How to open a SPÖKA light, how to replace the battery pack, how to put it all back together.

  1. The most tricky part is to get the inner body out of the rubber shell.
    • The most tricky part is to get the inner body out of the rubber shell.

    • I was supprised. The rubber can actually take some stretching

    • you end up with an egg shaped plastic body

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  2. Now we need to remove the bottom cap.
    • Now we need to remove the bottom cap.

    • carefully bend the two hoocks inwards (e.g. with a small screwdriver) ad remove it

    • Now you can split the the body into two

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    • you now can extract the battery pack.

    • on top you see the little switch to turn it on and off.

    • the LED are strapped with a cable tie around the battery

    • at the bottom lies the connector for recharging

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    • remove the cable tie

    • remove the warapping of the battery pack

    • desolder the two cables from the pack

    • now it should look like the pack on the right

    • glue the new batteries together. - keep in mind, to alter the ends.

    • at the end you should have a new pack with (+) (-) (+) at one end and (-) (+) (-) at the other

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    • this is the tricy part.

    • the new pack should be facing you with (+) (-) (+)

    • solder the right (+) to the (-) in the middle

    • Lolder the upper left (-) to the (+) in the middle

    • I used some old wire for it

    • Now solder the short black wire to the upper (-). It must be the only (-) with no connection yet

    • Solder the red long wire to the lower left (+). Also this must be the only (+) left without any connection

    • let it cool off

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    • Use the cable tie to strap the LED back to the battery pack

    • isolate the open ends of the batterypack. It must not be able to create a short circuit. I used the hot glue. but also some thick rubber tape can do the job

    • put it back together in the shell

    • be aware to place the switch and the connector for recharging on the right places

    Hello! My daughter and her friends played soccer with this light

    Tomas McGarry - Antwort

    • Now its getting ugly again.

    • you have to put the shell back into the rubber

    • this could take a while

    • Be aware to put the connector on the right side, so you are able to recharge it again

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    • Switch it back on and enjoy the bright light

    • Please remember that you altered a electric device.

    • never let your new spöka charge unattended and keep a good eye on it for short circuits

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be aware that you altered an electric device!!!

If you do not know what you are doing... dont to it

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