Replacing a damaged screen.


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Turn off the phone.
  • Turn off the phone.

  • Check if there is a microSD card in the slot behind the door on the side. If so, remove it by first pushing it in, then pulling it out.

  • Position the phone so that the back side is in view.

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Remove the back battery cover.
  • Remove the back battery cover.

    • Apply pressure on the cover while simultaneously sliding the cover downward.

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  • Insert the iPod opening tool between the base of the phone and the phone battery.

  • Position the phone so that the battery won't fall out of the phone.

    • The battery lifts out of the phone fast and easily.

  • Carefully lift the battery out of the phone.

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  • Close the phone.

  • Face the front cover forward.

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  • Locate the 4.5 mm notch at the top of the phone.

  • Place the iPod opening tool into the opening.

  • Slightly prop up the top section by lifting the tool.

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  • Wedge the iPod opening tool between the top cover and the phone.

  • Gently lift the top cover away from the phone using the iPod opening tool.

    • This unlatches each hook that connects the top cover to the phone.

  • Repeat for both the left and the right sides of the phone.

  • Place the top cover aside once the top cover is completely disconnected from the phone.

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  • Locate the four screws on the phone.

    • The top right screw is located under the black connector piece.

    • To remove the connector piece gently lift it off of its connector.

  • Take the T6 driver and remove the screws.

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  • Carefully lift up the motherboard.

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  • Find the orange slip on the motherboard.

  • Peel back the orange slip to expose the screen.

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  • Place the ipod opening tool under the screen.

  • Remove the damaged screen with the ipod opening tool.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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