Check condition of switches on logicboard
  • Check condition of switches on logicboard

  • Rule out failure of cover

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Torx 6 screwdriver
  • Torx 6 screwdriver

  • Soldering iron (thin tip)

  • Decent quality solder (thin wire)

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  • Remove cover, battery and SIM

  • Remove 6 torx screws

  • Note: Green is fine thread

  • Note: Red is coarse thread

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  • Remove plastic clover near battery

  • Keep track of all parts

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  • Gently release logicboard connectors

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  • There is a clip that needs to be moved out of the way before the board will move.

  • Start by lifting long side of logicboard

  • Gently wiggle and lift

  • Undo plastic clips near battery with force

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  • Check connections of failed buttons

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  • Resolder broken connections

  • Make sure the pads do not short

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  • Put back logicboard

  • Make sure pins near camera line-up

  • Note: Plastic clips need quite some force

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  • Reconnect logicboard connectors

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  • Put back plastic cover

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  • Gently tighten screws

  • Put back SIM card and battery

  • Close cover

  • Enjoy the result ;)

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Realmente funcionó el tutorial, sirven de nuevo los dos botones que fallaban.

Gaia501 - Antwort

Only the 2 middle screws are fine threaded. And you can see in the pictures here, that there are 4 coarse threaded ones and 2 fine threaded ones. The green one in the corner should be red

shadow118 - Antwort

hafıza kart okuyucu çalışmıyor ne yapmam lazım

davutcigir - Antwort

Omg it looks complicated

Maz Hanvey - Antwort

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