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A friend of mine had some issues with leaking water from the machine. So, we decided to try to repair it. With success :-)


Unplug the power coord BEFORE opening the machine.


Remove the 6 screws from the back.
  • Remove the 6 screws from the back.

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Gently pull at the top of the rear cover.
  • Gently pull at the top of the rear cover.

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  • Locate the dirty seal inside

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  • Pull out the rubber seal and the filter.

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  • Clean the inside of the cover, the rubber ring, the filter and the holder of the rubber and filter.

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  • Put it all back together... First the filter, then the rubber ring... You need the smooth side of the ring facing up.

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  • Hook back in the back cover, be careful not to break the clip at the bottom

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  • Back together... And you are ready to make some coffee...

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In case you notice the water seal rubber is broken or has tiny cuts in it. You can re-order part: MS-0907124 - Krups Seal

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Hi! I do have that problem and that is probably the reason why it leaks as I live in an area of very hard water.I am trying to follow your instructions but I can find the right screwdriver to open it up.Do you know how do they call the bit I need to open it up?thanks

Cfernandez - Antwort

I think it's pierced star T10

Hugo Valgalier - Antwort

Really helpful - thanks so much I think it has done the trick !

I didn't think I had the right screwdriver but then found it in a kit I bought recently.

traceyhealey - Antwort

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