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How to open up the controller.

Add a wire strip to make sure that cable stays in place.


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  1. The problem.
    • The problem.

  2. There is a thin layer on top, glued with adhesive tape.
    • There is a thin layer on top, glued with adhesive tape.

    • Use jimmy to slowly cut the adhesive and release the layer.

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  4. Open 6 screws
    • Open 6 screws

  5. Inside.
    • Inside.

  6. Added a wire strip.
    • Added a wire strip.


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Waqas Imtiaz

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Could someone please send me a picture of the cable connected to the controller board. mine are all kind of disconnected, and I don't know wich one goes where. I have the Input Okay, but the Output are all disconnected.

I don't know if you can contact me on this site.

MrWisest - Antwort

Hello, I just saw your comment. Here is the pinout of the wires going toward the headset from the sound mixer.

Here are the wires attached down the left side of the PCB (when looking at the bottom). From the edge of the PCB inward they are:

Solid copper, going to F_B

red/green spiral, F_L

Solid Green going to S_R

Red/copper spiral going to S_L

Solid red going to R_R

blue/green spiral. going to R_L

Above that a large black cable carries a white wire to M+ and a copper to M-

Here are the wires attached at the bottom of the PCB. From the corner of the PCB outward they are:

two blue/copper cables going to GND2

Red/Blue spiral going to Cen_L

Solid Blue going to Cen_R

Solid Black going to Sub_R

Solid Black going to Sub_L

Two Green/Copper cables going to 5V

Two Blue/copper spiral going to -

If you need the pinout for the other side of the board (towards the computer,) just ask.

TwixOps -


i need the pinout for the other side of the board (towards pc). Could you please tell me that?

Best regards

Tristan Ott - Antwort

Thanks TwixOps. This pinout saved my butt. My headset randomly stopped working and is our of warranty. Figured I’d crap it open and see what was up. A bunch of cables to the headset had come discounted somehow. Was able to repair it and save my $200 headset!

joe2chillo - Antwort

My Razer Tiamet Headset USB Port creat over current to USB Port, So all other USB Port/devices are unresponsive when I plugged in Tiamet USB Connection. And It still not powered up. So How can I make it work normally?

Narmada District - Antwort

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