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Durch einen Hard Reset wirst alle deine Daten verlieren, inklusive Fotos, Dokumente usw.

Führe den Hard Reset nur durch, wenn du Schwierigkeiten mit dem Betriebssystem hast, dein Passwort vergessen hast, die PIN oder das Entsperrungsmuster, oder du alle Daten löschen willst.

Dieses Verfahren funktioniert bei folgenden Modellen: Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Modellnummern SM-T211, SM-T215, SM-T215), Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 (Modellnummer SM-T110), Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G (Modellnummer SM-T111) und Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 WiFi ( P3210, SM-T210).

Wenn dein Tablet mit dem Internet verbunden ist und du einen Google-Account hast, kannst du vielleicht mit dem Android-Gerätemanager am Sicherheitssytem vorbeikommen. Die Daten bleiben dabei erhalten. Schaue dir dieses Video an.

Wenn du Probleme beim Navigieren in der Android-Systemwiederherstellung hast, hilft dir diese Anleitung.


  1. Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset, Ausschalten: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 2 Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset, Ausschalten: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 2
    • Drücke die Taste für die Ausschaltsperre und halte sie fest. Das Tablet schaltet sich aus und es erscheint das Auswahlmenü des Tablets.

    • Wähle "Ausschalten".

    • Tippe auf"OK", das Tablet fährt herunter.

  2. Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 3 Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 2, Bild 2 von 3 Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 2, Bild 3 von 3
    • Halte gleichzeitig den Home Button, die Lauter-Taste und die Einschalttaste gedrückt.

    • Wenn das Logo des Samsung Galaxy Tab3 erscheint, dann lasse nur die Einschalttaste los und halte den Home Button und die Lauter-Taste weiterhin gedrückt. Es erscheint das Android-Wiederherstellungsmenü.

  3. Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 3 Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 3 Passwort zurücksetzen / Hard Reset: Schritt 3, Bild 3 von 3
    • Navigiere mit den Leiser- und Lauter-Tasten durch dieses Menü, die Auswahl kannst du mit der Einschalttaste bestätigen.

    • Wähle ‘Wipe data/factory reset.’

    • Wähle ‘Yes - erase all user data.’

    • Wähle ‘reboot system now.’

    Le menu n'apparaît pas après le logo

    Youcef Bedrani - Antwort

    Super, ça a marché et je suis super satisfaite merci ???

    Latoyah Landa - Antwort


    Cela a fonctionné. Pas évident au départ pour maintenir les boutons enfoncés en même temps mais le résultat final compte. Merciii

    Martine Mesnage - Antwort

    Merci bcp, super ça a fonctionné ; tout repart à zéro :-)

    J’ai retrouvé cette tablette dans un placard, une petite remise à zéro lui fait du bien (même si je ne m’en sert plus) …

    Cathy Mels - Antwort

    The high light line always skips the wipe factory wipe out mode. What should I do now , The comment comes ( This cannot be done). What should I do now please

    gardiye - Antwort

    Top tuto. Réussi du premier coup.

    Michel Halot - Antwort


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thank you so much i have been locked out of my tablet for months now

zeidi - Antwort

Il existe de nombreuses raisons pour mot de passe oublié tablette samsung, ainsi que de nombreuses méthodes différentes, mais vous voudrez peut-être qu'un tiers déverrouille votre téléphone, car il s'agit du moyen le plus simple, le plus rapide et le plus simple pour faire le travail. .

Jakcoaio -

for ALL that come here READ this: scroll up to under the video and click “video source”. This takes you to original on youtube. Good. Now scroll down below the vid to the description. Click on “show more”. READ. It explains very specifically near the end. I was not having success until I read and did, Viola!! It worked. I personally screen shot it to save to my other info for this device. Thought I would come back here to tell others that come here one day in the future what i found and can get it and not end up being frustrated. Good luck to all. The original poster here should have mentioned to seek out the original video. Bogus!!! “Fixit” did a terrible job.

Barb Smith -

Hi - I have tried this but it won't let me highlight the wipe data / factory reset line. It skips from the one above to the one below ... help??

Sandra - Antwort

Then you select the factory reset line with volume button, you press smoothly the power on button .

Kannan -

It will not let me highlight Yes -- delete all user data, it highlights the one before and the one after. Please help, getting desperate.

