Use this guide to patch a tire. This process may be a little difficult the first time it is attempted.



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Unscrew the axle nut with a 19 mm wrench.
  • Unscrew the axle nut with a 19 mm wrench.

  • Unscrew the the axle bolt with a 19 mm socket wrench.

  • Remove the wheel from the wheelchair.

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Insert the 19 mm socket wrench between the rubber tire and the metal frame.
  • Insert the 19 mm socket wrench between the rubber tire and the metal frame.

  • Any rigid flat metal object can be used for this step.

  • Carefully slide the 19 mm socket wrench all the way around the tire. Bend the wrench down to pop the tire out of the bead of the rim.

  • When undoing the tire, be careful using the back of the wrench because the tool can damage the tire tube and or wheel frame.

  • Reach inside the tire and remove the tube from the metal frame.

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  • Take the inner tube from inside the tire and submerge the tube in water.

  • Squeeze the tube gently looking for bubbles from the tube in the water.

  • You can use where the bubbles are forming to locate the hole in the tube.

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  • Dry off the tube.

  • Pull the tube out of the water and mark the location of the hole on the tube so that it can be found again.

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  • Use sand paper to texturize the tire tube.

  • Wipe off any excess rubber that was sanded off the tube.

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  • Apply a thin layer of rubber cement over the area that was marked.

  • The layer should be slightly bigger than the size of the hole.

  • Let the rubber cement set for 5 minutes.

  • Peel the patch off of the plastic backing.

  • Place patch over the area with the rubber cement and firmly press down until the patch is securely attached.

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  • Feel along the tire to check for and remove any objects stuck in the tire before replacing the tube.

  • Line up the air valve on the newly patched (partially deflated) tube with the hole on the metal frame before trying to insert the tube.

  • Working all around the tire, carefully push the tube back into place inside the tire.

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  • Inflate the tire to 50 psi. If there is no gauge, inflate the tire until the tire is hard.

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  • Insert the axle bolt into the center of the rear wheel.

  • Insert the wheel with the axle bolt into the lower back of the frame by screwing in the bolt.

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  • Secure the nut on the opposite side of the axle bolt and wheel. Tighten with 1/2 in or 19 mm wrench.

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