Turbo faults can be scary, you can end up with a lot of black smoke and a very dead engine. It is important to realize that like most things in automobiles that virtually everything is replaceable and despite its seemingly complex nature, it had be swapped out at home.

Fortunately a lot of after market parts exist as well so once a very expensive job can be performed for under $300 at home!

Hopefully these video guides will help you on your journey!

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    • Once you have refitted your Turbo and reconnected all hoses and filters you need to check a few things:

    • Check the oil level - this will certainly need topping up. Bear in mind that you will need to replace the oil and filter within 500 miles.

    • Ensure your coolant and all other fluids are topped off to ensure they will not cause any problems in general operation.

    • Run the motor

    • Pay close attention to coolant levels and any warning on the instrument cluster

    • There may still be oil in the exhaust system, this will start to burn as the vehicle warms up.

    • If you notice smoke immediately (from a cold engine) stop the motor immediately and check all your connections. This could be an indication that oil is getting burnt in the turbo.

    • If all looks ok and the car is brought up to temperature, while idling, gently increase the revs up and down over the course of a few minutes - shut down and check for leaks. You are done!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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