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Repairing Samsung 60" LED TV UN60FH6003FXZA T-Con failure

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  1. Repairing Samsung 60" LED TV UN60FH6003FXZA T-Con failure, picture of the T-con board: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • This is the T-con board (normally covered by a metal plate)

    • top of picture are the two ribbon connectors that goes to the LCD panel, the cables can be released by flipping up the black horizontal plastic cover

    • the bottom of the picture is the connector for the cable that goes to the main board, the cable can be release by squeezing the triggers on the sides of the cable

    • use extreme caution to avoid damaging the ribbon cables (if they get damaged, replacement parts could be bought on ebay or other online sites)

    • make sure you put all the plastic square pads (heat spreader?) back onto the new board on the appropriate chips


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I have a 50" Samsung Model UN50H6201 with the exact problem you described. Seems like the fix would be identical, except that I would get the T-Con board for my model. Correct?

davidcastanon - Antwort

Yes, the T-con board fixed the symptoms I have. The TV is still working perfectly today. I just opened up the TV, copied the board part number, and bought a used part off ebay. Good luck!

Eric Cheung - Antwort

Thanks for the info, I have similar issues. My set corrects after being turned on approx. 20 minutes or so. Did you have similar symptoms? TIA

Zatuna - Antwort

No I did not have similar symptoms. My TV was good for 13months, and no picture the day after. I do want to make wild guesses... but something that works after warming up might have to do with a bad connection or a dying piece of hardware on the board...

(Also, I did not have issues with the ribbon cable connection. The ribbon cable is the very flimsy thin strip of the signal lines that connects the T-con board to the LCD panel. There are two of them. I used the old pair.)

Eric Cheung -

I have UN40EH5300FXZA I was try to use my Note 4 w/ MHL adapter on my tv when signal cut & couldnt regain As i opened phone end of cord i saw it had broke its connections, soldered back together and just as I finished my friend walk up picked it up, of course I had just finished and was trying to test the connection with my phone prior and I left it plugged into the HDMI cord. When he turned around holding it it arc'd out the wires causing lots of Sparks, TV flashed & then cut to Grey screen with horizontal and vertical lines scrolling across the screen. Now whenever I turn the TV on it has pristine picture in all the different video input modes however after 1 to 5 minutes my screen Cuts back into the grey mode with horizontal and vertical lines scrolling across the screen I am unable to control the TV via control panel or remote during this it then cuts to a black screen then through startup and repeats till I pull the power cord question is can you tell me what I need to replace?

Brian Crilly - Antwort

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