Use this guide to replace the directional pad buttons on your Nintendo Wii U GamePad.

Remove the ten 8.9mm Tri-wing Y1 screws hidden underneath square stickers.
  • Remove the ten 8.9mm Tri-wing Y1 screws hidden underneath square stickers.

  • Lift up the back plate.

  • The back plate is still connected by a cable to the motherboard.

how do i replace the whole front and back casing?

enbodylin - Antwort

Unplug the connector that connects the back plate to the motherboard.
  • Unplug the connector that connects the back plate to the motherboard.

  • Remove the back plate.

You don't have to remove just be careful

Heather Sheppard - Antwort

  • Take out the left and right shoulder buttons in the upper corners.

  • Remove the ZR and ZL trigger buttons by lifting up and sliding outward.

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  • Remove the top rubber cover by pulling it off of its mounts to access one of the mounting screws.

  • Remove the four 5.2mm Phillips #0 screws.

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  • Use a spudger to lift the tab which releases the blue ribbon cable.

  • Remove the analog stick and button cover.

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  • Use your thumb and push the connector towards the rightmost edge to disconnect the analog stick cable connector.

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  • Remove the two 9.0mm Tri-wing Y0 screws.

  • Lift out the analog stick.

Easy peasy. Thanks!

Elizabeth Fowler - Antwort

Hi there, I tried to replace the joystick following these instructions but I couldn't remove the connector cable from the old joystick as it is wired into the board. Does anyone know what the connector is called so I can buy one please!

Spider Gin - Antwort

@Spider Gin The joystick and the tiny little control board (the pcb between the red circles in the picture of step 9) are purchased together (or at least that’s how I got mine). The only thing you need to disconnect on the analog stick assembly is the connector shown at the end of the thumb in the picture on step 8. If you are trying to disconnect the stick itself from the control board you are not looking at the right instructions for that.

Mike South -

The volume slider came out when I turned the assembly upside down to retrieve a dropped screw. You need to pay attention when putting it back in to make sure you line up the groove on the slider with the tiny little square bump that fits into the groove and allows you to actually control the volume. It’s easy to get it aligned if you know that’s what you trying to do, but at first I didn’t even realize what it was.

Anyway—it worked, thank you!

Mike South - Antwort

  • Lift up and remove the rubber cover for the directional pad.

  • Remove the directional pad buttons.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can you find the blue ribbon mentioned in step 5, for the buttons at?

Eric - Antwort

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