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ProtoCentre 999 Heater Replacement

Was du brauchst

    • Remove the back cover of the machine.

    • Remove the heater pin from the back side of machine.

    • Remove the groove screw from the downside of nozzle.

    • Preheat the machine

    • After getting preheated, pull slowly the wires of the heater back. and remove the nozzle out.

    • Reset the machine.

    • After the temperature get down full, preheat the machine

    • After 30 second check the heater is getting heated or not by slowing touch and removing your hand fastly

    • If it is not getting heating, you has to change the heater.

    • First remove the heater from the wire by desoldering.

    • Take the multimeter and put it in continuity check mode and connect the two end of the wire in end of two probe of multimeter.

    • Check whether the beep sound is coming. If the beep sound come, it means the wire is good , else you has to change the wires. Same way check the other wire also.

    • After checking these, you has to reconnect the heater in the same way you have removed before.

    • Preheat the machine

    • Go back to main menu

    • check the nozzle temperature is increasing or not.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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