The power button of Pantech Matrix C740 functions as the mechanism for either turning the device on or off or resetting the device; however, faulty functioning of the power button may not allow any of the these functions to occur. Therefore, this guide serves as an aid in the replacement of the power button for the Pantech Matrix C740.


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Place phone with screen side facing toward you.
  • Place phone with screen side facing toward you.

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Flip phone over so screen side is now facing down.
  • Flip phone over so screen side is now facing down.

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  • Gently slide the backside phone cover off exposing the battery underneath.

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  • Carefully lift the battery up from where the spudger is pointed.

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  • Remove the battery from its dock.

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  • Slide the SIM Card out of its dock.

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  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four 2mm Phillips #000 screws from each corner of the device.

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  • Rotate the phone so the base is facing you.

  • Use spudger to separate phone casing and inside as shown.

  • Remove the casing carefully and set aside.

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  • Place phone with exposed motherboard facing you.

  • Use a PH000 driver to remove the five 2 mm screws holding the camera in place.

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  • Carefully lift up to motherboard to expose the power button.

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  • Locate the power button.

  • Grasp the power button with metal tweezers and pull gently to remove.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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