I found the instructions partly at this pages and decided to upload the completely new here (in german):



  1. Remove top lid
    • Remove top lid

    • Unscrew 5x Torx (T8)

    • Remove red cover

    • Remember position of metallic bracket

    This named is “Philips HD 4686” in Europe.

    Ivan Perepelkin - Antwort

  2. Carefully remove metallic strip
    • Carefully remove metallic strip

    • llift-up the entire black electric carrying unit carefully about 1 cm

    • Un-click the fix of the black front cover and remove

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    • Unscrew 3 Torx T8 at the bottom of the kettle

    • take 3 big flat screwdriver to 3 of the 6 holes and gently apply pressure directed to the middle to unlock the bottom cover

    • in parallel: with a 3rd screwdriver lift the cover by help of the occuring slit at the side

    • bottom cover should be revomed with gently force

    Bottom cover was removed without any problem

    Visumservice Russia - Antwort

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    Kostenloser Versand bei Bestellungen über 20 $
    Verwende den Code BLUEANDBLACK
    • Un-click the small mount to remove one half of the grip

    • un-fix carefully the hole half of the grip at the top of it and remove it

    • Don't demage the cables inside the grip

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    • take a small screwdriver

    • push the black cover around the kettle over the transparent 'litre scale"

    • make it at both side of the kettle

    • pull the black cattle carefulle to the bottom of the kettle

    • stop, when you can see the full electric carrying unit (see also next step)

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    • Unscrew the two Torx T8 to open the electric carrying unit to a half

    • unlock carefully the white rectacgular clip to release the black cover completely

    It was really hard to find this rectagular grip. It is right in the middle. But I took off the black cover without unlocking it anyway, used some force, but better dont do it.

    Visumservice Russia - Antwort

    • Lift the electric unit

    • change the two marked capacitors by unsoldering the old ones

    • yellow 'MKP X2 0.47μF / 275V'

    • black '470μF / 16V' - check polarity: white stripe of the minus has to be located near the yellow capacitor!

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    • Assemble the kettle in reverse manner and check at the end that you don't have any parts over


    • Now it should heat up to 100°C and make 'beep' at the end again

    My "Keep warm" button did not work, but this mostly to poor assembly :) anyway it is not used usually.

    Visumservice Russia - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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0,75 €, 20 minutes - It work´s! Thank you!

peterlpj - Antwort

Thanks for your feedback. 20 minutes was quite fast - great!

My one is now working for more than one year after repair without any problems. We will see, how long until next repair ;-)

Robert -

Great guide, I'm going to try this out soon, as our kettle quits at 80 degrees and just powers down completely. Might be helpful to list the symptoms that these faulty capacitors leads to somewhere early on. If not in the header, then at least at the top of the page.

steigre - Antwort

Dear RG! You made me hero in the eyes of my wife and saved lots of money as I will never buy ordinary kettle without a temperature choice. THANKS FOR THE FANTASTIC GIUDE!

Visumservice Russia - Antwort

Two notes: (1) It should be mentioned that the MKP X2 0.47μF / 275V capacitor is usually the faulty one. The posts on the German site to which you linked reported that it looses capacity until the power is no longer enough to power the 80 degree LED when it comes on. In my case, similar to the reports from the German site, the remaining capacity had been lower than 0.14μF---clearly not enough. (2) One apparently does not have to use the 26.5 x 8.5 x 17 mm version that was part of the kettle initially, I had an old X2 capacitor from a broken power supply with the same parameters but with a size of 18 x 10 x 16 mm and that worked just fine after I had extended the short connecting wires.

tobiasisenberg - Antwort

A third note: this kettle is also known to leak after a while due to the deposits that collect from repeatedly heating up hard water (lots of minerals). Follow steps 1--4 of this guide, then push the heat plate out by gently pushing from the inside out, remove and clean the sealing ring, also clean the inside of the kettle, then put the seal back to where it came from, and push the whole heat plate assembly back into the device (orient it such that the cables on the bottom are in the right position). Then reassemble. This information is also from the linked German sites, and it worked like a charm!

tobiasisenberg - Antwort

Dream come true, kettle works again. Thanks

Marek Tyc - Antwort

Thank you for this great guide

Fisk_dk - Antwort

It works again properly, thank you for sharing!

t-una - Antwort

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