 3 von 3
    • On the back of the console, lift up and release the main top cover.

    The front portion of the side of the cover with the vents was kind of stuck on mine. There’s a little rubber piece in there that was the cause of this. But that same rubber piece also makes up the little handle-shaped nub that sticks out of the side there. (There’s also one at the back of the same side, but that one didn’t stick for me.) Lifting also using the little handle made it easy to remove the cover.

    Nicholas Halderman - Antwort

  6. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement, Front Faceplate: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement, Front Faceplate: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 2
    • Rotate the device so that the front plate is facing you.

    • On each side of the console, remove the 3.5mm Phillips #0 screw connecting the DVD drive to the faceplate.

    My screw won't come out, and I feel as if my screw was screwed in too tight when they made the wii u, or the 3.5 #0 is too big. I have tried other screws and I think the screw might be done for because the metal is coming off of the top and deforming the shape. I am very lost and if anyone could help me, that would be amazing.

    Elijah Travers - Antwort

    Those #0 screws might be tight and they’re easy to strip. Put some force on the screwdriver to make sure you start unscrewing them and not stripping them.

    Pascal Dagenais - Antwort

    One of the screws started to deform instead of unscrewing. I used a bigger Philips screwdriver (size 1), added a rubberband between it and the screw and used more force to avoid stripping it more and make sure it would start unscrewing. It worked hopefully ! But I wasn’t sure it would.

    Pascal Dagenais - Antwort

  7. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 1
    • Rotate the device so that the front plate is on the right side and the ribbon cable is visible.

    • The ribbon cable is connected to the system by a latch which holds in the blue tab. Flip this latch up to unlock it.

    • Lift up on the blue tab to release the ribbon cable.

    There is a step to do before to "lift up on the blue tab in order to release the ribbon cable". We must lift up the connector who maintain the ribbon cable. By default, his position his locked and in order to unlock it, must put it in his top position.

    Frederic Morelli - Antwort

  8. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 1
    • Remove the front faceplate.

  9. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement, DVD Drive: Schritt 9, Bild 1 von 1
    • On each side of the DVD drive, remove the two 4.6mm Phillips #0 mounting screws.

  10. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 10, Bild 1 von 2 Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 10, Bild 2 von 2
    • Rotate the device so that the DVD slot is visible.

    • A ribbon cable is attached to the bottom right side of the DVD drive. The ribbon cable can rip if it isn't removed properly.

    • Lift the DVD drive out of the mount and turn over to the right so it lies like a book.

    • Use a spudger to release the ribbon cable.

    This step is not entirely clear on how to remove the ribbon cable with the spudger. It seems you need to pry up the black part.

    Daniel Green - Antwort

  11. Nintendo Wii U DVD Drive Replacement: Schritt 11, Bild 1 von 1
    • Remove the CD drive.

    The Disc Drive Logic Board can but must not work with the Console, because there are different Drives. If you're lucky it'll work but sometimes it doesnt it happend to me often when i tried to change drives from 2013 and 2014 produced Consoles

    Mikitutin - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I've done with twice with two different drives ordered on Ebay, and keep getting the same error code (160-1402). Is the place I'm buying from selling bad drives, or is there something else that needs to be done after? It goes back to working when I put my old one back in, so I know I'm physically doing it correctly.

Brad Senatore - Antwort

Update : For anybody else having this problem, you have to change out the logic board from your old drive to the new one. Pain in the neck, but works!

Brad Senatore -

What do you mean by change out the logic board?

gingindua -

the logic board is inside the disk drive. Remove it and replace it into the new disk drive. This is the same on the Xbox and Playstation

rehrnsberger -

Did an update it failed rebooted and now get a 160-1402. With the DVD drive cover off the Spindle isnt moving. Suspect Drive would seem 160-XXXX is DVD Drive related Errors

Ben Uwins - Antwort

1402 is for the logic board inside the drive. They are linked to the console, and often won’t work if the drive’s board and the console’s board don’t match.

Jack Graddon -

This guide was a "life-saver". We barely got Hyrule Warriors, and could not get the disc inside. Found out my 4-year-old put a thin Kinect toy inside. Now the same 4-year-old will be happy that the system still works and he can still play his favorite game Kirby Super Star.

jackvanelraton - Antwort

I'm so glad we were able to help!

Kim Arre -

I can't find any guides to changing the logic board of the drive anywhere. I have the exact same problem. I replaced drive, got the 160-1402 error, put old drive back in and Wii U boots fine. At least I know the console itself is fine. We can still play all of our downloaded games until ifixit posts a guide!

Someone please help us!!!

