The rear viewfinder is the first of two lenses through which one's eye views a scene; a part of the close up lens (from which the camera derives its name) slides in place over the two viewfinders to help the photographer position a bust or other object for close up shots.

Accessing this part requires a deep disassembly of the camera, and could lead to extensive minor damage, so be very careful during both disassembly and reassembly.


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Begin by opening the top of the camera (flash assembly) to a slight angle.
  • Begin by opening the top of the camera (flash assembly) to a slight angle.

  • Next, angle the flash assembly slightly upward and pry off the connections carefully.

  • Be careful not to damage the ribbon cable. This is essential to the operation of the flash.

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Slide the action button, on the bottom of the camera, to open the bottom.
  • Slide the action button, on the bottom of the camera, to open the bottom.

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  • Insert the blue plastic opening tool between the rear case and the plastic tabs directly under the shelf, and pry it loose.

  • Pull off the face plate.

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  • To remove the rear casing, use a spudger to leverage the sides of the metal frame at the bottom loose. If the spudger is in danger of breaking, it is safe to use a screwdriver.

  • With that, the entire inner assembly should be separated from the rear casing. Carefully remove it.

  • During reassembly, when re-inserting the core assembly into the plastic casing, remember not to let the small red wire (visible in the third image) catch onto the small black hook on the casing (green)! The wire must be held down so as not to be hooked.

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  • Once the rear casing is removed, lower the flash. The rear viewfinder lens assembly is located on the left side of the camera, when looking at it from the rear.

  • Simply wiggle the assembly loose.

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  • You may decide to stop here and replace the assembly altogether. However, you may otherwise decide to separate the lens from the plastic enclosure.

  • In this case, there is a notch that is part of the lens shape (green) that fits into a matching groove in the enclosure (red). You will need to employ leverage to push the lens notch in and down while pulling the wall of the enclosure up in order to remove the lens.

  • WARNING: Removing the lens by exerting force on both it and the enclosure is very likely to break the fragile enclosure to some degree. The tolerances are very tight and the enclosure is reinforced in many different locations that may make the lens removal extremely difficult. Be very careful and think twice before attempting to remove the lens.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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