Review what the backup battery looks like, where it is, and how to replace it.

  1. Your (actually my) PowerMac G5
    • Your (actually my) PowerMac G5

    • the first picture is the front, the second is the side

    • please unplug before continuing, I don't want your electocuted

  2. the back
    • the back

    • The bar above the gray bar is the lock lever, lift this like in the second photo (don't worry if the layout of the back is different, the procedure is the same)

    • if the lock lever has a lock on it, take it off, I assume this is your computer so you can open it

    • while the lever is up, grip the sides of the panel and pull

    • remove panel, you have to pull up first, then pull toward you

    • pull the plastic guard toward you, and remove using the same method as before

    • What you are left with, if your G5 panel says G5 twice, that is ok, it only means that you have two prossessors

    • Pull out the front fan assembly by putting your fingers in the groove and pulling, you may need to wiggle them a bit but they will come out

    • the battery is a 3 volt cr2032 made by panasonic, replace with a similar battery to yours. it faces + down on my model, but it might not on yours, so you need to check before removing

    • to get the battery out, put your thumb under the battery, and push up while pulling the battery away from the motherboard (couldn't get a good picture of this)

      • If your battery goes ballistic and flies into the lower portion of you computer, you have to get it out or you risk permanently frying you desktop, use a magnet to remove the escaping battery

      • to reassemble you computer, follow these steps in reverse order


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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