Well repairing phones can sometimes be an easier task or sometimes quite a difficult one. Recently we had a customer request a repair on a Nokia C5-03, naturally I checked ifixit.com, with no luck and without being able to find any other guides, decided to delve in and see what happens overall it isnt too difficult but may require some force in places, so if you arent game to put a bit of presure on it, this guide isnt for you, there may be a better way, but this is how I did, hope it helps someone replace their damaged touch screen.

This is the Nokia C5-03 smartphone.
  • This is the Nokia C5-03 smartphone.

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There are two clips (highlighted in red) securing the rear cover to the framework of the C5.
  • There are two clips (highlighted in red) securing the rear cover to the framework of the C5.

  • Pry the rear cover off the C5.

  • Upon removing the rear cover, the back side is left exposed.

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  • Lift and remove the battery out of the C5's inner framework.

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  • Remove the microSD card (highlighted in orange) from its recess within the inner framework of the C5.

  • It might be helpful to use a thin, blunt object such as a pencil or pen to "pop" the microSD card out of its recess.

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  • Carefully wedge the flat end of a plastic opening tool between the rear cover and inner framework.

  • Pry upwards to release the clips securing the bottom cover.

  • Repeat with both clips until the bottom cover is released.

  • Lift and remove the bottom cover away from the C5.

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  • Remove the following screws securing the inner framework and its plastic surround to the rest of the C5:

    • Four T6 Torx screws.

  • All four screws are the same length.

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  • Wedge the flat end of a plastic opening tool between the front panel assembly retaining clip and the outer case (highlighted in blue).

  • Carefully pry the opening tool upwards to release the retaining clip securing the upper portion of the front panel assembly.

  • Do not use excessive force when releasing the retaining clip. The plastic is very weak and may snap easily.

  • Run the flat edge of a plastic opening tool around the perimeter of the front panel assembly to release the remaining retaining clips.

Last step, around the perimeter, should be done as first. In this way you don't have to force the big retaining clip.

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  • Use the flat end of a plastic opening tool to pry the digitizer cable connector up and out of its socket on the motherboard.

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  • Be careful when using a heat gun in the forthcoming steps. Use it at a very low heat setting, and make sure not to melt the plastic framework.

  • Using a heat gun or hairdryer, heat the top area of the front panel assembly for approximately 20 seconds.

  • Use your fingernails or a plastic opening tool to separate the glass from the front panel assembly. The glass is held to the front panel assembly by adhesive, it may require some work to free it.

  • If it seems that too much force is required to separate the glass from the front panel, try using the heat gun again to reheat the problematic area.

  • Use either the existing double-sided tape (if it is still in good condition) or new tape when reattaching the new digitizer.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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