Removing the mother board of the Power Mac G4 Quicksilver.


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The handle to open your computer is located on top of the right side panel.
  • The handle to open your computer is located on top of the right side panel.

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Grab the circular handle and pull outward.
  • Grab the circular handle and pull outward.

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  • Your computer is now open and ready for repair.

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  • This is your Power Mac G4's video adapter.

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  • Start by removing the screw holding the card to the chassis as shown.

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  • Before lifting the card out, this small plastic tab needs to be pulled back there by releasing it entirely.

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  • With the tab and screw removed, lift the card straight out.

  • When putting the card back in, take care to apply even pressure across the top with your thumbs. This will avoid damaging the card.

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  • Disconnect both the power cables and IDE cable from the mother board.

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  • Remove these three screws that hold the motherboard fan and modem connector to the chassis.

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  • Remove the four screws shown to free the mother board from the chassis.

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  • Lift the fan shroud and fan straight up and out. Take care to disconnect the indicated connector

  • Remove the heatsink clamps with a flathead screwdriver and do the same for the other side.

  • Lift off the heatsink and remove the 4 screws of the CPU board.

  • There are 4 pins: remove the 3 pins near the RAM but not the pin nearest You.

  • You are now ready to slide gently (and without ANY difficult) the motherboard. Lift up and the game is done.

Before you can slide off the motherboard, You will need to remove the heat sink brackets, heat sink, processor screws, the processor, and then three of the four processor bolts (one is on TIGHT and cannot be removed, the three you need to remove are easy).

Once the processor and heat sink are disassembled, only then will you be able to remove the mother board from the chassis.

CarloRiolo - Antwort

after removing fan, 3 more steps:

1. pop clips & remove heat sink.

2. remove 4 screws & the daughter board under the heat sink

3. remove 3 hex bolts that are were under the daughter board [leave the one closest to the edge of the mother board]

now proceed to slide the mother board slightly towards the front of the computer & lift out.

waynepeet - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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