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Monitor does not power up (no image, no backlight), but blue power button LED goes on when pressed.

Power supply partly damaged. Replacing one resistor fixed this.
This is only one possible fault of this device, so be prepared that it might not be the reason in your case.


  1. Repairing Samsung SyncMaster 245B Power supply, resistor: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 2 Repairing Samsung SyncMaster 245B Power supply, resistor: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 2
    • Disconnect power cord

    • Turn monitor face down on cloth to avoid scratches

    • Remove Stand by releasing screws around plate

    • With opener tool or screwdriver work around the edges to release the clips that hold together front bezel and back cover

    • Remove back cover

    • Remove cables to CCFL (Background illumination lamps) and front bezel buttons

    • Remove cage containing PCBs, release screws and remove SMSP PCB (Power supply with power inlet connector)

  2. Repairing Samsung SyncMaster 245B Power supply: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Caution: The circuit board contains capacitors (they look like cylinders) that can shock you if they discharge. Be careful not to touch them as you work. If possible, use a capacitor discharge probe to safely rid the capacitors of dangerous charges.

    • Red marked resistors are 68Ohm about 1Watt. Measure if they have 68Ohm and replace if not

    • Put back together and test.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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it really works again, i replaced the 3 resistor 68 ohm by 1 of 220 Ohm and 5 W.

Thanks you very much.

toran - Antwort

Worked for me too. Nice guide, Awesome screen :D pictures at https://lunaticcharade.wordpress.com

Petter - Antwort

Appreciate a lot Thomas, we owe you one my friend and also thanks to Toran for the 3 in 1 trick.

Have a good day,

Cato, Canada

Cato - Antwort

Please note: There are two different boards for the Samsung SyncMaster 245B Power supply. The one shown here is the BN44-00173A (Board A), the alternate one is the BN44-00195A (Board B).

There are 3 main problems with the power supply

- defective capacitors (sometimes, but not always bulged top)

- defective resistors (sometimes, but not always looking burnt)

- defective fuses, simple to check

There are reports of other defects as well! Sometimes it helps to completely resolder the power supply board. Board A is far more likely to show one of the above defects than Board B. For Board A you find much more information and repair instructions. I think Board B is the younger one (redesign of Board A) and less likely to be defective. For this reason you hardly find instructions for Board B.

Board A can still be purchased. Price is usually $60-$85 + shipping. At least some of those boards are not used but used. Read careful...

And Board A is still available from my Samsung repair center.

TerraD - Antwort

... continued from above

Some people report success with the above steps, but some of them had the problem showing up again after hours or days. Beside the power supply there is one main second possible reason for a defective 245B: the CCFL-tubes itself. They just wear out after many hours of usage. So if a Samsung 245B shows a black screen in 2016 take this possibility into consideration as well. There are spare CCFL tubes and LED refurbishing kits for displays on the market.

TerraD - Antwort

After replacing the capacitors as TerraD noted, I still ended up having issues with the monitor occasionally suddenly going dark.

However, it turned out because the power connector on the PSU was punched into place (from the inside each of the three pins looks like a crown) instead of soldered, the connection was loose. After resoldering the connector to the leads on the board and next to the switch, the display works perfectly.

Murk - Antwort

Today i replaced one faulty resistor with one i found at home. Did not found same resistance so i have now 170 Ohm together with the 3 resistor serie instead of 204Ohm (68+68+68). Is that actually problem?

live5 - Antwort

Thanks a ton, this helped me get the repair done with very minimal diagnostic time...checked the highlighted resistors with a $2 multimeter, sure enough, one was faulty...replaced with a similar 680 ohm resistor I desoldered from a 1U PSU I had kicking around in my spare parts...and she's up and running again! Probably still took me an hour including disassembly / reassembly, but still...would have taken longer without the guide. Thanks again!

Aaron Henderson - Antwort

The resistors are described in the original procedure as 3 x 680 ohm. In fact, they are three 68 ohm (blue-grey-black) and more or less «potted» together. On my defective monitor, one of mine measured 25 Mohm. Clearly something was amiss. I replaced it with a 1W 68 ohm 10% and, yes, it works! Thanks ifixit because everybody on the Internet was screaming capacitors! capacitors! Well, overheating resistors are also a weak point on this particular board (BN44-00173A).

Michel Virard - Antwort

great guide. I am waiting on my order of resistors, so that I can perform the repair. My ONLY complaint is that you forgot to list a multimeter in your list of required tools (no big deal, since I already had one on hand).

npinkerton - Antwort

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