Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du die Frontkamera austauschen kannst.

  1. Entferne den SIM Karten Einschub.
    • Entferne den SIM Karten Einschub.

    • Entferne mit einem Plastik Opening Tool vorsichtig die Rückseite vom Gerät. Sei besonders vorsichtig um den SIM Einschub und an anderen schwachen Stellen.

    • Du spürst möglicherweise manchmal einen Widerstand von den versteckten Rasten entlang der inneren Kanten des Smartphones. Das ist nicht weiter schlimm, bewege dein Werkzeug konstant weiter in eine Richtung und springe nicht von einer Stelle zur nächsten.

    • Sobald du in einer Richtung (egal welcher) das Werkzeug halb um das Gerät bewegt hast, kannst du das Panel ganz einfach per Hand entfernen.

    • 'Es ist von äußerster Wichtigkeit, dass du vor dem Entfernen des Akkus erst den nächsten Schritt durchführst! Der Akku ist fest im Handy integriert'' und kann bei unvorsichtiger Behandlung beschädigt oder zerstört werden, sollte diese Anleitung nicht genau befolgt werden.

    It doesn't mention you have to remove SIM tray first.

    pawel - Antwort

    I used the #0 for the rear panel screws. The #00 is too small and will slip, stripping the screws if you're not extra careful.

    anonymous 2668 - Antwort

    where can i buy the battery??

    Shaun Davis - Antwort

    Has anyone answered this? I am looking too.

    Elie Daou -

    They sell it on here, although I found mine on eBay.

    Roger -

    Aliexpress for $9 (original)

    David van Ballegooijen -

    The last three hidden screws are a !&&* of a time consumer to remove. probably you would need only a certain type of tweezers - I got stuck at midway and now I cannot get go have my phone detect the sim card either probably because the six screws are removed. I can now turn the phone back on but with no service or wifi connections are detected. This phone is a disaster!

    Manan Shah - Antwort

    Ivdid that too but son in law found I had reinstalled sim card in backwards or upside down.

    wildcat75666 -

    Where did you buy the micro USB piece? Thanks a lot!

    Davide Rota - Antwort

    EBay. I bought new battery cause old ibe was dead would not charge. Just ordered new cables fit 9.00 something free shipping. Anyway hope this fixes problem cause new battery did not fix problems.

    wildcat75666 -

    I was able to open going from the microusb slot and working my way around. The corners are tough, though.

    Roger - Antwort

    in my phone the battery was glued with double sided adhesive tape, only on the right side. I pried the left side up first, and carefully removed the battery. to lift the battery I used first used a suction cup(?) followed by a plectrum like tool to lift te battery, and keep it lifted

    Eelco Busch - Antwort

    A word of caution: the back panel is harder to remove than you might think. Especially because you may be removing the *screen* by mistake. When you have a "grip" with the tool make sure the metallic border is not coming off with it, and when you have removed enough to be able to lift the panel, make sure it isn't attached by ribbons - in that case you've been removing the screen. A good idea is to gently press your finger nail against the weak plastic located between the back and the SIM slot, and going up and down and sideways until you hear a click. Then you can start from there with the opening tool. As recommended be very gentle around the SIM slot.

    Menahem Julien Raccah Lisei - Antwort

    Where do I get the plastic opening tool?

    Julie Hejducek - Antwort

  2. Entferne die Plastikstopfen mit einer Pinzette.
    • Entferne die Plastikstopfen mit einer Pinzette.

    • Darunter sind nun drei 3,175 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben #00 sichtbar. Drehe sie heraus.

    • Entferne die restlichen sechs 3,175 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben #00.

    The plugs are annoying to open for the first time. They're shaped like little pegs, but I was able to poke at them with screwdrivers enough to open.

    Roger - Antwort

    the best spot to start prying the cover open is at the cable outlet for the power/volume buttons (careful not to dameage the wires)

    Marius137 - Antwort

    A needle works best to remove the plugs.

    Stan Barton - Antwort

    I second this. I used a sewing pin and the plugs came out in no time!

    Liam Ong -

    Be careful not to displace the rear camera when replacing the motherboard cover.

    Liam Ong - Antwort

    when I lifted the motherboard cover the battery cable stuck on it so that I lifted both, the plastic cover and the cable - step 4 below was not necessary to perform. Be careful!

    Rene Hommel - Antwort

    • Hebele vorsichtig die schwarze Kunststoffabdeckung mit einem Plastiköffnungswekzeug hoch und entferne sie vom Gerät.

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  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    • Nachdem die Motherboard-Abdeckung entfernt wurde, sehen wir, dass der Akku in Ordnung ist und durch ein schwarzes Flachbandkabel mit dem Motherboard verbunden ist.

    • Verwende einen Spudger, um vorsichtig den Akku nach oben zu hebeln, ausgehend von der Seite gegenüber dem Kabel. Sei dir bewusst, dass starker Kleber die Batterie befestigt, also sei vorsichtig und geduldig.

    • Der Akku ist nicht von einem härteren, schützenden Gehäuse umgeben, sondern ist weich und verformbar. Sei vorsichtig, um sie nicht dauerhaft zu beschädigen!

    This took a ton of force to remove from the adhesive!

    Also I was able to take off the cable before removing the battery.

    Roger - Antwort

    Is it OK to use the battery if I bent it during removal? I had to 'iron' it flat, but I think it might still be useable...

    Henry Annand - Antwort

    the best way to remove the battery is to lever the left side up from the bottom and remove it from the glue with an old credit card

    Marius137 - Antwort

    Do this! it comes up very easily this way. All the adhesive is on the right side.

