After a certain number of cycles, batteries begin to stop holding their charge. Follow this guide to bring new life to your trusty Nokero N222-Huron.


Grasp the clear cover and the white housing and twist the cover counter-clockwise.
  • Grasp the clear cover and the white housing and twist the cover counter-clockwise.

  • The lid may hold fast, but it will come off with some firm twisting.

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Lift the lid from the device
  • Lift the lid from the device

  • It may be helpful to use a spudger to pry under the lid if there is difficulty in getting a good grip on the smooth plastic.

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  • Remove the two #1 Phillips screws hidden underneath stickers on the face of the device. Use a plastic spudger to carefully peel back the metallic sticker that reads, “Warranty Void if Removed” and the Nokero sticker as shown in the picture.

  • In case there was any question, removing this sticker and taking your device apart will void the warranty

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  • Carefully separate the two halves of the device. You will notice a red and a black wire connecting the solar panel to the circuit board. Set the device as shown to keep the wires relaxed.

  • If the halves of the device are separated too quickly, it is possible for the wires to be strained or to come loose from the circuit board. If this happens, the wires will need to be resoldered to the board.

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  • Remove the battery from the clips and set aside

  • The battery can be replaced by any 18650 battery found online, but the device battery is a 1400mAh, 3.2V battery. Keep in mind that the light will last longer with a higher mAh rated battery, but it will also take longer to fully charge, especially when using the solar panel.

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  • Be careful assembling the device to ensure that the wires do not get caught. Make sure that the switch is lined up with the rubber button and that the screws are lined up with the stand-offs.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Good instructions, thanks. I dropped mine on the floor and was afraid it was broken but upon opening it, turns out the battery just jolted loose from its contacts. I put it back with a big wad of masking tape to pad out the extra space so hopefully it won’t fall out so easily next time.

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