Printer will present error stating the toner cartridges are not installed when toner cartridges ARE installed. This guide will walk you through repairing and replacing the toner cartridge detection sensor.

    • Power down and unplug printer before performing the following instructions.

    • Open top lid by pulling up on gray handle and lifting the cover open.

    • Pull down front cover by pulling horizontally, away from the printer, on the center of the cover.

  1. Lift the toner handle away from the toner until you hear a "pop" and feel the cartridge disengage from the cartridge holder.
    • Lift the toner handle away from the toner until you hear a "pop" and feel the cartridge disengage from the cartridge holder.

    • Lift the up by the handle; it will pivot around the top edge of the cartridge holder. Continue lifting until toner stops pivoting.

    • You can now lift the toner straight up, out of the cartridge holder.

    • You will need to rotate the cartridge holder to remove the remaining cartridges.

    • Insert a thin rod into the "barrel" shaped hold on the right side of the printer. This will disengage the cartridge holder lock. You will need to press and hold to keep the lock disengaged.

    • Press down on the empty cartridge slot. The carousel will begin to rotate.

    • Rotate the carousel until the cartridge pivot tabs line up the the alignment opening.

    • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all toner cartridges are removed.

    • The drum is light sensitive. Do not perform this procedure in direct sunlight.

    • Lift up on the green drum handle.

    • Continue lifting until the drum is completely removed from the printer housing.

    • Place the drum on a flat surface with the drum roller covered or unexposed to light.

    • The sensor is located in the lower right hand corner of the printer. It is housed in a spring-loaded holder on a pivot.

    • Press the holder down so the spring is compressed. Use a long and narrow rod (screwdriver) to pull one side of the pivot axle out of the axle housing.

    • The sensor and housing can now be removed from the printer.

    • Remove the sensor from the housing by releasing the tension clips on the back of the housing.

    • If you have purchased a new sensor, skip to step 10.

    • Continue to step 7 for instruction on repairing the sensor.

    • FRAGILE COMPONENT. Proceed with caution.

    • Use a tiny screwdriver to pry open the top edges of the sensor.

    • Pry open the bottom edges of the sensor. The senor will come apart in 5 pieces.

    • Spray all surfaces with electronics contact cleaner, including conductor pads, spring conductors, and cable connectors. Wipe clean with paper towel. You may need to scrub the conductor pads roughly.

    • Ensure spring conductors are all properly shaped (not folded in on itself)

    • Place the spring conductors back in the sensor lid with a pair of tweezers as shown.

    • Place the main sensor body into the sensor lid and snap the sensor closed.

    • Hold the sensor housing spring onto the sensor housing spring post.

    • Install the white sensor housing back in the printer, holding the spring in place.

    • Hold the sensor cable in place with a pair of tweezers or clips.

    • Connect the sensor to the sensor cable.

    • Press the sensor into the white sensor housing. MAKE SURE BOTH SPRING CLIPS SNAP IN PLACE.

    • Clean all contacts on each toner cartridge with contact cleaner and a paper towel.

    • Install printer drum.

    • Install each toner cartridge, following steps 2 and 3 in reverse.

    • Apply power to the printer. Your printer should operate with no errors.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dear HoyeBoye !

I did everything just like in the description, but my printer does not detect any of the toners. Do you have any idea what should I do?

Thank in advance,


Viktor Csuvik - Antwort

I’m afraid I don’t have any further suggestions. If you are trying to re-fill an old toner cartridge, the cartridges have an embedded chip that prevents re-use.

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