    Daniel ONeill -

    Great suggestion with a card to remove the battery!

    Jeff Mack -

    I second Dangerous Picture's suggestion. I found it very helpful to remove the ribbon from the dock (it was easy to do) before trying to remove the battery.

    Stan Barton - Antwort

    on my phone extensive use of glue was concentrated on just one side (right hand side). Not impossible to remove, little tricky

    Rene Hommel - Antwort

    • Wenn der Akku frei ist, dann kannst du mit dem schwarzen Spudger das Akkukabel lösen. Heble dazu den Stecker aus seinem Anschluss hoch.

    • Du kannst den Akkuanschluss auch vorher ablösen, das macht die Arbeit leichter.

    For step 4, the connection to the battery should always be done as soon as possible so after removing the back plate to the board would be ideal.

    Otherwise, very thorough so far!

    Duc - Antwort

    Thought I was going to snap my battery in half but patience and slight pressure did the trick.

    Also agreeing the battery should be disconnected as soon as possible.

    Rasmus Beck - Antwort

    From where do I procure a new battery for it?????????

    Roderick Edric Chandra - Antwort

    très bon tuto ,aucun problème si vous suivez la procédure ,bravo et merci

    antoine v - Antwort

    There are several connectors to the motherboard. In the picture above, one connector above and, below the screw thread, three more connectors. Be careful to reconnect any connectors accidentally disconnected while disconnecting / removeing the battery. In my case the connector shown at the top of the row came unconnected.

    Jörg Thiesemann-Bihn - Antwort

    salut, pour moi le connecteur à la nappe était collé au cache en plastique qui couvrait la carte mère … mais le reste s’est bien passé.

    Merci pour le tuto !

    Didaf Wazir - Antwort

    Thanks Buddy, I replaced battery of my one plus one and when I switched it on, touch was not working. It was heart sinking panic moment...Then I came across https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus... post, simple trick of sliding piece of paper below battery solved and infact improved the touch response. Thanks !

    Radhakrishna Shetty - Antwort

    • Nachdem der Akku entfernt ist, kannst du mit einem Spudger die restlichen Flachbandkabel lösen.

    • Achte darauf, dass sich je ein Kabel auf jeder Seite (Lautstärkeregelung, Einschalttaste) und oben befindet. Sie formen das Akkufach.

    the digitizer ribbon connector has a small plastic piece that blocks the connector from being removed through the slit. make sure to remove it (simple push with an opening tool). then you can remove the connector/ribbon cable.

    Michael Jubran - Antwort

    All the ribbons came off easily after I found them, save for the volume buttons. Iended up tearing the ribbon trying to maneuver it out with the motherboard itself. Do you guys have any tips for removing the volume control ribbons? They seem to be held down by tiny extrusions in the phone.

    Crazy Joe - Antwort

    Use extreme caution with the side ribbons. I've just destroyed my Volume Buttons as I tried to get the ribbon off.

    adenoid2 - Antwort

    Another method for the side ribbons (power/volume) is desoldering the connectors - since I couldn't find any promising way to detach the buttons without damage I took this route and had success. Also note that you do not need to remove the mainboard and cameras for replacing the screen - a slight tilt should be enough to access the top ribbon (which belongs to the display assembly and has to be removed) so the side ribbons can stay in place.

    Florian Knodt - Antwort

    I removed the side ribbon for the volume buttons is really easy by using the plastic tool between the two volume buttons in direction from up (backside of the phone) to down (screen of the phone). Trying to remove it from the volume down direction end of the cable almost destroyed the volume down button, so don’t try it

    Hristo Kovachev - Antwort

    • Wenn die Flachbandkabel entfernt, sind gibt es noch eine letzte Schraube. Wenn du diese entfernt hast, lässt sich die Hauptplatine leicht herausheben.

      • Diese Schraube ist die einzige mit anderen Maßen: Es ist eine 3,0 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube #00.

    After removing the final screw that holds the motherboard in place, do not just lift away the motherboard. The antenna is fixed to the back of the motherboard in the bottom right corner. Lift the motherboard from the top, leaving the bottom part of the motherboard (the part that is nearest the battery) close to the phone body. The antenna is a black wire that runs from the motherboard around the right side of the battery recess. It is held to the back side of the motherboard by a small, round, brass-coloured connector. It can be unclipped from the motherboard using a small pair of tweezers.

    Blenk - Antwort

    There is a little tape in the battery box keep the antenna in place.

    You can remove the tape and have a few centimeters of antenna free in case you accidentally disconnect it.

    It is !&&* of a fiddeling to connect it again but it is feasible

    Jan Seidel -

    The final screw is a Phillips 000

    Jan Seidel - Antwort

    After my second assembly replacement I realised it is not necessary to completely remove the motherboard. Just lift it from the top enough to navigate the top ribbon on the assembly through the chassis and therefore avoid any possible damage to the power and volume flex.

    mlin75 - Antwort

    • Wenn die Hauptplatine draußen ist kannst du leicht die Rückkamera mit einem Spudger oder einer Pinzette entfernen.

    you don't need to remove the front or rear camera - once the motherboard is free, nothing else has to be done to it.

    fudgyhoops1 - Antwort

    The camera may fall off as the connector is pretty slack.

    You don't have to remove it but be careful not drop or lose it

    Jan Seidel - Antwort

    • Wenn die Hauptplatine entfernt ist, kannst du die Frontkamera leicht mit einer gewinkelten Pinzette oder einem Spudger von ihrem Anschluss lösen.

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