By the way the guide for swapping Wii U drives is excellent, we just need the guide for swapping the logic board as it is necessary.


Dan Hogan - Antwort

Hey Dan

Have you found out a way to fix that 160-1402 error. I have the same problem

David Fox -

Well I replaced the disc drive as well, bought it from ebay and I installed it today and it gives me this error code

Error code 160-1400 is received when launching software from a game disc.

I installed the old (bad) one in and it will still give me the same error code, which by the way it wasn't there earlier, the console worked fine except when I tried to put a disc in to play a game, I could use youtube, now I can't do anything. Anyone has found the fix or loop for this ??

riki - Antwort

I just SUCCESSFULLY finished a drive swap with an eBay replacement.

Brad Senatore, July 13 is right, YOU DO HAVE TO SWAP THE OLD LOGIC BOARD FROM THE BROKEN DRIVE TO THE NEW DRIVE. If you don't you will get the error code 160-1402.

It's not bad. Just remove the 7 screws to release the assembly from the bottom cover.

The logic has a small sensor board (?) hard wired to it. Remove the screw that holds it in place and replace with along with the old board.

There are 4 tape cables. the wide one has a clamp connector. the others can be seated with tweezers.

The card is loosely held in place with a black tab in the front and a movable, silver tab in the back.

Low humidity areas please use a ESD armband. it is a logic board. Or just handle the outer edge of the card and nothing else.

On more thing. The tape cable from the assembled drive to the Wii U is directional. Meaning the cable needs to attached exactly the way it came out or you will get the 1400 error.

Worked for me. Hope this helps

Mitch - Antwort

Thanks for teaching me how to replace the logic board!!! It works great now!!! Lots of figuring out and I'm not techy at all but your instructions were perfect!

lynellenor -

So I bought a drive with PCB board installed already and got the 160-1402 error after swapping it out. Isn't the PCB board the same thing as the logic board? Would this mean the new drive is bad?

nighthawk815 - Antwort

Is there a way to configure the new drive to your region ,if you threw away the old one?

Andy - Antwort

I had the 160-1402 error as well and changing the board in the drive fixed the problem. I followed the instructions here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DRhKC9x...) until they got the point of changing the laser. By then the board was free and I just had to remove four connectors and remove another screw holding in a small circuit board that was attached to the main board.

Daniel Crewe - Antwort

I just bougth a replacement and followed all the procedure, once I close everything the console turn on without issue but still my dvd driver don't take automatically the CD, do you know why it's not working?

ingriksoto -

Yep you will have to replace the Logic Board if you purchase an aftermarket replacement. It's fiddly but not too hard to do.

Be careful with those little ribbon plugs. they have a little catch thingy on top that has to be lifted up before the ribbon is un plugged .

gvampire - Antwort

The screws at step 9 are nigh-on impossible for me to remove. I've bought two new Phillips 00 screwdrivers and they just won't budge. Absolutely infuriating as it's going to cost me the price of a new console just because my son put a coin in there.

ndavisonallott - Antwort

You can try spraying some WD-40 on the screw. Just don't spray it everywhere.

Steven Chiu -

Use a screwdriver that allows you to stick something through the handle like the ifixit kit does. This gives you more leverage.

rehrnsberger -

Thank you for the tutorial! We were getting an invalid disk error, so I replaced the drive and moved the original logic board to the new drive. Still getting an invalid disk error. Is it a bad drive? Was it never the drive in the first place? Bad logic board? Any help would be appreciated.

Laura - Antwort

Did you ever get a fix for your wii u? I replaced the drive and swapped logic boards and too still got invalid disc

mrbsdad -

I would also like to know if you ever got it fixed. thanks

Maan -

But Then How Would I Replace It?

Orlando Chanon - Antwort

NONE OF YOU ARE A BIG HELP!. I have error code 160 1400 on both Wii U that I own. Both has the same error code. I decided to fix buy buying another disc drive now I wasn't stupid I replace logic board with the old one. So I didn't get error 160-1402 I STILL HAVE THE 1400 ERROR!!!!!!!!

mischiefkat - Antwort

Sorry this guide wasn't more helpful for you.

maybe reddit will be more useful to you..


