This guide will help you replace the LCD screen if it has been cracked or damaged.


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Turn the PSP over so its back is facing you.
  • Turn the PSP over so its back is facing you.

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Locate the battery casing button on the rear-left side of the PSP.
  • Locate the battery casing button on the rear-left side of the PSP.

  • Press down the button and remove the battery cover.

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  • Using your finger, remove the battery upwards from the system as shown.

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  • Remove the four screws shown with a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

  • You will have to peel back the guarantee sticker to access the screw on the lower left.

Much luck to you if you have a tiny, metal screwdriver like I did, the screws might be stuck in there and may require some force.

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  • Remove the screw from the bottom side of the PSP. Keep it separated from the rest of the screws.

  • Remove screws from back righthand side within the holes.

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  • Gently separate the outer plastic casing from the rest of the system as shown.

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  • The Button Board, at the base of the LCD Screen, is held by two clips.

  • Pry these clips over the nubs using a PSP opening tool. This will release the clips.

  • The Button Board is still attatched to the PSP by a ribbon cable!

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  • The Button Board Ribbon Cable is held down with a latch. Lift the latch open, away from the ribbon cable.

  • Pull the cable away from the latch.

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  • The LCD Screen is held by the LCD Frame with similar clips. Slide a thin tool between the clip and the screen and gently pry them apart while beginning to lift the screen.

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  • The LCD screen is still attached with ribbon cables. Gently lift up the LCD screen so you do not break them.

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  • The thin Ribbon Cable opens from the opposite side in which the Ribbon Cable enters. Open up the latch towards the Ribbon Cable. The latch will pull up and release the ribbon cable. Put your tool behind the black part, then pry up the black piece of plastic.

  • The wide Ribbon Cable opens from the same side in which the Ribbon Cable attatches, and opens away from the cable.

    • Both of these latches are the black pieces.

  • Gently pull the ribbon cables away from the latches. The LCD screen can now be removed.

  • When reassembling - be careful which way you push the latches. The small one is very easy to break.

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I broke one of the laches....helppp!!!!

janet - Antwort

This is not easy...I tore up the outer casing trying to do this. I better see money in the mail for this

Justin Autrey - Antwort

My Sony PSP has just stop coming on

lil bao - Antwort

People!! If you weren't gifted in screws and bolts, then bring your console to a repair shop. Seriously blaming this for your Dick Fingers?

janisfranckevics - Antwort

dick fingers!!

jonathon allen - Antwort

It needs to be mentioned that the power switch is very fragile. When reassembling the front cover you need to first make sure that the small black switch on the circuit board sits in the yellow part of the switch, otherwise when you apply pressure to click the cover back in place the black switch will break off.

Isak - Antwort

Great tutorial, thanks to this I manage to fix the R button, it turns out the ribbon cable of the right section of buttons was dirty and a little bit off of place, and taking out the screen was necessary to get to that connector.

Jhosttyn Medina - Antwort

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