Laura - Antwort

When you are one before "Yes -- delete all user data" press one time the Volume Down button. The highlight will stay at the same line but relay your choose well be next line.

This is the problem with the Android system. Read the description to video in YouTube. I tried to explain there, how to resolve this problem.

ZFix -

I have tried this but it won't let me highlight the wipe data / factory reset line. It skips from the one above to the one below. Any ideas?

Dee - Antwort

Take it to a place where they could reset your passeord without losing your data

Maddie Galindo -

aint nothing better than simple step by step instructions......thank you much...

James - Antwort

worked right away and everything is fixed again you can highlight all options correctly soo thankful for this

blupuppy89 - Antwort

Thx so much this worked

Gabby - Antwort

your the best i love you man or women

mudiwa mutamiri - Antwort

Success!many thanks...

jo vicente - Antwort


Princess Todd - Antwort

I need some serious help.. Samsung tab 3. My tablet completely died and wouldn't charge so i opened it up did connected the battery, put it all back. Charged it and now i cant get it out of safe mode. I have tried truning safe mode off, resetting via settings and holding power, up and home. It never gives the option to wipe tablet it just loads like it was the first time use but is still in safe mode. All it's restoring all my apps from my Google account. PLEASE HELP

Kim Williams - Antwort

how do i exit it if i screwed up a step?

Tomi Percsi - Antwort

wait... never mind! and thank you my internet did not work for AGES on that device even though i connected to the internet

Tomi Percsi - Antwort

Please help....I've done a factory reset as my tab 3 was randomly 'blinking'. When I restarted, my background was still there and apps where being installed so I did a hard reset, as above, and have the same thing. I don't understand how my background is still my personal pic when there's nothing in the gallery (hard reset wiped my data) and why it's restoring my apps I had previously? Any help would be appreciated.'

Sarah Lillyston - Antwort

The video is very helpful. Very effective instructions. The scrolling part is a challenge. Don't fail to read the posts above on how to scroll one line below. Thanks so much for posting the video and the comments.

stroker200 - Antwort

I thanks you too.

ZFix -

do u lose all your apps when u do this??

andy - Antwort

plz someone answer

andy -

Yes, you will lose.

ZFix -

mine has battery and every thing but i have just forgot my password

Mumtazah Hamume - Antwort

same but it wont work for me

A Buddy -

It won't let me move up or down when I press the volume buttons. PLEASE HELP.

Pleione Clark - Antwort

You saved my life buddy!!

ajayiyer91 - Antwort

I was able to walk my dad thru this very easily. I don't see the written instructions i refers to but I think we've got it. Thanks!, you're awesome!!

Antoinette Harris - Antwort

I've held the power key and volume up button, yet I don't get rebbot screen. The logo screen comes up a few times, but it doesn't go to the reboot screen. Its a galaxy tab 3; ce0168. It needs to be rebooted. Help me, please!

kateb9296 - Antwort

U have to hold down the home button,the power button, and the volume up button at the same time. U weren't holding the home button

Samira v -

you are the best


Thank you so much !!!

mjlemiere - Antwort

Pwedi po bang mag recovery kahit naka charge?

joseph - Antwort

Can i recovery my tablet while charging?

joseph - Antwort

I have been putting in the correct password for my Galaxy Tab 3 and it says it is the wrong password, I tried everything and it didn't work. It doesn't have a 'I forgot my password' link either. I did this and it hadn't taken away my password. Nothing else is working, what do I do?

Inlovlye brewer - Antwort

my password forget, so how to get recover this

Yedukondalu Shaik - Antwort

Thank you so so much for having the complete instructions. Only found partial answers until I found this!

Jene - Antwort

Thx it revive my Tab

darkresidentevil5 - Antwort

Thank u so much!!! I never knew this trick & I'm no longer locked outta my tablet! :)

mommymorganakp - Antwort

Will this work for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LITE?

vsmith92082 - Antwort

What if I don't want to lose everything I have cuz I have lots of pictures. I do I get into my computer if I forgot password

Robin Sanchez - Antwort

Thanks a Lot! you make me android specialist! ha ha ha! Thanks a lot.

obaied - Antwort

another thanks! forgot my 5 year olds "mommy" pw for when she goes to sleep and listens to music so she wont play, so just did this and although her game apps are gone, they can be easily replaced! thank you so much

violetindigo07 - Antwort

I'm not getting the android screen. help please


cwalford - Antwort

It's still asking for the email of the previous owner to complete setup.

