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Wenn das Glas deiner Hauptkamera zerbrochen ist, kannst du entweder nur die Glaslinse oder die ganze Linseneinheit wechseln.

Wird die Linse ersetzt während das Smartphone noch nicht zerlegt, ist es möglich dass kleine Glasscherben in die Kamera gelangen können, dafür ist diese Reparatur schneller, da weniger zerlegt werden muss.

Der Austausch der ganzen Linseneinheit ist langwieriger und erfordert den Entfernen der Rückabdeckung, dafür ist es für die Kamera weniger gefährlich. Dieses Verfahren schließt den Austausch der Glaslinse und der Blende mit ein, du benötigt auch neue Klebestreifen für die Rückabdeckung.

    • Folge dieser Anleitung, wenn du nur die Glaslinse über der Hauptkamera tauschen willst.

    • Wenn du du die ganze Blende austauschen willst dann überspringe diesen Schritt und fahre mit dem folgenden fort.

    My lenses did not come with with adhesive on either side

    Joshua albano - Antwort

    None of the links work

    tripmine67 - Antwort

    Thank you, you just saved me $80. I took it to a place that gave me a quote of $80. I bought the kit from Amazon.com for $10, we already have a hair dryer at home. Because I was trying to be very careful, the whole process took me 15 minutes. Very helpful. So thank you.

    Don Johnson - Antwort

    I took the broken glass off, removed adhesive and placed tape over the camera to make sure there was no additional glass inside. As stated in video the can cause additional problems with focus. Good thing I did because additional glass came out through out the day.

    Joshua Silbernagel - Antwort

    • Folge diesem längeren Verfahren wenn du Blende und Linse auf der Gehäuserückseite tauschen willst.

    • Dazu benötigt du auch neue Klebestreifen für die Rückabdeckung. Beim Einkleben der Kamerablende und der Rückabdeckung hilft dir diese Anleitung.

    I did ut. It worked perfectly untill i realized my camera could not focus anymore... i ordered a new spare part and will try to remove the replacmenet one to clean it. I hope it doesn't come from the lens...

    Baptiste Le Sueur - Antwort


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THANK YOU SO MUCH for the first video!!!

Grace Arnott - Antwort

Follow up... What happens if there is a bit of dust? Is there a way to get rid of it?

Grace Arnott - Antwort

I ordered 2 lens replacements and neither one of the lenses have adhesive on either side do I need to buy some kind of adhesive sepratly or should 1 or these sides already have it on there

Joshua albano - Antwort

same thing with mine josh albano i just plopped it in and am going to hope for the best.

John Biello - Antwort

How can I make sure I don't get my replacement glass in backward.....because my focus is still gone. I'm devastated because I purchased this phone specifically for the camera to take pictures to upload to my eBay account. I worked for almost a full year before I could afford to buy this camera phone and I purchased it outright from straight talk. I own my camera and it is not insured. I followed your directions to replace my lens and now I'm worried I might have it in backward. How can I tell if the lens is in place incorrectly? By the way, my phone has never been dropped. It has been protected by an otter box since its purchase. My lens seemingly self-imploded. Just the strangest thing. Other than the lens, my camera doesn't have a scratch on it! Thank you for any help. Molly

Molly Azbell-Thompson - Antwort

Mine shattered too with no impact occurring, I just picked it up today at work and the glass cut my finger. I see that there are some claims out there like ours, Molly.

victoriad1219 - Antwort

This was so easy and saved me more $50-$90! Except there's a lot of glass dust under the new lense. I tried to get as much out as I could. Is it worth trying to get the new glass off and knock more out? I did buy two pieces in case I messed up.

Dara Abrams - Antwort

That might be a good idea, I'd worry about the glass dust possibly spreading? I'd recommend canned air to blow out the pieces (watch your eyes!). You might also be able to use some sticky putty to reach in there, of course you risk getting the putty stuck in the camera assembly, so try the canned air first!

Sam Goldheart -

where or how do i buy the lens? can’t find it in the parts

Renegade Zed - Antwort

What do I order to replace the lenses glass only.

Confused as to what to order.

Perry Hirsbrunner

William Hirsbrunner - Antwort

Do I have to remove benzel on back of camera to get the glass out?


William Hirsbrunner

William Hirsbrunner - Antwort

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