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  1. Slide the back cover down with your thumb.
    • Slide the back cover down with your thumb.

    • *Note: the battery cover is not shown in this picture

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  2. Gently lift the battery with a fingernail and remove it from its housing.
    • Gently lift the battery with a fingernail and remove it from its housing.

    • *Note: the battery may be replaced or repaired at this step

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    • On some models, the front case is screwed down from the back. Follow steps 5 and 6 FIRST to remove the camera cover and two T6 screws, before removing the faceplate.

    • Use the Spudger to gently pry up the edges of the front face plate

    • At the center of the faceplate edge below the music keys there is a small latch on each side.

    Before doing this step, first remove the camera cover and the two t6 screws from the back (steps 5 and 6). Otherwise you will break the cover. This may be a factor only for some revisions (RM-304)

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    • Lift up the keypad from the bottom with either the spudger or your finger.

    • Note: at this time the keypad can be removed and replaced

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    • Gently unsnap the back camera cover from the phone.

    • Lift the cover from the phone after it is unsnapped.

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    • Use the T6 torx screwdriver head to remove the 2 screws on either side of the camera

    • Flip over the phone and again us the T6 torx head to remove the 4 screws located at each corner of the white keypad base

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    • Unclip the faceplate plug (ribbon) located in the lower left corner of the motherboard

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    • Use the Spudger to pry up the 2 metal clips located near the center of the motherboard on both the left and right

    • At this point the phone should come apart into 2 pieces, the motherboard/LCD screen and the faceplate

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    • Unclip the ribbon plug located on the top of the LCD screen that connects it to the motherboard

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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