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If your RX100 camera is showing the error, "Turn power off and then on" and the lens will not retract completely, see below for the simple fix.

My RX-100 started showing this error message, and initially was able to turn off/on and shoot photos, but after a few days it was constantly showing the error and would not work any more. The lens barrel remained partially retracted and would not fully extend. There is no reset button.

I found a simple fix via an internet search, partly in German I believe. This little fix saved me $300 and a lot of hassle.


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    • Turn off the power.

    • Remove the 5 small screws on the bottom panel.

    • Lift off from the narrow end on the battery panel side. You may have to open the battery cover. The other end is hooked to the body. There are also 2 small tabs on the mid front side.

    • Remove the 2 screws on each side, total 4.

    • Gently separate the back panel and front panel. You do not need the separate the panels completely.

    • With battery in, power on and it will start up and the lens barrel will extend fully as it should.

    • Turn power off and it should retract completely and lens cover should also close.

    • Replace 4 screws on the side, and hand tighten.

    • Replace the bottom panel, wide end with hook and 2 small tabs on the mid front side in and replace the 5 screws, again hand tighten.


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I tried the fix TWICE.

After each re-assembly, the same problem happened.

Any ideas on alternative fixes?

With on-line repair service priced at $300 (July 2016), is there any reason to keep the camera?

jvbeaupre - Antwort

I tried the fix at least 5 times…same problem as Guide / jvbeaupre...

phwaeger - Antwort

It actually works, but only as long as I keep the camera disassembled. Once I put it back together again, the same problem re-occurs. It looks clean, but is there something in particular I should look for? Something that I should try to avoid "squeezing" when assembling?

Niklas James - Antwort

Hi Niklas,

had the same issue. I remove the panel at the bottom and it works for a while - but - as you can read, a workaround is less as a fix ( ;

Cherry -

Did you find a resolution? I just started receiving this error message and before I start removing screws and panels, I'd like to know if you had success. Thanks so much.

Carol Mitch - Antwort

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