In this guide you will be taking apart most of the phone in order to access the flash and replace it.


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  1. Remove battery
    • Remove battery

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  2. Using Torx number 4 unscrew the four  0.5mm screws.
    • Using Torx number 4 unscrew the four 0.5mm screws.

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    • Push in four clips to detach the body.

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    • Separate the body into two pieces.

    • Be careful not to damage the screen or body. Some force will be needed to separate the body.

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    • Remove the bottom piece that is clipped on.

    • Some force will need to be exerted to remove the clip.

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    • Using Torx number 4 unscrew the two 0.7 mm screws at the top of the device.

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    • Once screws are removed detach back of phone from the motherboard.

    • This will require some force and maneuvering. Be careful not to break phone back or motherboard.

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    • Replace motherboard, ensure that replacement has the same serial number.

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    • Camera is located on back of camera body.

    • To remove flash turn body over and gently tap on the case. The flash should fall out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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