Yvette Perez - Antwort

THANK U SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Worked like a charm!

Noor Mohamed - Antwort

Works like a charm..

Pratham - Antwort

help, done all this, reset & reboot & it just goes back to samsung screen again, any clues ?

iggy - Antwort

help, i have done the factory reset & then a reboot, but then it just goes back to samsung screen again, any clues ??????/

iggy - Antwort

I locked my tab with my gmail because it got stolen but I have found it now but I cant unlock it with the password I used to lock it I don't know why

nipah kweku - Antwort

Thank you so much I was testing my hair out as memory is useless these days!!!!

kevinandkay - Antwort

Actually this is not true you can go into the advanced settings by pushing the volume up in power at the same time look the file under system and find password setting and delete that file and you have deleted the password ( careful deleting the wrong file will damage the tablet)

kassandra - Antwort

perfect guide.saving my money,,,lot of thanks n merry christmas to u zfix

leon - Antwort

Hi my galaxy tab 3 won't go past the samsung logo upon restarting...Is anyone able to help. I have tried the above to reset to factory settings but it still stops at the same thing.

Teressa - Antwort

It has partly worked. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I bought it 2nd hand. Once I did the hard factory default reset and rebooted it want me to sign in on a google account from the previous user. How do I get the tablet past this so I can sign in under my google account?

Lisa - Antwort

Tried before but isn't working now... what do i do?

Lily Burgess - Antwort

I hv tried that but it doesnt reset, it gives an error that the memory is not available . when i switch on data and other applications it restarts itself. Even charging while on, it restarts itself.pse help

charlsy2004 - Antwort

Mines says no command what does this mean !!!

Mike - Antwort

Is there a way to do this if your home button d oesnt work?

Ron F - Antwort

I have been trying to change or recover my passcode forever. I am not locked out because I added facial recognition to my lock screen, but the facial recognition is terrible. I have to $!^& my head at the exact right angle and move the camera while it's working. I don't remember the bloody pin though. How do I change it?

serpntene - Antwort

I just want to reset password without hard reset. I have my daughters pics on there from when i lost her. I dont wanna lose the pics. Idk what to do

lexianddavid2587 - Antwort

I used this on my brand new Samsung Galaxy tab s3 and it worked like a charm. I had set my pattern and forgot it.

Raghunandan Jagdish - Antwort

is there any way to save the images and videos

kavindunethsara - Antwort

It didn't work for me

Karen - Antwort

Hi I have done this and it has given me a screen saying 'downloading Do not turn off target'. What has happened?

Chantelle - Antwort

yes this is exactly what mine says too. but then it never completes the “download”. HELP D

Barb Smith -

Thank you very much.

gloria strum - Antwort

my daughter changed the password on my Samsung Tab 3 lite. Right now there is a swipe pattern password and i dont know what the pattern is. Also it is asking me for a pin, and i also do not know what the pin is. What i would like to know is how i can change the password, but without the old one that is on the tablet now I cannot get into the tablet. Please help! THANKS

ashley - Antwort

Please help me get into my Samsung tablet 3 lite. I forgot the password that is the pattern password, and I cannot rememeber it for the life of me. Plus they also ask me the pin, and I have no clue what the pin is? Please help!!!!

ashley - Antwort

Ashley, did you ever figure this out. I have the same issue you had. My son changed the pin, and does not know what it is. I tried the instructions on the video, but it just keeps bringing me back to the pin screen. After 5 attempts, it makes me wait 30 seconds before trying again. We are locked out. :(

sonia autry -

I have been trying like you do but still didn’t work!!!!!

supatta Platt - Antwort

I have tried as what you show but didn’t work!!!!!

supatta Platt - Antwort

Thanks thanks thanks

Darwin Lagumbay - Antwort

After the phone has finished its factory reset, it will reboot, and you will be prompted to choose the desired display language. Choose the correct language and follow the next steps to Bypass Any Samsung Google Verify Account.

Mathew Mark - Antwort

'Thank you, this was really helpful.

Sarah Selkridge - Antwort


AHALL - Antwort

Forgot password ?

You press ‘volume up , power and home buttons’ at a time when you appear a symbol of Samsung galaxy. Then take your finger from power button only. Some sentences have shown by Android. You select a suitable sentence by volume up and down button. Then you smoothly press the power button for OK.

