You will need to find a clean area to work in and have the necessary tools. Follow this guide to gain access to your cellphone's camera module.


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    • Remove the back battery cover.

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  1. Remove the phone's battery.
    • Remove the phone's battery.

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    • Remove six (4.28 x 1.25)mm screws.

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    • Use the spudger to gently pry the silver plastic back plate from the body of the phone.

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    • Peel off the Identification sticker.

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    • Peel the button sensor on the side of the motherboard off of the case.

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    • Pop the black hinged-release lever toward its ribbon, then slide the ribbon out.

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    • Peel up the camera attachment.

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    • You will now be able to replace the Camera component with a new part.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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