How to prep a black wire for XYZ job.


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  1. Locate QCPN#10669 which is a black hookup wire.
    • Locate QCPN#10669 which is a black hookup wire.

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  2. Measure out a 10cm length of wire.
    • Measure out a 10cm length of wire.

    • Use a pair of flash cutters to carefully cut through the wire.

    • Caution: the wire must be no longer than 10.5cm and no shorter than 9.5cm in length.

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    • Your wire should look like this now. #testedit

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    • Measure 20mm from either end of the wire.

    • With the flash cutters remove the instulation that is covering the wire.

    • Be careful not to cut to deep because you will damage the wire strands inside.

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    • Measure 10mm from the other side of the wire.

    • Remove the insulation from the wire with a pair of flash cutters.

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    • Your finished wire should now look like this.

    • Remember to twist of the ends of the wire with your fingers so that the wire strands are not loose.

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You are finished.

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