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L'iPhone est tombé et s'est écrasé? Je vais vous montrer comment remplacer une vitre arrière cassée sur un iPhone XR.



Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez ces instructions dans l'ordre inverse.

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A written guide with images is much more accessible than a video guide. Can you please transcribe the video for those who cannot follow or understand the video?

Justin - Antwort

Muy buena explicacion, me salio perfecto, hasta la taza de café me tome mientras se secaba jaja. Saludos

Adela Cantero - Antwort

I'm 15 years old, never fixed anything electronic in my life, I decided to buy the parts and tools. I fixed it in 3 hours with no help accept this video.

Freddie - Antwort

Excellent instruction step by step guide. Great video. This is very complete and very easy guide with superb narrative style . Thank you Mr Arty. This 40 step format , illustration and photo quality, and description narrative is gold standard practice . Thank you !

Jim Benedict - Antwort

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