Steven Chiu -

I had many Wii U disks stop working or die mid-game over time. I actually ordered a replacement drive from Amazon a few days ago. Today, I removed the DVD drive, swapped out the PCB board (the 4 ribbon board) from the old drive and put in the new DVD drive. I installed the new DVD drive with old PCB board in the Wii U and what is interesting is that it didn't definitely fix the problem either. This took two hours because I was careful, slow, watched everyone else's videos but I have the correct tools. The physical disc load/eject is no longer stuttering and the games (Yoshi's Wooly World) seem to go a little farther, they still error out eventually. I've tried various cleaning methods on the disc. They seem to be a little too sparkily like the pits might be disentegrating or something. I'm pretty good with electronics. I replaced the drive after swapping the board...the system operates better now, but STILL read errors....the discs do fly out of my hand into the system now though...

george gravers - Antwort

I have used this article 3 or 4 times from around 2015 to 2017 to remove "paper CDs" that my kids have stuck in the disc drive. I just wanted to give a shout out to the author and say a huge THANK YOU. God bless! John 3:16

Toby Tatum - Antwort

So, there has to be a way to change the regional codes, yeah? Also, can someone give me a link to the ribbon cable for the drive? Cats are… a pain in the ass to say the least.

Rupin Soland - Antwort

I purchased an aftermarket drive from Amazon, the drive went in the Wii-U OK, and then I got the 1402 error, I swapped the little board on the bottom of the drive, and now the Wii boots, but I still get the “Invalid Disk” error on EVERY Wii-U game. Wii games will play fine. How can I get a drive that will work? I’m worried that the logic board might be the part that is bad on my Wii-U.

chanceFulton - Antwort

I put the drive in the console after swapping out the logic board, I end up with the same error “Invalid Disk” Does anyone know if there is a way to replace the drive entirely, including the logic board, or am I stuffed on this year old console and 300$ worth of games on blu-rays?

chanceFulton - Antwort

I swapped out the drive, I swapped out the board…but the disk won’t spin! What could it be?

JoAnna Constantino - Antwort

OK so I replaced the drive and the logic board and I'm still getting error 1400 did I do something wrong ?

Ismar - Antwort

I swapped the disc drive and the logic board but it eill load the menu then quickly go to error 1400 again

Ismar - Antwort

I swapped the Logic Board to the aftermarket Disc Drive, now the WiiU will show power when plugged in…Upon trying to power console on, for a brief moment it turns blue then blinks red. Also the eject light (white) comes on once then shuts off. Wii Gamepad says that it unable to connect to the console. I feel like I may have missed something in the transfer or in reassembling the console.

Matthew - Antwort

Switch the ends of the ribbon cable connecting the drive to the console. It really does matter which end.

Alexander M -

On step 6, my screw won't come out, and I feel as if my screw was screwed in too tight when they made the wii u, or the 3.5 #0 is too big. I have tried other screws and I think the screw might be done for because the metal is coming off of the top and deforming the shape. I am very lost and if anyone could help me, that would be amazing.

Elijah Travers - Antwort

Wish I wasn’t so late replying (you most likely moved on by now) but for anyone else seeing this; you need to use a flat head screw to undo all of the screws inside, and outside the drive. I got the iFixit 64 piece kit from Amazon, and it has flat head drivers for all the screws in the disk drive. I didn’t have to worry about stripping the heads anymore.

Alexander M -

%#*@! I am having the same issue as most others. Drive swapped, old logic board installed, same problem when playing Wii U games. They won't start. Wii games never an issue. I even tried swapping out that small pcb on top -not sure what it does. Has ANYONE figured this out?

justin - Antwort

I did at and changed the logic board and now it wont read disks …

Jesse - Antwort


I followed the instructions as shown, without any problem, now my WiiU doesn't turn on. What did I miss? Please help.

Aero - Antwort

make sure the ribbon cable orientation is correct. Although it looks like it does not matter which end goes where, it does. One side has little ears and that is the side that get attached to the drive.

frazer.hodge -

So my wii U was starting to have issues, So i tore it down for a deep cleaning (it needed it) by mistake i had removed the Ribbon (Step10) from both the Main Board and the DVD drive. I had put it back and when i assembled the Wii U i got a flashing orange light. I took it back apart and found that just by swapping which end i had connected to the main board and DVD tray i was able to get it to work again. It does matter which end goes where. Be sure you try to mark either end with a small bit of tape or a dot with a Sharpie so you know how it goes back.

Justin Bell - Antwort

I ran into the same problem after swapping the logic board between two drives. The two ends of the cable look almost exactly the same. It was only a random idea that I bothered to swap ends.

Alexander M -

My daughter shoved change into my disc slot of my Wii I. I thought I got out all pulling through the faceplate dvd slot but now when I put in a game disc it won’t catcalls accept it. It pulls in, sounds like it turns a little bit and then ejects the disc. Could change still be stuck in the reader or do I need to replace it now?

Melissa - Antwort

Ok I got the same error code and than learned I had to swap logic boards so I'm doing that now and learn the board in my unit is not the same as the board in the brand new replacement , what am I missing?

kdweb80 - Antwort

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