This guide will demonstrate how to remove and replace the Protocol Vento Wi-Fi antenna.


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  1. Grasp the tail end of the drone where the lip of the battery protrudes.
    • Grasp the tail end of the drone where the lip of the battery protrudes.

  2. Pull away from the drone to remove the battery.
    • Pull away from the drone to remove the battery.

    • Do not attempt any repairs or replacements before removing the battery from the drone.

    • To get into the drone, twelve total screws need to be removed:

      • Ten 5.7mm Phillips #000 screws from the bottom of the drone body.

      • Two 4.5mm Phillips #000 screws at the front of the drone.

    • It is not necessary to remove the four screws on the arms of the drone.

    • Flip the drone over and lift off the top plastic shell of the drone.

    • Remove the foam adhesive pad located on the Wi-Fi transmitter board.

    • Pry the gold Wi-Fi antenna connector, located under the previously removed foam pad, away from the Wi-Fi transmitter board to disconnect it.

    • Be sure to only apply force to the gold connector and not the black wire attached to it, as the connection between the two is very fragile.

    • Remove the two 3.8mm Phillips #000 screws from the Wi-Fi transmitter board.

    • Be careful with the delicate ribbon cable attached to the camera.

    • Disconnect the white clip that connects the four colored wires (black, orange, red, blue) to the motherboard.

    • Be sure to pull only on the white clip, as to avoid damaging the wires.

    • Gently pull the black wedge away from the main board until it shifts to a stop. You will feel it slide out, then stop.

    • The black insert acts as a wedge to keep the ribbon cable attached to the board. The wedge needs to be jostled loose before the cable can be removed.

    • Lightly pull the ribbon cable away from the connector.

    • Remove the two 4.9mm Phillips #000 screws securing the camera to the front of the drone body.

    • Lift the camera holder and the camera up and away from the drone.

    • Unscrew the four 4.9mm Phillips #000 corner screws that are securing the motherboard’s black base to the drone.

    • It is not necessary to unscrew the motherboard from the black base.

    • Grasp and pull each of the four drone arms in the direction of their propellers, one at a time, to remove them from the drone.

    • Gently pull the motherboard out of the drone.

    • The four arms of the drone will dangle from the motherboard by their cords.

    • Pull the black, rectangular shell out of the drone.

    • It is not attached with screws.

    • Hold the drone’s shell with both hands so that the inside of the shell is facing you.

    • Gently flex the shell outward, so that the two latches (holding the antenna in place) move apart slightly.

    • At the same time, push the antenna from the back of the drone towards you until it releases from the latches.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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