Now your tab is going to factory settings.


Kannan - Antwort

Hi, I have tried this several times and I press all 3 buttons simultaneously but after the Samsung logo screen I reach the lock screen. Please suggest what else I can do to remove the password. FYI. I did not ever set a password. Tab wasn't working for a while and finLly when it came back on there was a password. I have tried 0000, 1234, 00000, 12345. Please help

Anthony Quinn - Antwort

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet I am getting the screen lock I cannot get to settings to check what my IMEI number or whatever it is I'm supposed to get won't even let me power It Off by hitting power off I'm totally just it's froze and I'm not understanding I did nothing to the I was playing on it yesterday I don't want to lose all my data this was my first notebook and I've got some important pictures when I pull up my screen it says Clean Master Scott the time and the date and it says allowed to show notification on lock screen it says slide to unlock I cannot I cannot get the screen to do nothing if I tried to power it just keeps I cannot get to the screen lock page. My device options to power off and restart it is not allowing me to do either of those I do not have another sim card so I'm confused what do I do

Michele Russell - Antwort

Hi,my tab is not rebooting after I select the wipe and factory settings and I could not find the yes option pls help me to reboot my tab

janani myvizhiselvi - Antwort

thanks to admin 100% work nice your guidelinhe.

firmware fast - Antwort

Hi I am really confused on how to get my Samsung ATIV TAB 3 to unlock I bought it at a thrift store,and when I got home I charged it and then I power it on and it says system password there's a black screen and a little blue square and at the top of the square says system password in the middle enter password after so many times it says system warning invalid password setup warning ! So please any advice I've already tried to to factory Data reset and it stays on the same screen .can someone please help what could be wrong!thanks

Lisa - Antwort

Thank you, this was really helpful.

The FRP feature may very often make individuals think of how to bypass FRP lock Samsung galaxy s8 frpbypassapkpro. The procedure is not complex as well as there are many different methods that can be used in order to skip the process.

Jacky888 Jacky888 - Antwort

I can't even power my device off without putting in a password how the heck do I supposed to power it off to put it in recovery mode or reset


For some reason I can't even power the this system down unless I use the password and I don't know the password to put it in recovery mode what do I do


THANK YOU!!!! It worked!!

Sophia - Antwort

Really it worked for you??

marcozendejas -

I forgot my pattern lock and try to reset lock with press button on/off and volume button together,but my phone just turn on everytime i try it

agnesijau - Antwort

thanks buddy ,

that was super easy. im glad i didnt set up a google lock on this device yet.

but any how thanks a lot!!!

derekb.coker - Antwort

my home button is not working….plss i really need helpp:(((((((((((

shukri 11 - Antwort

I have done it a dozen times , it still won't go to the recovery menu…please help..

micky_kom - Antwort

That doesn't work!!!!!!!!

marcozendejas - Antwort

You make it look so simple but that doesn't work show me another way ASAP, need help !!!!!!!!!

marcozendejas - Antwort

Mon bouton home est invisible grâce à l option de glisser vers le haut

Julio Pepito - Antwort

it keeps on saying no command found when i click yes————— delete all user data

A Buddy - Antwort

I tried its not working just put me back to put pin which I don't know please help

an4ia4 - Antwort

I have tried to fix it like you said but when I select continue it goes to the Downloading do not turn off target screen and never changes, there are no things to select.

rzrblade2000 - Antwort

Product name is GT-P5210

rzrblade2000 - Antwort

for ALL that come here READ this: scroll up to under the video and click “video source”. This takes you to original on youtube. Good. Now scroll down below the vid to the description. Click on “show more”. READ. It explains very specifically near the end. I was not having success until I read and did, Viola!! It worked. I personally screen shot it to save to my other info for this device. Thought I would come back here to tell others that come here one day in the future what i found and can get it and not end up being frustrated. Good luck to all. The original poster here should have mentioned to seek out the original video. Bogus!!! “Fixit” did a terrible job.

Barb Smith - Antwort

Won't reset tablet just still stuck on galaxy tab screen

skie2000 - Antwort

Great I am able to wipe the data and reset it


Seidu Maazu - Antwort

Thank you too :)

ZFix -

It comes downloading do not turn off target

Idreesjan 123 - Antwort

Merci merci merci !!!!

Charlie TROISMAT - Antwort

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