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  1. Turn over the Delphi MyFi XM2GO Device on its back to start the cover-removal process.
    • Turn over the Delphi MyFi XM2GO Device on its back to start the cover-removal process.

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  2. Locate the large button on the top back of the device.
    • Locate the large button on the top back of the device.

    • Press this button at the top while making a firm grip on the battery cover.

    • As the button is pressed, move the cover towards the bottom of the device.

    • The battery removal tab may pop up during the cover removal process.

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    • Holding the device, grab the tab with thumb and index figure.

    • Pull down on the tab to move the battery block a few millimeters towards the bottom of the device to unlock the latch at the top.

    • After the latch at the top is disengaged, pivot the battery away from the back and the battery will be free.

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    • locate the four hex screws on the bottom of the device.

    • Use a T6 hex bit from the iFixit precision screwdriver set to remove the four screws.

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    • To remove the next two T6 screws, locate the button at the top of the back of the device.

    • Around the button, there is a cover that protects the two screws.

    • To remove the cover insert a flathead screwdriver or thumb nail and lift up until cover is removed.

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    • After removing the cover, use the T6 screwdriver and remove the screws.

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    • With the 6 screws removed, the back cover can be removed revealing the backside of the motherboard (PCB Logic Board).

    • Pull up on the back cover from the device.

    • Locate the power button.

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    • Remove the power button from the left.

    • Locate the antenna extension connector on the right and remove the plastic piece.

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    • After removing the screws and two external pieces, the PCB Logic Board can be removed from the front piece.

    • Simply pull up on the PCB Logic Board to remove.

    • CAUTION: Be careful of the LCD screen and keypad as they are only connected via ribbon cables to the board. They will hang down as the PCB Logic Board is removed.

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    • The logic board must be exposed to begin.

    • Flip the device over (see second picture).

    • CAUTION: The keyboard is loosely attached by a ribbon cable and may move when the device is flipped.

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    • Lift up the keyboard carefully from the right side, flipping to the left.

    • NOTE: The keyboard is attached on the left side by a ribbon cable. Do not remove it completely yet.

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    • Pivot the LCD screen, pulling on the top and sides and keeping the bottom attached.

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    • Continue to pivot the screen until it is lying on its face.

    • Pivot the wire frame, that was under the LCD, from the left side.

    • CAUTION: The wire bends as the frame pivots. Use the least amount of force necessary.

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    • With the frame perpendicular to the device, locate the two black, plastic tabs shown in the two red circles.

    • The boxes show more detailed views in the following pictures.

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    • WIth both hands, pull the tabs outwards to release the plastic cover from the board.

    • Once the tabs are disengaged, pivot the plastic cover upwards.

    • After the cover is pivoted slightly, remove it from the device.

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    • After the plastic cover is removed, locate the white, ribbon connector highlighted by the red square.

    • Rotate the device 90 degrees counterclockwise to remove the ribbon connector.

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    • To remove the ribbon cable from the board, catch the sides of the connector with fingernails and pull downward.

    • CAUTION: The connector is delicate.

    • After the latch is pulled down, the ribbon cable is free to slide out of the connector housing.

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    • After following the prerequisite steps in the guide, the components are laid out as depicted in the picture.

    • The LCD screen is highlighted in red.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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