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PlayStation 3 Super Slim Laser Lens Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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1. Do not loosen any screws the guide bars sit on. They are factory set at the correct height.

2. It is only necessary to remove the clips on the drive motor side of the guide bar. The laser will come right off the worm gear and you can remove the laser.

Wade - Antwort

Hi, i have a ps3 super slim CECH-4201C and it stopped playing any disk i put in it. So i wanna change it but my lens is a single lens and all the ones i can find is double, will it still work for mine? Also where can i get a single lens and which is better. The console is 500gb came with "The last of us". Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

temidayoabayomizannu - Antwort

Too advanced for me to do. Whenever I take things apart I mess them up. Once took a PS3 fat apart and could never get it back together. If I sent it to Playstation they wouldn't delete my saved data right?

konekodemon - Antwort

I am replacing the optical drive in my console. But didn't note where the drive ribbon was positioned!? Every video I have found, they just pop right in...my original and replacement drives, have larger receptacles than the ribbon it self. There are at least 5 pins, that don't have (potentially) anything connecting them, to the ribbon. I don't want to randomly place the ribbon in one of the possible (7?) positions and fry something in the process...so where do I connect the smaller ribbon?!

Robert Shelton - Antwort

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