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SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement

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  1. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement, Battery replacement: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • The most tricky part is to get the inner body out of the rubber shell.

    • I was supprised. The rubber can actually take some stretching

    • you end up with an egg shaped plastic body

  2. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Now we need to remove the bottom cap.

    • carefully bend the two hoocks inwards (e.g. with a small screwdriver) ad remove it

    • Now you can split the the body into two

  3. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 1
    • you now can extract the battery pack.

    • on top you see the little switch to turn it on and off.

    • the LED are strapped with a cable tie around the battery

    • at the bottom lies the connector for recharging

  4. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 1
    • remove the cable tie

    • remove the warapping of the battery pack

    • desolder the two cables from the pack

    • now it should look like the pack on the right

    • glue the new batteries together. - keep in mind, to alter the ends.

    • at the end you should have a new pack with (+) (-) (+) at one end and (-) (+) (-) at the other

  5. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 1
    • this is the tricy part.

    • the new pack should be facing you with (+) (-) (+)

    • solder the right (+) to the (-) in the middle

    • Lolder the upper left (-) to the (+) in the middle

    • I used some old wire for it

    • Now solder the short black wire to the upper (-). It must be the only (-) with no connection yet

    • Solder the red long wire to the lower left (+). Also this must be the only (+) left without any connection

    • let it cool off

  6. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 1
    • Use the cable tie to strap the LED back to the battery pack

    • isolate the open ends of the batterypack. It must not be able to create a short circuit. I used the hot glue. but also some thick rubber tape can do the job

    • put it back together in the shell

    • be aware to place the switch and the connector for recharging on the right places

  7. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 1
    • Now its getting ugly again.

    • you have to put the shell back into the rubber

    • this could take a while

    • Be aware to put the connector on the right side, so you are able to recharge it again

  8. SPÖKA IKEA Battery Replacement: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 1
    • Switch it back on and enjoy the bright light

    • Please remember that you altered a electric device.

    • never let your new spöka charge unattended and keep a good eye on it for short circuits


be aware that you altered an electric device!!!

If you do not know what you are doing... dont to it

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This is a good writeup. One flaw is the old battery photo doesn’t show the markings — not everyone will want to hot-glue a NiMH battery pack from scratch, when you can purchase 4 for $10 on Amazon (from a baby monitor or cordless phone). These they have the advantage of using JST connectors (though you’d need to solder on a socket to take advantage of that).

ALSO - if you have the “fat Spoka” as I do, it uses 3 NiMH formed in a triangle (byd nimh battery h-aaa550X3) and those are IMPOSSIBLE to find so no retail option there — I probably will have to hot-glue the battery pack… :-)

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