Make sure your Zeppelin is configured and works via AirPlay. After removing the dock arm, your Zeppelin will no longer have the status indicator light.

Removing the dock arm might void your warranty.

  1. Place the Zeppelin upside down. You can use the included packaging parts for this.
    • Place the Zeppelin upside down. You can use the included packaging parts for this.

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  2. Remove the rubber on the bottom. Slowly pull it up from one side. It's attached with glue.
    • Remove the rubber on the bottom. Slowly pull it up from one side. It's attached with glue.

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    • Remove the six screws that attach the dock arm to the Zeppelin.

    • Lift up the dock arm.

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    • Unplug the frontmost connector.

    • You might have to use a knife or the flat end of a spudge to push the tab.

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    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln!
    Satte 12 € Rabatt auf jeden Einkauf ab 50 €. Einfach den Code FIXMAS12 am Ende deines Bestellvorgangs eingeben
    • Unplug the other connector. I just pulled until it unplugged.

    • Remove the dock arm.

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    • Find something to cover up the hole. This prevents the glue from sticking to internal parts. I used the cover of a plastic ice box.

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    • Replace the screws. (Or store them somewhere safe.)

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    • Use tape to close the hole that was once covered by the dock arm. This prevents dust from getting into your Zeppelin. (Black tape might work better, although you almost won't see the tape at all.)

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    • Attach the rubber bottom again. Use the screw holes (for the wall mount) for perfect alignment.

    • Make sure the glue attaches to the tape. Otherwise dust might get through the gap.

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    • Enjoy your now even better Zeppelin, and store the dock arm somewhere safe!

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Caution Loud volume is distorted. I tried this with hard plastic and when bass notes were at 1/2 or louder volume there was a loud rattling sound. Tried again with a cut up black sock taped and cut in place, still distorted but barely at normal volumes. Good thing nothing is permanent as going back it sounds fine. Test a song with punchy bass loud before and after, I used Too Late by Ariane Moffatt and Counting by Autre Ne Veut. I wouldn't have noticed with the black fabric if I wouldn't have been listening for it. Probably not meant to be a semi-open speaker. B&W could have saved me some time and stated the reason why, not just the 'void warranty' I read everywhere that has ended anyway.

stoicalken - Antwort

Any one have a docking arm assem. they want to sell. I'll pay good money for a working one. Mine got damaged. i12gocruzin2@yahoo.com Tim

i12gocruzin2 - Antwort

As an appendix to this, you can also pull the dock arm apart, remove the wires, remove the dock connector and retain the led wire, put the LED wire inside the base, cut the dock arm at the base and then screw it back together. Fill in the cable holes with hot glue, and then reattach the base and you get a dock-less zeppelin with a glowing hole in the base with the ability to blast it at full volume with no distortion!

15 mins with a screwdriver and a hot glue gun and a hobby saw.

Jarrah Nelson - Antwort

Jarrah Nelson, Can you send me pic of the result? or possibly of the process? I just saw Zeppelin Wireless and love it w/o Docking arm which I don't use.



Nick name -

Hey guys,

I'll just leave this here:



Eric - Antwort

Any photos from under neath with that setup?

Someone has a non-functional Zeplin for $25 I may try to fix up.

Alex MacK -

could you please post pictures in some other angles or explain how you did this? please. it would be very f*cking helpful.

Gorchu Nagiev -

Can someone post a picture of the power supply board from both sides. i am repairing one but one capacitor hot completelly burned away and does not show the values it was rated at.


Dorian Alcantar - Antwort

And I'm struggling with even getting the grilles on my Zeppelin (the first generation ever released) out of the way to check the power supply. I guess it's just me, cause all the videos and pics just show people removing them casually.

Any suggestions anyone?

Joan of Arc - Antwort

My zeppelin power transfer is broken I want to replace it with a external adapter but I don't know the voltage anyone can help me with this information?

Elvin - Antwort

I have the same problem and am thinking of the same solution. Realy hope someone with a working one can measure the voltage after the transformator. It would be so helpfull. I dont want to guess either.

npalanov -

As stoicalken said, there was a lot of distortion from the bass air inside the cabinet. I taped clear tape tight over the whole and then added the rubber sole afterwards, and luckily it solved the problem!

jall_hansen - Antwort

I have managed to remove the dock arm, but access panel looks completely different from the photos posted here. And there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to remove it. My dock arm was retained by four Torx screws. But there are no other screws visible. Nor is there any visible means for releasing the plastic plate. At this point, I would very much welcome any suggestions you all could offer. I'm out of ideas that won't potentially damage the metal or the plastic!

Kim Kaivanto - Antwort

Thanks! Now looks like for 699€


Serge Hahamidi - Antwort

Hi Guys!

Is any one have a docking arm assem they want to sell. Mine doesnt work and 3.5mm jack doesnt work to so it is difficult to listem music.

My mail: bast.piedfort@gmail.com

Thanks a lot

Bast Piedfort - Antwort

@ Kim - you have the older model iPhone 4 connector. I also have this model, and it’s even easier than above and the sound cavity is closed so none of the other issues discussed here effect it. Remove the 4 x torx screws. Gently open the wire connector at the base by pushing forward the small tabs on the black plastic - the ribbon wire will slide straight out and then simply push the base back on. Only down side ribbon will not go back in to speakers.

Leon - Antwort

Does this WORK for The not Air version.

The normal one?

Simon Bergman - Antwort

Anyone know where I can buy a docking arm circuit board (Part number 94V0 E228070)


Norman Odell - Antwort

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